DBD: Pandora’s Hell – Hatesphere

„Hatesphere“ präsentieren das Video the song „Pandora’s Hell“, from the album „Lust Murder“ dates, Ende of September 2013 is published. „Hatesphere“ be soon together with „Finntroll“ and „Profane Omen“ go on a European tour…

Hatesphere - Pandora's Hell Videoclip

DBD: Lust Murder – Hatesphere

The Danish Thrash Metal kings of „Hatesphere“ finally have some details on the upcoming album „Lust Murder“ released. In addition to the typical thrash songs, there will also be rocking and slow and atmospheric numbers and thus you will be the band „Lust Murder“ know of a versatile page. Below you can watch the new song „Lust Murder“ give. The number is the title track of the long groove of the same, from the 27. September at the record store waiting for you…

HATESPHERE Murderlust [Modern Thrash Metal Pre-Listening]