Album Review: Glamour of the Kill – Savages

Glamour of the Kill“ treten mit ihrer zweiten Scheibe „Savages“ aufs Gaspedal und die rocken, die Briten. Da gibt es nicht viel mehr zu sagen. Dank grossartigem Songwriting, Hooks are strong and bold productions „Glamour of the Kill“ in U.K. bereits sehr erfolgreich. Nun schicken sich die Jungs an, den Rest der Welt zu erobern und mit diesem Album, dass aus „all killer no filler“ is, could them also success!

Glamour of the Kill - Savages

Die musikalische Ausrichtung der Truppe ist ihrer eigenen Definition nach „Post-Hardcore“, womit ich allerdings vom Begriff her nichts anfangen kann. Messrs. Davey Richmond (Singing, bass), Chris Gomerson (Guitar), Mike Kingswood (Guitar) and Ben Thomson (Drums) have an extremely good feeling for melody and that several voices. After two EPs („Through The Darkness They March“, 2007 and „Glamour of the Kill“, 2008) as well as their debut album „The Summoning“ (2011) is now becoming the second album „Savages“ in die Startlöcher. This was produced by Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria).

Glamour of the Kill - break (Feat. Michael Vampire) - OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO

Even numbers as the first single „break“, who is also the opening track of the album and as a guest Sänger Michael Vampire of the „Vampires Everywhere“ will be there, and the following „A Freak Like Me“, „Rescue Me“, „Leave It All Behind“ or rather the only quieter pieces „Tears Of The Sun“ sind einfach klare Volltreffer. Da geht Live sicherlich die Post ab! Visually the tattooed group meets all the requirements as a rock band of the modern era – eigentlich pfeife ich auf die Optik, but that I mention why, weil ein Blick auf die Kerle relativ gut zeigt, Which Music they do. Wenn sie auch eine Spur wilder aussehen, als sie dann auf der Platte klingen. Hier ist mir dann „Papa Roach“ eingefallen, I know where the stuff is not good and can not say, if the hardness is higher or not. So pure shot from the hip guitar level and aggression is higher here.

Glamour of the Kill

is very positive, that the eleven numbers ultimately provide a single hangover. OK, For „Besides listeners“ some might sound very similar numbers, but meanwhile you can make anyone more to blame, this is called nowadays Trademarks. Furthermore - and this is the decisive factor - are considered individually, the numbers absolutely first class and I could really call now no song, the rocks not really. For example, the bouncer „Welcome To hell“. What kind of number! Impressive start, cool verses and a chorus hammer! In particular, the alternation between the driving and bludgeoning drums and guitar parts to smooth double vocal lines are really very successful. What then comes to, is, that growls at (almost) was dispensed with entirely.

Glamour of the Kill - Second Chance (Official Music Video)

Englands erfolgreiche Party Animals werden ihr neues Album in unseren Breiten am 20. published September. The whole gibts in compact seasons, everything is so packed around three minutes, and so the party can start but. This is a disc, that is sure to rotate more often in my player, because the mixture is just right. And a song like „Welcome to hell“ does not prescribe any. Respect. listen. Necessarily!

Glamour of the Kill


  1. break
  2. Second Chance
  3. The Only One
  4. Live For The Weekend
  5. A Freak Like Me
  6. Heartbreaker
  7. Rescue Me
  8. Leave It All Behind
  9. A Beautiful Day To Die
  10. Tears Of The Sun
  11. Welcome to hell
Album Review: Glamour of the Kill - Savages
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