DBD: Call For War – Grave Digger

Here the Lyric clip to Track „Call For War“ of the issued on January 13 Studio Album „Healed By Metal“ Grave Digger…

Grave Digger - Call For War (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) | Napalm Records

DBD: Healed By Metal – Grave Digger

at the 13. January publish Gravedigger her new album „Healed By Metal“. For title track Gladbecker have a first Video available online and in it there is a lot of scantily clad ladies and death to see…

Grave Digger - Healed By Metal (Official Video) | Napalm Records

DBD: Hell Funeral – Grave Digger

under the name of „Return Of The Reaper“ is the new album from the house of Grave Digger since the 11. July on the shelves, Here for you the Video to the song „Hell Funeral“…

Grave Digger - Hell Funeral (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Grave Digger am Boom Openair

On Saturday, the 31. August, made the Open Air Boom its name, because there were Metal Of ELUVEITIE and Grave Digger. the Tree Openair ist ein sehr junges Festival im Oberbaselbiet, genauer Diegten, which is probably due to its freshness in the events market the spoiled Swiss audience simply too little known, the Advertising alone is not attracted the necessary attention and were simply announced this weekend to many other events. So sucked diese zwei grossen Names alleine nicht viele allzu Metalheads an, because, unfortunately, were estimated this evening might 150 to 200 People present, um die zwei grossartigen Bands abzufeiern. But this was for the audience no reason to mope and the concerts were all top notch!

Grave Digger

I personally was this familiar framework more than just pretty, I, the large Concert-Open-air anyway sooo not like it, for the organizers, the sparse audience but rather be a disaster have been. damage, because the boom Open Air was really well organized, the visitors lacked neither food and drink, nor to the sanitary facilities and where others Festivals with expensive cashless systems this year so had their problems, showed the little open air the big operators, that can be used with a simple card trick, one which for 50 Franken could buy, to pay the rest of the evening without cash. The location was absolutely brilliant and the staff extremely helpful and friendly. Since it is very unfortunate, that the organizers were not blessed with more viewers, because to be based on the existing visitor two days have hardly paid and the implementation of a further boom Open Air is thus probably more than just in the stars…

Tree Openair

The evening opened to 19:30 Clock first in Switzerland, The Frankfurt Quietschboys, which sealed her skirt and played to the point with Hessian dialect texts to international hits such as „Nothing Else Matters“ Of METALLICA (I'll be fat), „Angie“ The Rolling Stones (Hähnche), „Have a nice day“ Bon Jovi (I sauf schee me) or „Thunderstruck“ by AC / DC (Günther Strack) the audience einheizte properly. The guys did their job quite well, although I personally such cover versions and Comedy- oder Fun-Metal à la J.B.O. less satisfied. The light rain started, who stopped again fortunately after a short time, then let us change under the tent and indulge culinary offering. a ca. 21:30 Clock then put the Swiss metal band Celtic ELUVEITIE Go and able as usual to draw the same from the beginning the audience under her spell. Since most of the existing visitors were there for exactly this band, This concert was an absolute home game and the band was clearly motivated. A clean Concert, wherein the spark immediately jumped on the audience and for the next almost 2 Hours really brought the fire to blaze. as always offered ELUVEITIE an absolutely brilliant show!

Grave Digger

a ca. 23:30 PM it was eerily bleak walked on stage as the Reaper stage. With a bagpipe intro voted us the Grim Reaper on the appearance of a Grave Digger. The masked keyboardist Hans-Peter Cat Castle walked here slowly across the stage and prepared the audience with the intro to the title track of their latest album „Clash of the Gods“ before. What came next, really was more than impressive, if one keeps in mind, that Gravedigger for over 30 Years are active and all the dominions no 20 are more. From the outset, the gravedigger rolled over with frontman Chris Boltendahl the remaining audience, Unfortunately, some were already gone back after the performance of Eluveitie. Gravedigger knüppelte with crystal clear sound and a lot of pressure by their numerous classics. On the highly precise rhythm backbone of bassist Jens Becker and Stefan Arnold guitarist Axel Ritt could romp virtuoso. It was amazing, as squeaky clean Axel was able to play the most demanding passages and thereby kept quiet for a minute, but feared and raged like a dervish. Not to mention Chris Boltendahl, whose raspy voice sounded fresher than ever and looked in top shape physically. It was an all around great show with great entertainment. The gentlemen have played songs across their albums, and finally there were three encores. What the fans got to see this evening, was phenomenal. Frontman and founding member Chris Boltendahl and his men have the stage par excellence rocked and it would be to treat the artists and the organizers, if the audience would have been more plentiful…

Grave Digger - Intro + Clash of the Gods, Masters of Rock 2013
Grave Digger am Boom Openair
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