An outlook on the year 2017

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Here is a brief outlook for the coming year: Somuncu is Chancellor, the AfD falls below 5%, self-propelled cars prevail and make traffic accidents History, Syria returns a peace, Trump faked Hitler only for the election and is actually quite cool, BILD is read by no more, Wutburger there only at McDoof, Power we gain only by the sun, Animals get human rights, the BGE prevails in all countries and mobile phone batteries last longer than 1 Day. when 2017 even begin to keep the, what the crystal ball aka Snickers for left-handers promises, is it the best year ever. In this sense,: Happy New Year!

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Thank you, 2017. Hello 2018!

This Is Why Your New Year’s Will SUCK!

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Friends, I hope you had a truly wonderful New Year celebration. The end of one year and the beginning of another is just the change from one day to another and actually there is not really anything special or magical mind. The Secret, to have a Happy New Year, is, expectations to screw down and to keep low. More tips can be found in the latest Video Of AsapSCIENCE

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This Is Why New Year's SUCKS!

The biggest fireworks in the world

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In Malta were on 3. September around 260 shot kg fireworks at once. Looks at the beginning still quite unspectacular for a 0815 Fireworks from, look but not necessarily to the end. Let there be light…

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Malta festival - single biggest firework ever !! World Record .... Sept 2016

Fly with a drone over the New Year fireworks in Lima

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Probably sees any city of the year at midnight like Lima, the capital of Peru… And before you start now, we wish you all the best for 201/! In that it is a good year, specifically for you!

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Fireworks Over Lima, Peru

New Year's fireworks 2016 London Full-length

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London has not only a great fireworks show, but also fireworks host organizations or. sponsors, which the whole For us professionally to preserve non-participants for the fireworks free time…

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London Fireworks 2015/ 2016 - New Year's Eve Fireworks - BBC One

Fireworks Competition in Nagano Japan

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Beautiful competition from Japan, compete in the various Fireworks manufacturers against each other…

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2012 New Fireworks Contest in Nagano Japan

Best Upcoming 2017 Movie Trailer Compilation: In this films we can 2017 please

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Friends, Here for you the ultimate TRAILER-Megamix! It offers us many retorts movies, Sequels or unnecessary action Mist, but it is also a few films, to which one can be really happy. 2017 now has as many advance thrown film shadow, that „FilmIsNow Movie Trailers“ have pasted some trailers together. So if you like looking trailer in the cinema - are here 24 minutes of.

2017 is shaping up to be an incredible year for movie lovers from all genres. Titles releasing in 2017 include xXx 3: The Return Of Xander Cage, The LEGO Batman movie, John Wick: Chapter 2, Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Power Rangers, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Wonder Woman and Justic League.

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Best Upcoming 2017 Movie Trailer Compilation - Vol.1

Explosive belt of firecrackers

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„This should be fun“ he still says, before him his „Explosive belt“ aka „Suicide Vest“ Kindle from firecrackers. A stunt that supposed to be, and then after that… „Oh my god it hurt“.
Neeeein, But, Oh!

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Stunt Suicide Vest

All 2016 deceased artists on a Photo

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2016 has there really some taken. There really are some artists here, have played not just an insignificant role in my life. 2017 is better - we are optimistic and get the positive memories of this artist…

(via Consequence of Sound)

In Memoriam 2016

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Geraint Hacking has the extremely high density taken to prominence deaths the occasion, to create a beautiful homage to rotoscope style. Four minutes hoping for a better 2017…

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In Memoriam 2016 - Rotoscope Tribute by Geraint Hacking

If you do not all of you should have recognized directly:
Gene Wilder – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Anton Yelchin – Star Trek
Tony Burton - Rocky
Burt Kwouk – The Pink Panther
David Huddleston – The Big Lebowski
Alan Rickman – Die Hard
Erik Bauersfeld & Kenny Baker – star wars
Andrew Sachs
Caroline Aherne
Paul Daniels
Frank Kelly
Robert Vaughn
Ronnie Corbett
Victoria Wood
Terry Wogan
Phife Dawg
David Bowie
Maurice White
Muhammad Ali
Leonard Cohen

the year 2016 in Memes

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Here is an Annual Review, with which I can start something. the NYMag has the most popular memes from 2016 collected and sorted. With the view „Topic: All“ you get a pretty good overview, which was this year in the network so los.

Whatever else you might say about 2016, it was the greatest year yet for meme culture. Dozens of large and highly productive Internet subcultures collided this year with mainstream cultural consumers […] or every day in 2016, Select All has picked one meme that either originated, broke through, or reached its height on that date, and done our best to explain it. (We’ll keep updating through the end of December.) The result is a collection of the best memes of 2016 — the funniest, weirdest, most outrageous, and most viral objects. It’s also, for better or for worse, a portrait of our collective unconscious: the story of our attention, and the things that managed to hold it, even briefly, throughout the year.

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