DBD: Looking Down The Barrel Of Today – Hatebreed

For their upcoming album „The Concrete Confessional“ have Hatebreed with „Looking Dawn The Barrel Of Today“ released a music video, that was recorded in the rehearsal room of the band in Connecticut. The disc of the guys appear on 13. More…

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HATEBREED - Looking Down the Barrel of Today (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

DBD: A.D. – Hatebreed

Today you can for you Hatebreed the Lyric-Video the new song „A.D.“, which of its current board „The Concrete Confessional“ dates. Singer Jamey Jasta to: „With ‚A.D.‘ I was able to let out my frustration at the lack of opportunities for the average grades. By the government and big business, in corruption and greed drown, the average person is crushed and the American dream is always unrealistischer.“

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Jeff Hanne Mans Tod – Reactions from the scene

The message of Jeff Hanne Mans Tod verbreitete sich wie ein Lauffeuer und überschattet die Metal-Gemeinde. Erste Reaktionen von Slash, Metallica, Robb Flynn, Anthrax, Megadeth, Testament und vielen anderen mehr könnt ihr hier nachlesen.

Jeff Hanne Mans Tod

Musicians and friends show dismay. Here are the first expressions of sympathy some well-known bands:

„Tragic & shocking news about Jeff Hanneman. He is going to missed by so many. What a sad day for metal. RIP man.“

„We send our condolences and deepest sympathies to the family, friends, and fans of Jeff Hanneman. Our hearts go out to his brothers in SLAYER. Tonight one less star will be shining and sadly, the stage got just a little bit darker. Jeff Hanneman 1964-2013.“
Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)

„We are extremely saddened by the news of Jeff Hanneman’s passing. Our deepest condolences to his family, friends, fans and the entire SLAYER camp and their road crew. We would not be the band we are today without him and SLAYER. Rest in peace, Jeff!“

„My condolences to SLAYER and the Jeff Hanneman family today.“
David Ellefson (Megadeth)

„R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman, brother in thrash.“

„Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Hanneman family and SLAYER. R.I.P. our friend“

„Jeff Hanneman — I’m at a loss for words. Thanks for always laughing at my dumb jokes, thanks for your generosity in donating a bunch of signed SLAYER stuff to help me with my neck surgery costs, thanks for making my bandmate so happy. I’m so sad to hear you’re gone! RIP buddy. (And for anyone inclined please stop by the NASHVILLE PUSSY page and send Ruyter some love. Her heart is no doubt broken to pieces.)“
Karen Cuda (ex-Nashville Pussy)

RIP Jeff Hanneman. Slayer is devastated to inform that their bandmate and brother, Jeff Hanneman, passed away at…

„R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman“

„We are so devasted to hear about the passing of Jeff Hanneman. One of the greatest have passed on and please, stop for a moment and pay your respect to this fantastic man. This is a tragedy.“
In Flames

„Changing the world through music isn’t easy… Mission accomplished. Glad to be a part of all we did together through the years. RIP Jeff Hanneman.“
Dan Spitz (Former Anthrax)

WOW….I’m in shock…RIP Jeff Hanneman….wow….
Mike Portnoy

Wow… I just heard some really sad news . R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman
Robert Caggiano (Volbeat, Former Anthrax)

ANVIL send their condolences to the SLAYER and the Jeff Hanneman family. R.I.P.“

Totally shocked by Jeff Hanneman’s death. Terrible loss for the metal community. Condolences to his family and Slayer.
3 Inches Of Blood

„Rest in peace, Jeff Hanneman. You will surely be missed.“

„We’re saddened by the death of SLAYER guitarist, Jeff Hanneman. Our prayers and best wishes to SLAYER and Jeff’s family.“
Papa Roach

Und last but not least hat sich Robb Flynn reported by Machine Head to word with a long farewell letter, which he in his Published blogt can:

“Still can’t believe that Jeff Hanneman from Slayer is dead, things like that just don’t happen. Thrashers don’t die??!! WTF!!??

I’m not going to sit here and say how him and I were best buds or something, we definitely weren’t, I’d barely call us acquaintances, I did 8 tours and over 120 shows with the dude and honestly, I never really got to “know him”. I was always closer with Kerry. Jeff was super quiet, really kept to himself, would get rowdy when he was drunk, but was a bit aloof, and seemed annoyed at the people partying around him despite the fact that he himself would be getting hammered.

I can remember some good hangs with him though. The first was in Basel, Switzerland back in November, 1994 when Machine Head was main support to Slayer on the Divine Intervention tour. It was one of those shows were something so random happens it just never leaves you, in this case, the show was sponsored by Chesterfield cigarettes and every kid entering the show got 2 free packs of smokes. I’ve never seen so much smoke in a venue in my life. I remember walking onstage and yelling at our roadie / everything-guy Mike Scum, “DUDE, turn off the fuckin’ smoke machine”, he said “YOOOOO, it’s not the smoke machine bro, it’s the cigarettes!” It was damn near impossible to breath onstage. After the show we were hanging backstage and Jeff walked back, we started bitching about the crazy cigarette show, and he invited me back to the dressing room to grab a beer, we sat down and chatted for a while, and then I went all Slayer-nerd on him and started grilling him on what songs he wrote.

Me: “Who wrote Angel Of Death?”
Jeff: “I did”
Me: ʱ??Lyrics too?”
Jeff: “Yep”
Me: “Reign In Blood?”
Jeff: “Me”
Me: “Dead Skin Mask?”
Jeff: “Yep”
Me: “South Of Heaven?”
Jeff: “Me”
Me: “Black Magic?”
Jeff: “You know it”
Me: “Hell Awaits?”
Jeff: “Yep”

Jeff Hanneman: RIP
On and on it went, that man wrote both the music and lyrics to a large goddamn portion of my favorite Slayer songs. He was a huge influence on my songwriting growing up in particular with arrangements and the bold use of key changes. The one thing Slayer band always had over so many other bands is they were all over the guitar neck when it came to key changes. Leads would be in some of the most random keys ever, but somehow it made it all that much more frantic, and when the chorus kicked back in, BOOM! CRUSHING! Set up perfectly. He was one of the few metal heads I met who never really got into Pantera, he told me he “liked some stuff”, but thought they we’re “too bluesy at times”, and that he “liked more evil notes or sad riffs”

Another good memory was sharing a tour bus on the August 2001 Korean / Japan / Australia tour, it was all fly-dates and hotels, we were sharing crew, tour manager and manager, so we all rode on the bus together to and from the airport to the hotel every day. Sometimes the rides were an hour or two, so you’d just all BS and hang. One time a kid in Australia bum-rushed the bus while we were all sitting in it, hammered after partying one night. He was desperate for autographs and came on the bus screaming (what else?) “SLAAAAAAAAAYYYYYEEEEERRRR!!!” He then saw me and went all, “Oh shit, Robb Flynn, mate I fuckin’ LOVE Machine Head, but it’s fuckin’ SLAAAAAAAYYYYYYYEEEERRRRR” I looked the fucker right in the eye and slurred, “Oh just FUCK RIGHT OFF!!” Hannamen fell out dying, he laughed for 10 minutes straight, cracked him up, that slightly feminine high pitched giggle that he always did.

Dude backed me when Kerry King and I were beefin all that time long ago, he would come up to me at festivals and would talk, just be normal. He even backed me in Decibel magazine when they asked him about the beef, saying “Robb is a good dude”, and that “Kerry was like the girlfriend of the band, always beefin’ with someone”. I got a good laugh outta that.

The last memory I’ll share is from the American leg of the Divine Intervention tour in March 1995. It was Slayer, Biohazard supporting, and Machine Head opening. We were playing the International Ballroom in Atlanta Georgia. He had been sitting out some of the new songs from “Divine”, which was odd to me. We were hanging out in their dressing room before the show, just him and I, and I mustered up the nerve to ask him what the deal with it was. At first he joked that he just “didn’t feel like learning them, didn’t like ‘em, Kerry wrote them”, he was chuckling, and then he stopped. He looked down and got serious. He said he’d been having a lot of pain in his wrists, his hands and wrists were going numb all the time, and would go numb during those songs because they were really fast, then he started to cry. It was a startling confession. I offered some awkward feel-good comment, but he just continued to cry, and I decided to sit there in the silence with him for a minute. He gave me a hug, and said “Whoa!”, and laughed walked out toward the stage, turned back and said “thanks dude”.

It was an intense moment, one of those rare, intense moments you have with someone, let alone with someone from another band.

It made me really respect the dude.

That’s the Jeff I’m gonna remember.

To Kerry, Tom, Dave, Paul, Rick Sales Mgmt and Jeff’s family, my sincere condolences.

R.I.P brother.”

DBD: Put It To The Torch – Hatebreed

Here for you, Friends of the Crypt, das neuste Hatebreed Video. Oh torch it!

Video Thumbnail
Hatebreed - Put It To The Torch (Official Music Video)

Am I supposed to be sorry, my words struck a nerve
Am I supposed to be sorry that I lift dust where my footsteps once were
Maybe I’m supposed to care for grand ideas never expressed
It took no heart, pierced through so clear
More verbal piss in the well of your fear
Here’s your apology, here’s to burning out
And here’s to fading away
F*ck you both, I just put it to the torch

So with those new found ideals
You’ll be well on your way
And changing agendas is part of your game
Your sense of entitlement strengthens your pain
It shows on your twisted face
Wearing a drawn out shade
I take it all and I put it to the torch
I torch it all without a shred of remorse
Here’s your aWology, here’s to burning out
And here’s to fading away
F*ck you both, I just put it to the torch
Put it to the torch
And let it burn!
Oh torch it!

DBD: Everyone Bleeds Now – Hatebreed

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Hatebreed "Everyone Bleeds Now"

You fucking bleed now

Underneath the veil was a
Killing power
Only a cursed love could retain
I lent it a vision and a voice
And pleaded in the greatest moment of need

Carved into time
Every reflection dies
This will be the bleeding of your life

Carved into time
Every reflection dies
Every reflection dies
Until you see it clearer
Every reflection dies
Inside the broken mirror

Every reflection dies

And now I’m forced to see…

You fucking bleed now
Everyone fucking bleeds now

Crowned in pure disdain
Barely able to contain
Now this will all end in blood
Cleansing, lasting, murderous

Carved into time
Every reflection dies
This will be the bleeding of your life

Carved into time
Every reflection dies

Nothing was enough
And once was to fucking much
Nothing was enough
This will end in blood

Get bled

Everyone fucking bleeds now

DBD: Destroy Everything – Hatebreed

Finally! Today is the day, Hatebreed spielen Live im Kufa Lyss! Destroy Everything! Destroy Everything! Destroy Everything! Rebuild this start again…

Video Thumbnail
Hatebreed - "Destroy Everything" - official music video

A new life begins
Destroy everything, Destroy everything, Destroy everything
Obliterate what makes us weak
Destroy everything, Destroy everything, Destroy everything
Decimate what threatens me

Cleanse this world with flame
End this, cleanse this
Rebuild and start again
Obliterate what makes us weak

End this and embrace the destruction
End this to embrace new life
New life

Even an empty threat deserves a response you won’t soon forget
I must destroy everything that tries to infect
Even an empty threat deserves a response you won’t soon forget
I must destroy everything that tries to infect
Destroy everything, Destroy everything, Destroy everything
Obliterate what makes us weak
Destroy everything, Destroy everything, Destroy everything
Decimate what threatens me

Cleanse this world with flame
End this, cleanse this
Rebuild and start again
Obliterate what makes us weak

End this and embrace the destruction
End this to embrace new life
New life
Even an empty threat deserves a response you won’t soon forget
I must destroy everything that tries to infect

Even an empty threat deserves a response you won’t soon forget
I must destroy everything that tries to infect
A new life begins

Destroy everything, Destroy everything, Destroy everything
Obliterate what makes us weak
Destroy everything, Destroy everything, Destroy everything
Decimate what threatens me
Destroy everything, Destroy everything, Destroy everything
So a new life can begin

Destroy everything, Destroy everything, Destroy everything

Rebuild and start again…again

Sonisphere 2011 – Dawn of the Joggeli

„Task of Art it is today, Bring chaos into order.“ wrote Theodor W. Adorno in Minima Moralia and the organization and coordination of the Sonisphere festival in Basel was marked by chaos, as well as several bands noticed in announcements and you could talk on the last Friday of luck, that nothing happened. But there were also shows by hammer Hatebreed, Slipknot, Eluveitie and Iron Maiden. Bands super, Weather super, Not rest. But the OK Swiss Sonisphere this can, after last year's mud fight obviously afford… – because it could have been worse. The great bands let so ignore some and the bulk of the metal heads to put a smile in the face.

Last Friday, it was time again: Sonisphere set up camp, for the second time and after Maiden voyage in Jonschwil, The festival took place this time in Basel St. Jakob Stadium along with revulsion instead. The weather showed its good side and the inexhaustible number of bands could overlook one something about the organizational deficiencies – but does not forget, because it became clear already with the start to the festival on Friday, to really understand what the Sonisphere: Profit maximization! Unfortunately the game were the times of the Bands, what has changed in the run x times, at the beginning of the day switched back and compresses, should have ensured that neither fans nor enthusiasm for bands, I personally do not really played a role.

The Bändeltausch was organized amateurish and super Bändelchen, because these gibts 1:1 for 120 Francs to buy at King Flyer… 1000 Piece, the link to it was even printed and not enough, with a ticket could get ribbons as much as you wanted and so make friends and a joy. But this should be only the beginning of the organized chaos, because the festival was for weeks under a bad sign, since the event will lack the Football Spectators- had to be moved to the athletics stadium and it was not possible there, take seats in the paid claim to. To all buyers of a seat tickets were given to the inlet Bons for two drinks and a Sausage. But where the hell you could redeem the vouchers for the promised free drinks and sausage? 90% the catering stalls wanted nothing at all events by this Bons wissen. Also had a strange, that once you had entered the Metal Festival, to see first a cake stand was… oh well – I knew something hitherto, but might as well be nice, to Hatebreed Coffee reinzuziehen and cakes. After such a Concert needs of ausgepowerte Metalhead well known, a sugar shock…

Video Thumbnail
Sonisphere 2011 // Slipknot - Sid Wilson crowdsurfing after he jumps from a truck

But we come first to the main festival, the Music! Unfortunately, you could also these, at the beginning of the festival is not really enjoy, Sick Puppies at the Apollo Stage, notabene the main stage of the event, It was a power outage, let rise again what already doubts about the professionalism of the organization. Cataract at the Red Bull Stage one was not let in, as the hall was already full. The security was left there some students and teens, which also had the dubious pleasure, disappointed fans dismiss closed doors, which could easily fit in more alkholosierten Fans can escalate. Was given masses for us announced some sun, we are lounging near the Apollo stage on the lawn, them extensive first trouble drown evaporate… and it came in a little enjoyment of Mr Big, which does not really correspond to my Gusto.

That was the first show that you could really enjoy with Dave Wyndorf, his sign of rotation- cornerstone of drug-laden Monster Magnet. By Dave and his men already had a highlight of the Sonisphere's announced: Hatebreed! Just amazing how these guys have understood right from the beginning the audience to captivate. Hellishly loud and with such a fat sound, stand still do not know the guys. With such fat riffs, there is simply no excuse. Honest emotions, impetuous passion, a fat sound and very powerful energy. Prior to the Bohemia stage the audience was almost closed in motion, Jamey Jasta raged over the boards and fueled the sweaty crowd always further and celebrating with the best sound and killer tracks like „Destroy Everything“, „This Is Now“, „Live For This“ or „Doomsayer“ a huge party.

Video Thumbnail
Monster Magnet - Crop Circle (Complete song)

The Eluveitie and Slipknot at the same time had to play, was a little ugliness, so many fans angry, as well as the marketplace, which was completely beyond established, because who buys flip-flops on a Metal-Festival? On all the countless festivals to think I have participated, I've never – but never did – Flip flops seen for sale! The 4 dl water for this 5 Franken was sold, fits again into the whole picture of the profit maximization, but not enough so, the stands were no bottles sold, purely as people walked with open party kegs. I do not know how excited would be Iron Maiden, if they knew, that you could just walk in without any obstacle with firearms. I've seen a lot, Unprofessional but something ridiculous and I've come across yet rarely, purely because even increase a rocket launcher would have been no problem. :guns:

But let's get back to the music, Recognition naturally deserve more Sonisphere exponents like Hammerfall, Mastodon and Eluveitie, allsamt which offered great shows and convince the fans absolutely could. Also Chrigel Eluveitie had noticed the organizational chaos and tried to loosen up a little joke the whole, Chaosphere is only one of the expressions that fell. As always with his band offered their melodic death metal with Celtic melodies that, what was expected of them: Rock, groove, dance, jump, sound, dream, release.

Since last year (Drugs-)Tod des Slipknot bassist Paul D. Grey is the band from Iowa occurred rarely. Despite or perhaps because of it offered Slipknot a fireworks. On the main stage, they gave a tryst, how great was the furious. Although it is daylight and sun screwed the bizarre-looking clownish metallers the visual- and listening in spherical heights. Moderately rotor into the air is also screwed Joey Jordison Drum along with his station and along with pyrotechnics Slipknot Stage Diving gave the best. About 90 Minutes took the gig, of not a few times viewers casualties and helpers as accomplices industrious minutes gave. Unfortunately, you could see the screens of the Apollo Stage little from behind.

ARVE Error: Oembed Call failed: The endpoint located at https://www.youtube.com/oembed?format=json&url=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dag-IuKH0Slk returned a 404 error.
Details: Not Found

The food stalls at Sonisphere (not in the Hall), were hygienically swinish. Prefabricated Hamburger lay open in a box. The money was taken with bare hands, then press Selbiger with the meat and cheese on the bread and meat together. The same hand scratches his face seconds later in, lifts from the floor waste or assist with unwashed then again around Eating. Not one person on the stand does so, no, do it all and in Münzstock were fries and money, partially mixed in with food and. Because I wish but good appetite. And friends, 9 Francs for a 4 Each bite of pizza is not only a slight exaggeration, but borders on usury, because one is only a sip of water, from the cup with gold rim :)

But let's get back to the music, there still big headliners such as Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden queue. Even if it does not manage Mr Cooper, to impress me vocally, so it's really exciting to see what scene serve the next song will probably. He was listening to a call, that „I’m Eighteen“ long, long can not agree, his imagination and enjoy the game with crazy props has overtaken this age fortunately hardly. With an impressive wealth of vitality, Energy and leads us to the grotesque 63 year old rocker through his theater of kitsch and self-promotion.

Kitischig were not completely Iron Maiden. The Iron Maiden brought mainly at the beginning of songs „The Final Frontier“, her latest album and perish in which I killed would not warm. Matching the new disc ballerte the intro along with the following „Final Frontier“ and „El Dorado“ from the speakers. The stage was, as almost always, well designed or. inspired by the latest output, that is, a science fiction landscape – bordered by two radio towers along with starry sky. It was a true classic: „2 Minutes To Midnight“. It's still fascinating, top shape as the six men to sweep the stage. And later still the 20 Meter version staring across the stage and sparkles with red evil eyes, is the world anyway in order. Ok, the guy does look now like a space hog, but damn, it is still Eddie. Screeeeeaaaammmmm for me Basel, Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm for meeeee!

Very large cinema and a domed roof and stage background twinkle lights like stars. Somehow beautiful galactic. But that was not all, what was offered the eye: Too many songs were suitable huge fabric pictures of theater scenes drawn in the stage background and Eddie was not missing.

And then came back a few newer pieces („Blood Brothers“, „The Wicker Man“ and „When The Wild Wind Blows“), to „The Evil That Men Do“ initiated the block of classics. From that moment it was going to happen even to the most skeptical: All the same, whether the melancholic passages of „Fear Of The Dark“ or the godlike twin leads of „Iron Maiden“: Who at that moment did not get goosebumps or so rough mitgröhlte, that he had the next day feed pounds of cough drops, who on that night something wrong!

Video Thumbnail
Iron Maiden live at Sonisphere Basel 24.6.2011 - Blood Brothers

Pickpockets, allegedly from Romania, made as another evil all stages uncertain and many a metalhead to a iPhone or purse poorer. It was clear, that they are the perpetrators not „Metaler“ could act, because I had never experienced that steal from them mutually. But as the saying goes, someday is the first time, Perhaps this also applies to the flip-flops. At least pickpockets were already organized at Greenfield (!) on the way, This phenomenon seems so slow to open-air concerts to be common practice.

About this year's Sonisphere event could I wrote a lot, after all, were also further Gwar, In Flames, Judas Priest and so on start. But too many words spoil the Textejakulat so I just hope fertile ground for criticism, because somehow I got at the present chaos again and again the Mud Jonschwil 2010 to mind. But apparently, all good things come in threes and perhaps does one next year finally a professional and totally convincing festival in the kitchens of Outfield Productions and the concert in Zurich Free Agency & Virgin to sizzle, because this year they have even more than anything else splattered with fame. Next year for me has truly awesome line-up at the start of his, I'll be back… or I'm on the Park and watch me free concert an :)

Video Thumbnail
Sonisphere Iron Maiden - Dance of Death 24.06.2011

Pics by Rockslave (Metal Factory) and Videos TheLostDevil, MrNomBidon, gagadumiau, protyreus and Haldi4803.

Sonisphere 2011 - Dawn of the Joggeli
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DRC presents: Sonisphere Special

DRC – Dravens Radio from the Crypt presents to the present Sonisphere Festival Tags in Basel, in which names such as Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Hatebreed, Cavalera Conspiracy, Bring Me The Horizon, Kreator, Eluveitie, Gwar, Cataract, Gojira, Monster Magnet, Hammerfall, Mastodon, In Flames, Alice Cooper and many others occur more, in the house are a little special radio, at the following times:

Sonisphere Special
Friday 6:00 Clock up 9:00 Clock
Friday 10:00 Clock up 13:00 Clock
Friday 14:00 Clock up 17:00 Clock
Friday 18:00 Clock up 21:00 Clock
Friday 22:00 Clock up 01:00 Clock
Saturday 2:00 Clock up 3:00 Clock

Sonisphere Switzerland Running Order

Finally the Running Order online for Sonisphere in Basel, just about new tickets and more bands have been confirmed. The Friday is as follows:

Door opening / Doors: 12.00

13.30 – 14.15 Sick Puppies
14.45 – 15.30 Mr. Big
16.00 – 17.00 Alter Bridge
17.30 – 18.30 Limp Bizkit
19.00 – 20.15 Slipknot
21.00 – 23.00 Iron Maiden

16.30 – 17.00 Info to follow
17.30 – 18.30 Cavalera Conspiracy
19.00 – 20.00 Times Of Grace
20.30 – 21.30 Bring Me The Horizon
22.00 – 23.00 Kreator
23.30 – 00.30 Eluveitie
01.30 – Gwar

14.00 – 15.00 Info to follow
15.30 – 16.30 Gojira
17.00 – 18.00 Skindred
18.30 – 19.30 Escape The Fate
20.00 – 21.00 Info to follow
21.30 – 22.30 Architects
23.30 – 00.30 Turisas

14.45 – 15.15 Buckcherry
15.45 – 16.45 Monster Magnet
17.15 – 18.15 Hammerfall
18.45 – 19.45 Mastodon
20.15 – 21.15 Alice Cooper
21.45 – 22.45 Papa Roach
23.15 – 00.15 In Flames
00.45 – 02.00 In Extremo

Basel: Sonisphere 2011 – More bands confirmed

In addition to the already confirmed headliners Iron Maiden, as well as Slipknot, Hatebreed, In Flames, Alice Cooper, Bring me the Horizon, und Architects, now have more high-caliber of the program Sonisphere Festivals be added in Basel. On Friday the 24. June will be heard on five stages and see his band. Reconfirmed: In Extremo, Mr. Big, Papa Roach, Kreator, Hammerfall, Cavalera Conspiracy, Mastodon, Escape The Fate, Gwar, Times Of Grace und Devildriver. On the eve, So Thursday, the 23. June Judas Priest give the ultimate Concert in the Switzerland – then it will dissolve. That same evening, let it rip and Whitesnake and The Damned Things. More acts will be added regularly.

Morning, the 26. January at 8.00 Clock in the morning goes wrong with the ticket sales. If you want to watch all the bands and Action Places, is recommended, to secure one of the limited combined tickets, what to do exactly that. Here is: „first come, first serve“. Then only are tickets for the concerts in the St. Jakob Park available, Single tickets from 23.6. and two-day passes (St. St Jakobshalle more. Jakob Park). The Map this Metal pass available here.

Sonisphere Switzerland 2011 with Iron Maiden in Basel St. Jakob – Update


UPDATE: The Concert is now past, and who like to wissen möchte, as it was, may like to read my report on: Sonisphere 2011 – Dawn of the Joggeli.

After the Mud debacle this year seems to have learned from it and let the Sonisphere Festival 2011 on Friday, the 24. Held in June in Basel Joggeli. Headlining it, no one could be required other than Iron Maiden. Along for the ride are also Slipknot, Hatebreed, In Flames, Alice Cooper, Bring me the Horizon, Architects und more bands should follow

Update: Obviously the festival is on the St. Jakob terrain, performed including football stadium in Basel. The Link to map available here. There are four stages provided. The main stage will be in the stadium St. Jakob Park are, on which the 24. June from 16:00 to 23:00 Clock five to six bands around 40’000 Viewers will occur. In addition, in the premises of St. Jakobshalle three smaller stages set up, each focusing on a particular style and focus are played until the early hours of the morning. In addition to the tickets for the main part of the festival, which will be held in the football stadium, 13 are’000 Combination tickets sold, which allow access to all concert venues.

A limited number of campsites available in close proximity to the Festival site available. The sale starts on Wednesday, the 26. January 2011 at 08:00 Clock.

Machine Head und Hatebreed 2010 in Zurich

Love Friends of the Crypt, more or less by accident I am on the following dates, or Concert pushed, which is kept as a friend, metaloider sounds quite thick but should mark the calendar:

Machine Head, Hatebreed, Bleeding Through and All Shall Perish will be teaming up for „The Black Procession Tour“ overseas early next year. Dates include:

February 08th Zurich, SWI – People's House / Sports Centre