DBD: Gold – Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop has added a new song, not only „Gold“ ie, but also accompanied an eponymous film with Matthew McConaughey. This film should also eventually mid-April to come to our cinemas and Video to the song you see already times a few very nice scenes. but why it should not actually go, we should nevertheless rather delight in this smoky bluesy voice of Iggy. the song was written actually by Danger Mouse, Director Stephen Gaghan and film soundtrack composer Daniel Pemberton. Somehow this is true but nevertheless as the new song by Iggy Pop. I am not like…

Iggy Pop "Gold" Music Video

Gimme Danger – Trailer for documentary on Iggy Pop and the Stooges by Jim Jarmusch

We know him as Iggy Pop, but his mom knows him as Jim Osterberg and Jim Jarmusch, Incidentally, a great director of very good films, has invited him to a secret location, to him about Iggy Pop and the Stooges, their legendary and absurd stage performances and, indeed, on the Commune, in the band lived and worked, to chat. One can actually go out in all of them, that is an extremely interesting documentation with very interesting people and a very exciting band, the Jarmusch himself "The greatest rock'n'roll band ever" lists. The film is set in New York and Detroit on 28. come October in the cinema, before the 4. November entire US&A conquered. but in our latitudes it is unfortunately only on 27. April 2017…

Gimme Danger (Iggy Pop Documentary, Directed by Jim Jarmusch) - TRAILER