Migros leaves tumbling Gillette prices

Wie ich ja auch schon mehrfach erwähnt habe (1, 2, and 3) finde ich die Preise für die Gillette Razor just a joke – and has done so for years.

I like to now the Kassensturz Blog could read, Migros finally seems to be doing anything about it and play the market in favor of the customer. Snip vom Blog:

This is really a stroke of genius: Migros sagt Procter & Gamble den Kampf an und senkt massiv die Preise für Gillette-Rasierklingen. Procter & Gamble, Eigentümerin von Gillette, had always wieder mit hohen Werbeausgaben und teuren Produkteentwicklungen argumentiert – jetzt operiert Migros deutlich unter den Preisempfehlungen des Herstellers, and it works.

To the well-known retail professional Gotthard F. Wangler: “Dieser Schritt bringt die Migros-Konkurrenten unter Zugzwang. Und Procter & Gamble verliert wegen seiner Preispolitik an Glaubwürdigkeit.” Dass der Riese seine Lieferungen an Migros einstellen könnte, hält Wangler für unwahrscheinlich.


Das klingt doch mal nicht übelll, let's see what will happen and how long it will follow suit to Coop.


Nothing for „real“ manner? – Gillette Fusion Gamer und Gillette Skin Care

Now I can for the third time here in the crypt in a small test „offizieller Braun Tester“ publish. Dieses Mal habe ich ein Paket mit einem Gillette Get Fusion and Gillette Gamer Skin Care, According to the manufacturer, which is in perfect harmony with the Gillette wet shaving and shaving gels. But besides Vewirrung, something Geschrubbe and balm for me in the matter not wrest really new, so the shave is hardly a new experience.

Gillette Fusion GamerFor several days now, I use the resulting products, so I feel it actually enabled me, here to carve this review in the crypt. Said the whole package consists of:

  • 1 Tube Cleaning Gel Gillette
  • 1 Tube Gillette Peeling
  • 1 Can shave for sensitive skin

for use before shaving and after

  • 1 Tube Gillette Aftershave Balsam mit Aloe Vera
  • 1 Tube moisturizer
  • 1 Tube Aftershave Gel
  • 1 Tube Aftershave Balsam

In addition there was a razor Gillette Fusion Gamer with five blades and battery-operated vibrator, where I actually no difference to the already tested by me Gillette Fusion Phenom Power found, except that he is white. As stated at the time, I wonder always more, what to look for in a vibrator Shaver? The part I had then set aside, there with me simply any vibration shaving more of a hindrance, is conducive. It's enough for me every morning with barely open eyes, my tolpatischen hands to keep in check with such actions :)

So I turned off the Vibi and yet also must note here, that the thing, respectively of the handle is a little too clunky to me – Logical, since the battery is indeed the great Vibra function inside – and so I have returned to the Gillette Fusion Phenom resorted, the shaved anyway even without Gezittere – that will come of itself soon enough – immaculately. – Where I have to admit, that five blades not really achieve a better result than two, because in the meantime I have the price of more than 40 Franken spared, for five klingigen Phenom and so to the proven sensor from the same manufacturer back. Since the blades are even afterexpensive, but still only about half of the price of this test shaver. Who would like to read more on my test the razor, I refer to my posting „Get rid of the beard – Gillette Fusion Phenom„. The Gillette shaving gel I've always pleasant and I actually use anyway. What will be new in this version, I can not really say – but since I'm probably just too little competent, To assess this. Fits scho.

Gillette Forscher?Now comes the moment, there was little draven classify but a little overwhelmed arg, which Tuebchen when to apply… For Gillette has with divine foresight the tubes practically identical designed, Although slightly different size, but looks like graphically virtually identical and therefore hardly be distinguished from each other at first sight. damage, there has been in the marketing department of Gillette not a monument and I rate but strongly encouraged, if you have already launched such products, the Tübchendesign possible for something in manner praktisches, to choose the morning Dämmerfrühschlaf-to-the-eye slits-out-peep Design, otherwise the Tuebchen put quickly on dust. For no man is doing to look up every morning this time, what it says where, an. I do not at least. Probably but I simply did not correspond to the average man of the researchers at Gillette, which for decades Knowledge have collected and say of himself „We know the needs of male skin. Finally, we have been more than 100 Years with this topic. Today shave every day almost 600 Millions of men with our products – this trust we are proud.“ That also, was motzt da Kleen Draven rum? 600 Millions can not be wrong – or use the rather for ages launched by Gillette razors and shaving gels, as the newly thrown onto the market Sälbchen? – I ask too much…

The cleansing gel before shaving to remove dirt and excess sebum, so that nothing can affect a close shave. Therefore, no soap, and thus does not contain the skin dry. The cleansing does not fit me personally really. I do not like, if after washing the feeling, ne thick layer of foam insulation on the cheeks to have. The peeling away with its microbeads – it feels on the skin like a fine sandpaper to – gently the sebum and dead skin cells, thus ensures a fresh complexion and really left a very pleasant feeling of thorough cleaning.

To after shaving I must warn, I basically no creams, Ointments and the like may, the left feel, does not collect in the skin and to occupy a slippery, creamy „Protective layer“ form. Bruuäääh * shake * For this reason, only left the Gillette Series After Shave Gel a reasonably satisfactory impression, in all other creams I did not like this very said feeling a cream. But I guess I just did not correspond to the average man of the researchers at Gillette, which have accumulated over decades of knowledge…

Gillette Skin CareAccording to the producer to the Gillette Series Moisturizer with aloe vera reduce the feeling of tension after shaving and quickly move in and not to fat. Yes fat and tuts, what else other a moisturizer? The Gillette Series Moisturiser with SPF 15 protects against UV rays and the consequent aging of the skin. Again, I'm just saying: Moisturizer! The Gillette Series After Shave Balm to soothe the skin after shaving, quickly move in and intensive moisture Donate. Especially the latter did not fit me here. The last product is the Gillette Series After Shave Gel. This gel is quickly absorbed by the skin and lubricates (Finally) definitely not for. It cools and soothes the skin, thus ensuring a I entered the feeling of freshness.

Conclusion: Vibration does nothing, The razor itself is actually just visually interesting, there just too expensive to maintain. The shaving gel fits scho, as always, and the whole collection tubes – Cleaning products are from Fr. 6.50 and toiletries from Fr. 7.60 available – is rather what for „modern“ Man, who has the bathroom anyway already crammed with cream pot, week of Brown bodycruZer Whole body shaved Front (My test this way Here) and every morning for an hour in the bathroom is, wegzuretuschieren all the corners and edges. From my perspective, this is nothing for real men, say real men, but the scent is very refreshing and I probably did not correspond simply to the average man of the researchers at Gillette, which have accumulated over decades of knowledge… :)

Men are hairy – Braun bodycruZer

the Advertising tried us men always to provide more, that a beautiful male body will be shaved, so that man really well received by the fair sex. For me it was never really comprehensible, since this is an attempt, more or less talented marketing strategists from my perspective, to open up new sales channels and arouse desires unknown to date. Entha kinds Männerkörper – a trend?!

Somehow I inevitably come folded up toilets glasses to mind, and the drama, which some women organize around this issue, while we could manner dieses Gezeter auch veranstalten und darauf beharren, that the glasses must always be folded up. But what does not do anything to the peace Love. Obviously now just a full body shave.


The older man is, be for many the hair on the head less and less, it begin in the most unlikely places on the body hair to sprout. Unfairly men have to fight for the achievement of the current ideal of beauty with two obstacles over Women: With more and much longer body hair in addition difficult to reach regions. So if you decide to be a man for the body grooming, might as well book a yoga class, because without bone-breaking generic contortions, is not a completely satisfactory result possible. Or how will man otherwise reach hair on the back with the unit and get rid? Luckily, I'm not on his back nor as hairy as Cousin Itt from the Addams Family.

Now I can already a unit test of Brown second time, which allows me, remove annoying body hair. This time it is a combination of Gillette Fusion Phenom (thus no different blade types are needed) and elekrischem precision trimmer and means „Braun bodycruZer“.


The bodycruZer is adjustable in three steps: For a man can only trim (Cutting Hair). In the second stage, it is possible to combine trim and shave, and last but not least in the third step can only man shaving. Thus, depilation is quite speedy and skin with longer hair can be smoothed over in one step. Multiple trimming attachments (sensitive, medium and long) lop different hair lengths and make a smooth shave in sensitive areas of the body to. The device is waterproof and can therefore be used directly when showering or bathing. The operation is extremely simple and practical.

According to the manual is Brown bodycruZer not to remove Bart- suitable and scalp hair. The device is powered by a battery, which can be easily charged in the supplied charging station. Result after shaving: ok To my mind, but for me the device itself is not too often be used, I said as the whole point is not really one before and neither float nor poisoners am ambitious cyclist and I am not quite depilated for this test. This is perhaps for this reason, I already could listen for a certain completely depilated area comparisons with Kalbsbratwurst…

The device is for CHF 95.00 available in the stores.

Get rid of the beard – Gillette Fusion Phenom

Glatt geshaved, I can imagine the first time on my blog a little test products. I was able to test Gillette Fusion Phenom, Gillette Fusion Phenom Power and Series Sensitive Skin shaving gel and have to say, clean result. But what the Computer the printer – where supplies, as print cartridges are outrageously expensive – is at the Gillette razor blade.

For background music of my first little test overview „offizieller Braun Tester“ I recommend the following Music play :)

The doctors-3 day beard
Phenom und Phenom Power

earlier, bus so knapp 20 I have always asked where the difference, should be between a disposable razor and Gillette razors and so carved one with the yellow Bic razors to Flaum Beard from his face. The time went by, and soon had one was allowed into the recruit school and then received in celebration of the week staying a little present, including the Gillette Sensor shaving gel and wow, that device was like the discovery of fire and the wheel together, compared to my BiC scraper. Striking difference! So I used to date the Gillette Mach 3, I was so far very satisfied with this shaver. Now I get the Gillette Fusion Phenom and behold, how could you shave ever so optimize! The pure shave is really the hammer and even the Gillette Fusion Phenom Power – A razor that vibrates gently and somehow reminded me anything, as a razor, thus initially used reluctantly by me – was an extremely pleasant experience.

With the five-blade shaving surface on the front, the five blades are finished with a uniformly thin coating telomere and the razor is resiliently mounted shaving a real pleasure! The pressure is reduced when shaving and the result is a very gentle and comfortable shave. It adapts to the contours of the face and glides smoothly over any imperfections, curvature, Chin etc and caught absolutely every Häarchen.

Series Gel Sensitive Skin

I had less joy of each blade on the back of the razor, to the intersect easy and precise sideburns or leave style beard contours. clear, is for the fine work the five-blade shaving surface fall too big, but with this single blade can be no clean and precise result in the contours achieve and yet I have on my old Mach 3 fall back. damage!

Also, the handle has been optimized and is designed, that the shaver can simply call. With the improved rubber profile of the shaver is particularly secure in hand - even when shaving against the grain. The shaver is also the Indicator Lubrastrip, a moisture band with vitamin E, Aloe Vera and natural oils, equipped, which fades a little more with every shave from blue to white, and thus provides a clear indication, to be changed when the razor must. Together with the Series Sensitive Skin Shaving Gel gives a perfect shave, smooth and clean, and the face feels after like a baby Po. Good product and a brilliant result! If only the contours better – perhaps with 2 Kingen – would be solved…

The Gillette Fusion Phenom is commercially available at the following prices:

Gillette Fusion Phenom with two blades CHF 19.90
Gillette Fusion Power Phenom with a blade CHF 25.40
Gillette Fusion 8-blade pack CHF 40.90
Gillette Fusion Power Blades 8-pack CHF 46.40

Sodele, if now interested anyone for, Who is responsible for the background music of this little test report: There are doctors with „Stubble“, that Video and the lyrics gibts after the jump:

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