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Here is the brand new video clip for the song „Terrorischt“ from „Core dialect“ Album – Häbät nach am Stüäli!

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RIGHTS - Terrorischt - Video

RIGHTS – Swiss Dialect Metal at it’s best

Love Friends of the Crypt, Since her the eternally bored cuddly plush dialect sound with a lot of heart ache, Lard and Hudigägeler? Will you finally dialect with Power? Will you fat metal riffs inspired by Killswitch Engage, Slipknot or Panther, on which rhymes, Vocal lines and screaming fits in the broadest Bernese German meet? Something does not work, respectively can not sound good? Typical case of Denkste, HAK polo show where God Rocks! U care Mami Papi äs lufdät!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of the Bernese dialect tape RIGHTS finally to see live and what to say, the guys are able to convince absolutely! It went off like rocket! Brilliant! Those who do not know the guys should, Here Biography, cited by Swiss Music Portal:

who sounds hard in the vernacular scene so far missing has, can rejoice! here is HAK, definitely the hardest band in the Swiss dialect circus.
right (bandleader, singer / shouter) had the idea for Bernese dialect metal. together with Dänu and räffu (both guitar), shady (drums) und cami (bass), he asked the audience to "dürä dräiä" on.
bern German music this art did not exist before. Bold metal riffs in the style of killswitch engage, slipknot or pantera to make rhymes, vocal lines and screaming bern German attacks in the broadest. it is moved HAK always on a high musical level. the bernese tied it understands, their role models to incorporate them into their own style, without degenerated into a plagiarism.
in year 2006 appears debut album "dräiät dürä" (kunz sound corp.). the title is program; uncompromising and hard the music, The provocative texts.
with various appearances 2007/2008 The band could reach many listeners of hard music and carry their music via the canton limit beyond.
In the spring 2009 the band went into the studio to record the second disc HAK. the dialect-metallers publish on 25.09.2009 their second album "wachät uf"
production stood at tek The Machine (draven) stefan and rugged (N.E.M.P study) on page.

By the way, dear friends of the Tomb, is mentioned in the Bio Tek the Machine comes from the band draven and this has nothing in common with the Crypt, yet I want to mention the guys here, because their sound is absolutely worth listening too. But we stay in now RIGHTS!

As already mentioned, the boys went off like rocket and could entrain absolutely with their sound! Was mentioned in the Bio high musical level is not just an empty slogan, the Bernese band reminiscent of her role models and understand it but their own absolute, distinctive style to put across. With songs like „Wachät uf“, „Revolution“, „Figures of“, „The ish but I was like“, „Vertrouä“ and „Dräiät dürä“ bring the Bernese Club for cooking and also the last to fear behind! Yeah! Aue geili Siechä! By the way, reminds me of the old Thrasher band a little to young Pantera and that, although not as cheap imitation, No, on the contrary, with its own style. When I write, I mean this quite seriously, Pantera because I adore endlessly and HAK I see a potential animal, that arise in this combo as memorable anthems could, as their role models. The current sound cuts its relentlessly to all cases in the ear canals! Who knows, anything is possible and maybe even kissed the Giele animal by the Muse… :)

Who now wants to convince himself of HAK may on Saturday 27. March in the tuna tower or on Saturday 24. April in Mattenhof Interlaken and I recommend you highly enough the gigs! The discs „Dräiät Dürä“ and „Wachät Uf“ gibts way at CeDe for each CHF 27.90 and I just ordered! Below gibts to the video clip „Hautät mau d'Schnurä“ :State:

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RIGHTS - Hautät mau d'Schnurä - Videoclip in HD
RIGHTS - Swiss Dialect Metal at it's best
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