Oderus Urungus Viking funeral

Das berühmte Kostüm von Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus, Sänger von GWAR, wurde vor ein paar Tagen in einem Vikingerbegräbnis nach Valhalla geschickt. Äusserst passend.

Oderus Urungus Viking funeral

Tonight we sent Oderus home in a fitting manner at the public memorial for Dave Brockie. A blazing Viking ship with Oderus laid out in it, the cuttlefish pointing proudly straight up. Watching my friend Dave’s costume go up In Flames in front of a thousand fans was so much more intense for me than the private memorial for friends & family we had April Fool’s Day.

I spoke at both of them, as GWAR asked me to, & both times as I spoke I was sad. But watching his alter-ego burn tore me up way more than the first memorial, Maybe Because there was Dave, the human who was my friend who just “left us”- I never saw his body- & then there was Oderus, who was something entirely else. To watch his stage gear burn was like watching part of my life literally go up in flames. I was sobbing my eyes out as I took this photo. It was just a super-intense moment. Very beautiful, but overwhelming. Fly free, Oderus- You are missed

Oderus Urungus Viking Funeral Flaming Arrow Shot, GWAR-B-Q 2014

(via Brooklyn Vegan)

GWAR: Lord Oderus reading bedtime stories for children

OK, perhaps, makes the following Video nicht dafür, that children sleep peacefully, aber vielleicht verstecken sie sich unter dem Bett und versuchen so leise wie möglich zu sein, which is at least as good yes. Especially great is the part at the end, where he simply imagines himself the rest and some nonsense rhymes… :)

GWAR's Oderus Urungus Reads 'Goodnight Moon' [uncensored]

DBD: Let us slay – GWAR


Don’t give them a sword and then not let them use it
Or sent them to war, and then make them lose it
This is a bomb, don’t want to defuse it
Death Is The Answer, go forth and choose it

Let us slay
Let them slay, Let them slay [x3]
The lust for blood won’t go away

Let us slay
Let them slay, Let them slay [x3]

It is the era of calamity
And I see this with perfect clarity
And there never was an illusion of parity
I’ve got no time for your crippled christ

We have no need for your crippled christ
And we never lacked for your advice
We don’t have to hide our genocide
They’ll fear us more when they know the we don’t lie

It’s gone Beyond hatred this time
You love death, yet call it a crime
I twist the dagger that’s deep in your guts
I’ll put an end to it this time


On your knees – Pray
It is your destiny
On your feet – Slay
Obedience through slavery

Don’t give them a sword and then not let them use it
Or sent them to war, and then make them lose it
This is a bomb, don’t want to defuse it
Death Is The Answer, Death Is The Answer

Total control
We own your soul

No time for life
Time for the knife
Time for the sword
Fetus is cored
Total mutation
The perfect life form
Born for porn

Let us slay
Let them slay, Let them slay [x3]
The lust for blood won’t go away

Let us slay
Let them slay, Let them slay [x3]

We’ve got no time for your crippled christ
And we never lacked for your advice
Lie after lie, Lie, Lie
I do believe its almost time

The crippled christ, The crippled christ
The crippled christ, The crippled christ
The crippled christ, The crippled christ
I do believe its almost time

You’re always calling for the sacrifice
And the body count is very nice
Lie after lie, Lie, Lie, Lie
I do believe its time do die

Sonisphere 2011 – Dawn of the Joggeli

„Task of art it is today, Bring chaos into order.“ wrote Theodor W. Adorno in Minima Moralia and the organization and coordination of the Sonisphere festival in Basel was marked by chaos, as well as various bands noticed in announcements and one could speak of luck on the last Friday, that nothing happened. But there were also shows by hammer Hatebreed, Slipknot, ELUVEITIE and Iron Maiden. Bands super, Weather super, Not rest. But the OK Swiss Sonisphere this can, after last year's mudslinging obviously afford… – because it could have been worse. The great bands could so ignore some and most of the metalheads to put a smile on face.

Last Friday, it was time again: Sonisphere set up camp, for the second time and after Maiden voyage in Jonschwil, The festival took place this time in Basel St. Jakob Stadium along with revulsion instead. The weather showed its good side and the inexhaustible number of bands were an overlook something about the organizational shortcomings – but does not forget, because it became clear already with the start to the festival on Friday, to really understand what the Sonisphere: Profit maximization! Unfortunately the game were the times of the Bands, which was changed in advance x times, at the beginning of the day switched back and compresses, which should have provided neither fans nor bands for enthusiasm, personally but not really played me a role.

The Bändeltausch was amateurishly organized and super Bändelchen, because these gibts 1:1 For 120 Francs to buy at King Flyer… 1000 Stuck, the link to it was even printed and not enough, with a ticket you could get as much as you wanted Bändel and thus give pleasure friends and acquaintances. But this should be only the beginning of the organized chaos, because the festival was for weeks under a bad sign, since the event will lack the Football Spectators- had to be moved to the athletic stadium and it was not possible there, to take the seats paid in claim. To all buyers of a seating tickets were given to the inlet Bons for two drinks and a Sausage. But where the hell could redeem the vouchers for the promised free drinks and sausage? 90% the catering stalls wanted nothing at all events of this Bons Knowledge. Also had a strange, that once you had entered the Metal Festival, first a tart stand was to see… Oh well – I knew something hitherto, but might as well be nice, to Hatebreed Coffee reinzuziehen and cakes. After such a Concert needs of ausgepowerte Metalhead well known, a sugar shock…

Sonisphere 2011 // Slipknot - Sid Wilson crowdsurfing after he jumps from a truck

But we come first to the main festival, the Music! Unfortunately, you could also these, at the beginning of the festival is not really enjoy, Sick Puppies at the Apollo Stage, notabene the main stage of the event, It was a power outage, which left already again cast doubt on the professionalism of the organization. Cataract at the Red Bull Stage one was not let in, as the hall was already full. The Security was left up any students and Teenies, who also had the dubious pleasure, dismiss disappointed fans in front of closed doors, which loosely at more alkholosierten fans could escalate. Was given masses For us announced some sun, so we were lounging us near the Apollo Stage on the lawn, caused the first trouble drown evaporate… and it came in a little enjoyment of Mr Big, which does not really correspond to my Gusto.

That was the first show that you could really enjoy with Dave Wyndorf, his sign of rotation- focal point of drug geschwängerten Monster Magnet. After Dave and his men a highlight of Sonisphere's had already announced: Hatebreed! Just amazing how these guys have understood right from the beginning the audience to captivate. Höllisch loud and with such a rich sound, stand still do not know the guys. With such fat riffs, there is simply no excuse. Honest emotions, impetuous passion, a richer sound and more powerful energy. Prior to the Bohemia stage the audience was almost closed in motion, Jamey Jasta raged over the boards and fueled the perspiring crowd always further and celebrating with the best sound and killer tracks like „Destroy Everything“, „This Is Now“, „Live For This“ or „Doomsayer“ a huge party.

Monster Magnet - Crop Circle (Complete song)

the ELUVEITIE and Slipknot at the same time had to play, was a little ugliness, annoyed so many fans, as well as the marketplace, which completely beyond was established, because who buys flip-flops on a Metal-Festival? On all mine countless festivals in which I have participated, I've never – but never did – Flip flops seen for sale! the 4 dl water here for 5 Franken was sold, fits again into the whole picture of the profit maximization, but not enough so, at the stands were no bottles are sold, while people wandered purely open with Party barrels. I do not know how excited Iron Maiden would, if you would know, that you could just walk in without any obstacle with firearms. I've seen a lot, but something ridiculous and Unprofessional I still rarely come, because even purely take a rocket launcher would have been no problem. :Guns:

But we come back to the music, Recognition naturally deserve more Sonisphere exponents like Hammerfall, Mastodon and ELUVEITIE, which allsamt great shows offered and were able to convince the fans absolutely. Also Chrigel Eluveitie had noticed the organizational chaos and tried to loosen up a little joke the whole, Chaosphere is only one of the expressions that fell. As always with his band offered their melodic death metal with Celtic melodies that, what was expected of them: Rock, groove, dance, Jump, sound, dream, release.

Since last year (Drugs-)Tod des Slipknot bassist Paul D. Grey is the band from Iowa occurred rarely. Despite or perhaps because of it offered Slipknot a fireworks. On the main stage they had a rendezvous, how great was the furious. Although it is daylight and sun screwed the bizarre-looking clownish metallers the visual- and listening experience in spherical heights. Rotor moderately upwards spiraled moreover Joey Jordison along with his drum station and besides pyrotechnics gave Slipknot Stagediving to top. About 90 Minutes took the gig, of not a few times viewers casualties and helpers as accomplices industrious minutes gave. Unfortunately, you could see the screens of the Apollo Stage little from behind.

ARVE Error:
thats all folks! - Video not available

The catering stands at Sonisphere (not in the Hall), were hygienically swinish. Prefabricated Hamburger lay open in a box. The money was approved with bare hands, then with selbiger to press the cheese on meat and bread and meat together. The same hand scratching seconds later on the face, lifts from the ground waste and cares then again around unwashed Eating. Not one person on the stand does so, no, do it all in and Münzstock were fries and money, partially mixed in with food and. I wish it good appetite. And friends, 9 Franken for a 4 Bite Pizza piece is not only slightly exaggerated, but borders on usury, because one is only a sip of water, from the cup with gold rim :)

But we come back to the music, there still big headliners such as Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden queue. Even if it does not manage Mr Cooper, to impress me vocally, so it is still exciting to see for which scene the next song is to serve well. You just listen to him, that „I’m Eighteen“ long, long can not agree, his imagination and enjoy the game with crazy props has this age hardly overtaken luckily. With an impressive wealth of vitality, Energy and grotesque takes us 63 year old rocker by his theater of kitsch and self-promotion.

Totally not had kitischig Iron Maiden. The iron maiden brought at the beginning of most songs „The Final Frontier“, her latest album and perish in which I killed would not warm. Matching the new disc ballerte the intro along with the following „Final Frontier“ and „El Dorado“ from the speakers. The stage was, as almost always, well designed or. inspired by the latest output, that is, a science fiction landscape – bordered by two radio towers along with starry sky. It was a true classic: „2 Minutes To Midnight“. It's still fascinating, as topfit sweep the six men on the stage. And later still the 20 Meter version staring across the stage and evil sparkles with red eyes, is the world anyway in order. OK, the guy does look now like a space hog, but damn, it is still Eddie. Screeeeeaaaammmmm for me Basel, Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm for meeeee!

Quite large cinema and the domed roof and stage background twinkle lights like stars. Somehow galactic beautifully. But that was not all, what was offered the eye: Too many songs matching huge Stoffbilder as theater scenes were dragged into the stage background and Eddie did not miss.

And again then came a few recent pieces („Blood Brothers“, „The Wicker Man“ and „When The Wild Wind Blows“), to „The Evil That Men Do“ initiated the block of classics. From this moment on it was going to happen even to the most skeptical: All the same, whether the melancholic passages of „Fear Of The Dark“ or the godlike twin leads of „Iron Maiden“: Who got in these minutes no goosebumps or so rough mitgröhlte, that he had the next day kilos of feed Hustenbonbons, who on that night something wrong!

Iron Maiden live at Sonisphere Basel 24.6.2011 - Blood Brothers

Pickpockets, allegedly from Romania, made as another evil all Stages uncertain and many a metalhead to a iPhone or wallet poorer. It was clear, that it is the perpetrators were not „Metaler“ could act, because I had never experienced that this steal each other. But as the saying goes, someday is the first time, perhaps this also applies to the flip-flops. At least pickpockets were already organized at Greenfield (!) on the way, this phenomenon so as slowly to open-air common practice seems to be.

About this year's Sonisphere event I could have written a lot, after all, were also further GWAR, In Flames, Judas Priest and so on start. But too many words spoil the Textejakulat and so I just hope on fruitful ground for criticism, because somehow I got at the present chaos again and again the Mud Jonschwil 2010 to mind. But apparently, all good things three and maybe you finally make it next year a professional and all-round compelling Festival in the kitchens of Outfield Productions and the Zurich Konzertagentur Free & Virgin to sizzle, because this year they have even more than anything else splattered with fame. Next year has been for me to be at the starting line-up, a hammer, I'll be back… or I'm on the Park and watch me free concert an :)

Sonisphere Iron Maiden - Dance of Death 24.06.2011

Pics by Rockslave (Metal Factory) and Videos TheLostDevil, MrNomBidon, gagadumiau, protyreus and Haldi4803.

Sonisphere 2011 - Dawn of the Joggeli
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Sonisphere Switzerland Running Order

Finally the Running Order online for Sonisphere in Basel, just about new tickets and more bands have been confirmed. The Friday is as follows:

Door opening / Doors: 12.00

13.30 – 14.15 Sick Puppies
14.45 – 15.30 Mr. Big
16.00 – 17.00 Alter Bridge
17.30 – 18.30 Limp Bizkit
19.00 – 20.15 Slipknot
21.00 – 23.00 Iron Maiden

16.30 – 17.00 Info to follow
17.30 – 18.30 Cavalera Conspiracy
19.00 – 20.00 Times Of Grace
20.30 – 21.30 Bring me the Horizon
22.00 – 23.00 Kreator
23.30 – 00.30 ELUVEITIE
01.30 - Gwar

14.00 – 15.00 Info to follow
15.30 – 16.30 Gojira
17.00 – 18.00 Skindred
18.30 – 19.30 Escape The Fate
20.00 – 21.00 Info to follow
21.30 – 22.30 Architects
23.30 – 00.30 Turisas

14.45 – 15.15 Buckcherry
15.45 – 16.45 Monster Magnet
17.15 – 18.15 Hammerfall
18.45 – 19.45 Mastodon
20.15 – 21.15 Alice Cooper
21.45 – 22.45 Papa Roach
23.15 – 00.15 In Flames
00.45 – 02.00 In Extremo

Basel: Sonisphere 2011 – More bands confirmed

In addition to the confirmed headliners Iron Maiden, as well as Slipknot, Hatebreed, In Flames, Alice Cooper, Bring me the Horizon, und Architects, could now more high-caliber program of the Sonisphere Festivals be added in Basel. On Friday the 24. June will be heard on a total of five stages bands and see his. newly confirmed: In Extremo, Mr. Big, Papa Roach, Kreator, Hammerfall, Cavalera Conspiracy, Mastodon, Escape The Fate, GWAR, Times Of Grace und Devildriver. On the eve, So Thursday, the 23. June Judas Priest give the ultimate Concert In the Switzerland – after which they will dissolve. That same evening, let it rip and Whitesnake and The Damned Things. More acts will be added continuously.

Morning, the 26. January at 8.00 Clock in the morning goes wrong with the ticket sales. If you want to see all the bands and Action Places, is recommended, to secure one of the limited combined tickets, which allows just that. Here is: „first come, first serve“. Subsequently are only tickets for the concerts in St. Jakob Park available, Single tickets from 23.6. and two-day passes (St. St Jakobshalle more. Jakob Park). the Map this Metal pass available here.

DBD: Zombies, March! – GWAR

A few days ago made Oderus, seines Zeichens Bandmitglied und Sänger bei GWAR, one short stop here in the crypt. All the more, I am pleased, today that the new Video to „Zombies, March!“, from the upcoming album „Bloody Pit of horror“ – mit schön blutigen Zombies – came out is. Gorgeous, sowas gehört hier einfach in die Gruft und schliesslich ist bald Halloween. Namely!

GWAR "Zombies, March!" (Official Video)