Album Review: Hammercult – Steelcrusher

Actually I wanted to after the first look at the cover no review „Steelcrusher“ from Hammercult write. But luckily I have heard in anyway and so you can be fooled, Contrary to my expectations came here no hymn Battle-Heavy-Metal from the speakers, but furiously rapid and yet punchy Thrash! Here hardness and intransigence of Twins Exodus, with polyphonic Shouts à la Nuclear Assault and rolling high-speed attacks of Destruction. But one would never confuse Hammercult with one of the mentioned bands, for the Hammercult sounds too independent. The winners of the 2011 Wacken Metal Battle emptying with „Steelcrusher“ compared to their debut „Anthems of the Damned“ again at least two shovels on it and start a merciless, everything scathing Thrash Inferno!

Hammercult - Steelcrusher

Wenn Yakir Shochat etwas anpackt, and he does so with unconditional energy and total passion, because for the singer of the Israeli metal newcomers Hammercult life is too short for half measures. „In my opinion there is only one sensible way, in order to realize his dreams“, he explains, „namely with heart and soul rather than compromise with false or questionable ideals.“ Shochats straightforward approach has paid off remarkably fast: Just three years have passed, since he Hammercult in October 2010 has established, but now he whirl, the guitarists Arie Aranovich and Guy Ben David, Bassist and drummer Elad Manor Maayan Henik the international metal scene duly confused. In August 2011 the band won the Metal Battle Wacken the legendary Open Air, published about Sonic Attack in April 2012 her debut „Anthems Of The Damned“ and now the end of January 2014 „Steelcrusher“.


For the latest output of the quintet, the band has been able to attract some well-known protagonists on land. Chris ‚Zeus‘ Harris is responsible for the mixing and mastering, das Cover stammt von Andreas Marshall, Berlin artist worked for Blind Guardian, In Flames, Running Wild or Kreator and guest solo guitarist Andreas Kisser. Das Intro „Hymn To The Steel“ is delightfully old school with pounding hammer blows and looks even slightly to the Battle Metal in the best tradition of Manowar. This is followed by the title track „Steelcrusher“, a fine Thrash-Monster, the reef burns itself immediately deep into the drum cases a. With a bloodcurdling scream Yakir begins, everything to yell into the ground, Maayan maltreated during the skins. „Metal Rules Tonight“ is a Thrasher before men, before testosterone and adrenaline just so abounding. „Into Hell“ is also a neck-breaker par excellence, in which for the first time the deep growls massive duel with Yakirs furious cries. But Hammercult not only drive exclusively in the deep red speed range, as the slightly-heavy hardcore „We Are The People“ makes clear with his crew shouts. What starts out as a classic heavy metal song, quickly goes into a thrash number, get back to juggle the midsection with Hardcore and modern frippery and in this song comes Grave'S Andreas Kisser used.

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Burning The Road“ has a delicious Motörhead Memorial Reef, on the introduced with harmonies „Ironbound“ a bit to Metallic Power Geschunkel mutated and it is again time, wild it happening to thrash. No sooner is the desire intended, is with „Unholy Art“ and the earwig „Satanic Lust“ it happening gebrettert, that it is a true delight. With „Liar“ and melodic solo and resounding vocals it goes on and „Damnation Arise“ really fun and shows the high skill of the whole band. The solos are short and sweet and adapt always well in the respective songs a. The most important hallmark continues to be Yakis organ, its use can wrest one respect only. With the final „In The Name Of The Fallen“ Hammercult to have saved the best for the End – an epic finale to an intensive, aggressive and continuous melodic plate.

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In itself, have the 13 Songs genügend Potential, to go through as well, and stand out from the monotony of Thrash excesses. A really horny, really first-class thrash album, in which the modern elements fit well into the songs and in the great whole boards Hammercult unconcerned and with an incredible amount of fresh energy to the forefront of Neo Old School Thrash Metal movement. „Steelcrusher“ is for me definitely one of the hottest contenders for the top 10 of the year 2014 and raises the bar of the genre already quite high, because the mixture makes it and in the great mass of the Bands, that have the sound of the eighties prescribed, Hammercult are a welcome makeover! Thrash Metal at its best!



  1. Hymn To The Steel (Intro)
  2. Steelcrusher
  3. Metal Rules Tonight
  4. Into Hell
  5. We Are The People (incl. guitar solo by Sepultura`s Andreas Kisser)
  6. Burning The Road
  7. Ironbound
  8. Unholy Art
  9. Satanic Lust
  10. Liar
  11. Damnation Arise
  12. Heading For War
  13. In The Name Of The Fallen
Album Review: Hammercult - Steelcrusher
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