God of War: Ascension – Teaser

Who to „God Of War III“ believed, dass Kratos endlich in Frieden ruhen könne, mistaken. The latest offshoot of the series „God of War: Ascension“ steht in den Startlöchern, But always noch weiss eigentlich niemand so genau, what the Spartans this time pet peeve. The previous and only information revealed, that there should be a prequel, is emphasized in the very human side of Kratos. Otherwise it was more economical with more details. Here are a few-second teaser, der vermuten lässt, dass es im nächsten Teil auch gegen einige anderen Mythologien geht und nicht nur die griechische weiter ausgedünnt wird.

God of War: Ascension single player teaser

GoW Special: Dream Theater – Raw Dog

Und nun möchte ich das heutige God of War Special hier in der Gruft mit einem weiteren Song aus der zum Game produzierten EP abschliessen, geniesst den Abend mit Dream Theater’s „Raw Dog“ und zählt die Tage bis zum 16. March 2010 :)


GoW Special: GamePro Test

To today's special here in the crypt about God of War III round, gibts now the test of GamePro about this megahit Action….

God of War 3 review - GamePro (German)

GoW Special: Game Review zu God Of War III

Hier nun das sicherlich von euch sehnsüchtigst erwartete Game Review von Lyric: As in above previous article bezüglich des Events schon angedeutet, God of War III ist geil! Im Verlauf dieses Berichts werde ich einzelne Szenen aus dem Game erwähnen, wer sich also überraschen lassen möchte, the Summary: The game is absolutely hammer above rattenscharf. buy, Play and not read on! ;)

Zur Story:
Kratos is pissed off than ever and wants to settle his accounts with Zeus. And barely starts the game, see attack as the Titans to Olympus. Von den Göttern zuerst belächelt entwickelt sich das aber zunehmend zu einem Problem.
The opening tracking shots are breathtaking, The graphics engine of the PS3 with this game is sure to tickle their limits… Nachdem die einleitenden Erklärungen die Story kurz angeschnitten haben kann man sich ins Kampfgetümmel stürzen. Und das Game hält was es eingangs verspricht. It is a true Carnage, obwohl die Bewegungen und Kombos von Kratos eher an einen Tödlichen Tanz als an „real“ Kämpfe erinnert, The game is graphically quite explicitly. Während im „normal“ Fight is not saved with blood, sind die Finishingmoves nichts für Zartbesaitete. Each opponent has different ways to bless the temporal, times more, mal weniger übel.
To be said, man kann die Menge an Blut und Gedärmen auch reduzieren, But as I've Splatterfan settings left as they were (Alles on). Obwohl es nämlich vor allem bei den Bosskämpfen ziemlich heftig zu und her geht (Poseidon for example) es wirkt nie übertrieben. ie, Although blood is flowing, but it seems reasonable, zumal wir hier von epischen Battles über Leben und Tod reden.

The optics:
Hammer. Kurz und prägnant. The camera movements are Filmreif, and especially the light / shadow effects are simply brilliant. Example: Just before the boss fight with Hades begins, one is in a totally darkened room. Now if you Cupid's bow (with Flaming Arrow) uses, fällt dessen Licht auf die Wände, consisting of petrified souls in torment. What looks almost photo-realistic, bringt die PS3 dennoch nicht mal annähernd zum ruckeln.

To control:
Ahead a Note. I was a total virgin GoW-, actually I'm more of a PC gamer, therefore had no plan whatsoever control of the, and I've just set off. Nevertheless, After about. 10 Try hinbekommen minutes I got the first rich combos, was dann mit pompös inszenierten Effekten belohnt wird. Man kann zwar die Kameraeinstellung nicht verändern, aber das hat mich kein bisschen gestört, denn so hat man alle Finger frei um Kratos’s Zorn zu entfalten, and let's just say, makes animal spirits. Die Bosskämpfe sind anspruchsvoll, feasible as well as a rookie after a few tries. Um die Schlüsselmoves hinzubekommen wird über dem Gegner das „Pack“ Icon appears. Und danach muss man je nach Gegner und Waffe eine Abfolge von Buttons drücken. This sounds simple, But at times quite challenging. Vor allem bei Hades hab ich die Schwierigkeit nach unten korrigieren müssen, for after I had half an hour duration dying behind me, I wanted to get ahead finally. Allerdings hab ich aus den Augenwinkeln beobachtet wie auch eingefleischte GoW Gamer mehrere Versuche benötigten. However, one must ungrudgingly, dass das Game trotzdem nicht eintönig wird. Es ist zwar oftmals leicht unübersichtlich, when 10-20 Opponents lam into a, aber für etwas gibt’s ja die Magiekombos, with which one out sebum Dmg.
Es gibt auch eine Reihe von Rätseln, die meist zwar nicht grad unmöglich schwer, but a variety wilkommene are. Often, one must first move was for example to block a crank, or climb up it. Speaking of climbing up, oftmals wird man auch Passagen entlanghangeln/klettern müssen, und auch dort überzeugt die Steuerung, and the flow of movements. While it is not the degree Assassins Creed-mässiger Parcour, aber die Kletterpartien fügen sich optimal in den Spielverlauf ein.

Ich habe als blutiger GoW Anfänger satte 5 (!) Stunden am Stück durchgezockt, because the game has me totally captivated. Blood, Gedärme, fiese Gegner und hammermässige Finishing Moves sind neben einer imho originellen Story die Hauptbestandteile dieses Spiels. That the whole was also provided with an intuitive control and a super horny video, I hereby speak of an absolute sale / game recommendation. Even if you do not know the GoW series, and no plan of the story has, that should not stop you from testing on this game.

GoW Special: Trivium – shattering the skies above

As perhaps the least Knowledge, became God of War III is a great album released, with songs from Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater, Taking Dawn, Opeth und Mutiny Within. Selbstverständlich sind, as the title is expected, Also Trivium on this disc with „Shattering The Skies Above“ and then there is a great supporter Video to, one Mixup from Trivium live performance recordings and GoW and this arranged so right, dass es einfach hier zum GoW Special dazu gehört!

Trivium - shattering the skies above (Video) *NEW*

take me into the seas
so I can clean off this disease
death will complete me
It’s what I need

take my evil to the skies
take my evil; All light this

shattering the skies above
I want to destroy all that you love
shattering the skies above
I won’t rest till I am drenched in blood

God Of War III: Pre-Gaming Event – the tomb was there!

at the 16. March 2010 appears in the God of War III Switzerland and less than two weeks before the release we were invited Sony's PS3 blockbuster in a truly Greek Pre-Gaming Event in the commodity stock at Zurich allude. We take this straight to the occasion, perform here today in the crypt a GoW Special, in which it sorts by the dramatic adventures of Kratos, the Spartans learn, including Music, Videos und Review, the first, very positive impressions of the action epic! But more on that as mentioned later, Now the time being once Lyric'S report as referred Pre-Gaming Event Sony:

After I arrived full of expectation in rösti, I let the environment affect me. Endzeitstimmung, Bauruine, and in the middle of the Sony Playstation PreGamingevent of God of War III.

At the entrance to get my badge and following Wilkommensrede:
„Hi Lyric, I am glad that you could come. At the door, you can leave your jacket, and at the bar there's something to drink. Then you can set up any console and you gamble until your fingers fall off.“ Hallelujah!

Also, Jacket deposited, Repair and geflegelt beer brought in a chair.

After a very short time I succeed as the first GoW Virgin combos me and it soon becomes clear, this game is the HAMMER and the action is FAT! Blood, Guts and Glory, these are the essential ingredients.

The whole event is extremely stylish, all Greek columns, Sofas, Consoles, and Greek finger food. How well Sony has raised this event, I realize, when suddenly a deafening gong sounds, followed by the typical in-game music. Slightly mystical, pompously with Schalmeien and brass. The room darkens slightly, somewhere someone has cranked a fog machine and from a darkened alcove enters muscled giant. Dressed in leather and chains, including the distinctive war paint. Kratos is here, Spartan's the main character in the game is now in our midst. With a loud roar war underlines the show. At his side is Persophone, the truly their reputation is worthy. Beauty and Violence, das ultimative Duo.

Felt 20 minutes later, I am still mesmerized by the Action, begin to employees in the background, the raw materials warehouse reconversion to normal operation. I look at the clock, There have been welcome speech fabulous 5h (!) last.

And so I head to the clearing up, stow even the giveaways and the press box I've received. In it are; A little Poster, Trading cards and a small booklet with information on the game, and a few snippets of artwork. Of course, I also get a version of GoW, now I miss only the PS3 to :)

when Leave the hash browns I recapitulate the Event. Ingeniously organized, geniale Show, ingenious finger food… Simply ingenious!

(Many thanks also go to the guys from Wisegamers, which have provided here some of the pictures available)