DBD: Chains – The Haxans

Rob Zombie-Bassist Matt Montgomery, also known as Piggy D., hat in Sängerin Ash Costello (New Years Day) eine Partnerin für sein Projekt „The Haxans“ found. Montgomery übernimmt bei dem Duo Gitarre und Gesang. „‚The Haxans‘ is like a ghost-show club dance party from the seventies“, so Ash über die Combo. „‚Chains‘ easy groovy. It's about someone, the one only ghostly perceives in his life. Someone who does not disappear. The song is a direct message to him.“ Matt fügt hinzu: „We're like Sonny and Cher as Goth-pop version, or like the Donny and Marie of deathrock. A brand new sound from the Underground.“ The first song „Chains“ there right here…

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The Haxans - Chains

DBD: Dolce Vita – The 69 Eyes

The Goth'n'Roller of „The 69 Eyes“ deliver the Video to „Dolce Vita“ a delicacy from the current album „Universal Monsters“, that the 22. April has been released…

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The 69 Eyes - Dolce Vita (Official Music Video)

DBD: Jet Fighter Plane – The 69 Eyes

„The 69 Eyes“ have their music video „Jet Fighter Plane“ released. The song is the first single from her new album „Universal Monsters“, the most 22. April will appear. Directed the clip led Ville Juurikkala, showing also responsible for the cover artwork. Suitable for publication, the band will go on tour in April.

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The 69 Eyes - Jet Fighter Plane (Official Video)