human reboot

Under difficult conditions, certain people tend to faint, such as on the roller coaster, skydiving or riding. Frightening for fallen fainted person and for those, which are close and watch this. A kind of human Reboot…

Funniest slingshot video ever boy faints 3 times

Antibiotic Apocalypse

What is the antibiotic apocalypse? Why is? And how dangerous it is? Next Video clarifies all questions in brief…

The Antibiotic Apocalypse Explained

Aipoly lets blind people „see“

Aipoly is a free app for iPhone, the visually impaired helps, identify everyday objects quickly. All a user needs to do, is to judge his smartphone on the object and the app says, what she sees through the camera and outputs it with text or the language of the system. Airpoly works in 7 different languages ​​and after winning the Innovation Award at CES 2017 work the developers already Aipoly Eyewear…

This app lets blind people "See"

Dot: SmartWatch for the blind

the Dot Smartwatch received messages from your smartphone, allows easy navigation, has an alarm clock, is Fitness Tracker and displays the time. Thanks to mechanical Braille screen there with Dot now a smartwatch for the blind.

Wearables are known, for Grossßteil Content Display. Now want a smartwatch for the blind, the South Korean company Dot revolutionize the market. As the first PM combines the „Dot“ the world's most famous Braille with functions of a conventional watch: News, check tweets or text messages, Control via touch sensors or Bluetooth 4.1. A special feature of the watch is the tutorial for Braille, it the visually impaired, who can not read, allows, to learn the writing independently. According to statistics of the company have so far only 5 Percent of the blind able, to read Braille. Enormous costs for equipment, who can use the font and a very small number of available texts are added complication.

The outer shape is reminiscent of a Fitness Tracker, while the display is drawn relatively long, to map as much information can. As must be operated with the battery no lighting or an energy-intensive display, is the battery life of ten hours is relatively high. Mind you, making it the representation of texts meant, not the replacement date in passive mode. These are the manufacturers do not market. The speed, in which the pins protrude beyond the surface and disappear, can be set. Dot can also play e-books and lends itself so as relatively favorable reader. The watch is available with iOS- as well as with Android-Devices compatible - to enjoy the full scope of functions, is a link to a mobile device requires. The SmartWatch is 300 US dollar costs - in comparison to other devices, the at 2000 are US Dollars, is the comparatively low. When the clock reaches the market, is still unclear, later this year preorders to be adopted

Beautiful moments of Dot watch beta-test

METALLICA: Concert postponed because James Hetfield is sick

METALLICA-Fronter James Hetfield seems to get the European weather probably not very good. On Friday the 3. February had the Concert be stopped early in Copenhagen, since Hetfield felt not really fit. Before the audience at the Royal Arena Hetfield said: „It’s not fair to you guys, Man. You paid a lot of good money to come and see your favorite band, and we don’t sound good. I’m gonna leave it up to you, Man. Would you rather hear us sound better another time?“ After a low roar from the set of front man continued: „I wanna stop. what do you say?“ The Arena responded with a loud cheering: „No!“ and so said Hetfield, „okay. You asked for it. All right. I’ll keep doing my best, All right? I appreciate you guys so much, Man. Thank you for your support.“ And so the evening was as well as he pulled – but the setlist had to be cut and there were two songs, „Halo On Fire“ and „Sad But True“ painted.

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As the band announced today, the concert has the 5. February are postponed until September. Hetfield had to be hospitalized yesterday, why the second gig in Copenhagen was canceled. Hetfield is sick. So ill, that his doctor ordered him, not a single note to sing and so the band had no choice. Here is the statement of Thrasher:

We’re very disappointed to have to share with you that unfortunately as Saturday has progressed, James’ health, and specifically his throat, is not improving and he is under strict doctor’s orders to not sing one single note. So sadly we have to report that we will be postponing tomorrow’s show at the Royal Arena until September 2, 2017.

Our week here in Copenhagen is something we have had circled on the calendar for a very long time as a special event not only for our friends in Denmark but also for us and we were really looking forward to celebrating the new arena with you. To those of you who were there yesterday, we appreciate you encouraging us to carry on . . . that meant the world to us! We all felt really bummed that we were unable to give you the maximum Metallica experience; it was one of the most challenging shows we’ve ever played, but your love and support got us through.

We know that many of you made travel plans to spend the Weekend with us and we are very sorry for any inconvenience this will cause. We hope that you will be able to come back to Copenhagen in September and we’ll do our best to make it up to everyone with something unique for you at the make-up gig, along with a kick ass show of course! And to Aphyxion, the band who won your votes to be Sunday’s opening act, we hope you’re available in September.

Thank you again for all the support and care you’ve always shown us in Denmark. We will be back!

The technicalities: If you have already traveled to Denmark and are able to attend either of the shows on February 7th or 9th, please contact Ticketmaster Denmark, who will do their best to help with replacement tickets for one of these shows although they are very limited. If you are not able to attend the rescheduled date on September 2nd, please contact them before March 1st for a refund of your tickets. Phone: + 45 7015 6565 or by email servicecenter AT ticketmaster DOT dk.

A refund will only apply to the original buyer of the tickets, and you will need to verify your ownership of the tickets by providing Ticketmaster with the last 4 digits of your credit card number. Face value will be refunded but not service fees.

PS: We are monitoring James’ voice on a day-to-day basis so watch this space for updates.

METALLICA - Battery (Live in Copenhagen, February 3rd, 2017)

Celebrity workout videos

Everything was well known, better, Here is a SuperCut Hollywood vanities, right celebrities who have shared their beautiful visages for fitness available. Marky Mark, Alissa Milano - all the greats! And that even on VHS! hach, those were the days…

Back in the 80’s and 90’s celebrities used to help people get in shape with their own personal exercise videos. Now all celebrities do is make us wish our BUTTS were bigger.

A Supercut Of The Worst Celebrity Workout Videos Ever

Beer Pool in North Tyrol

Friends, If you already always have dreamed, bathe in beer, can in the beautiful North Tyrol in Austria's first Brewery Starkenberg Beer Pool debug. The former fermentation cellar of the brewer was remodeled a few years ago with the help of the artist Wernfried Poschusta for beer-pool. Where guests will have the opportunity, her skin with a long bath in yeast residues, which remain from brewing beer left, to spoil and the way to enjoy a draft beer and a tasty snack. That the so-called Biergeläger not only waste, but is a boon for the body, is probably not a novelty in the wellness industry. A swimming pool, offers this thing all three pools, but a rarity. And I habs always known, beer makes you pretty! :)

It's Like a Hot Tub, Except Filled with Beer

Addiction: What we know about addiction is wrong

As is known, addiction is indeed a disease, can affect anyone and is relatively independent of the substance,. For gambling will compare quite well with substance addiction or any kind of addiction. The following Video showing interesting new aspects about addiction…


Why we should be on the left side

Everyone knows how important sleep to preserve the physical and mental health is. However, the duration of sleep and location are as you sleep while two important factors…

Why should we on the left

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