Addiction: What we know about addiction is wrong

As is known, addiction is indeed a disease, can affect anyone and is relatively independent of the substance,. For gambling will compare quite well with substance addiction or any kind of addiction. The following Video showing interesting new aspects about addiction…

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Why we should be on the left side

Everyone knows how important sleep to preserve the physical and mental health is. However, the duration of sleep and how to sleep position are doing two important factors…

Why should we on the left

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Ingenious breast cancer screening reminder of Not to send

We only hope our little campaign contributes somehow to educate and create awareness on the overwhelming statistics: 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer over their lifetime.

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What it means, To have narcolepsy

About Narcolepsy most people make jokes, because they do not understand, that this little nap are anything but relaxing nor wanted. Sleepy Sarah Elizabeth has accidentally sleep-Attack recorded, because narcolepsy can be really tedious, as the body goes to sleep, no matter what you are or what you are doing. The following Video can give us a better understanding of, as narcolepsy looks, but it can not really explain, how feels like an uncontrollable sleep attacks, but laugh a is clearly not in the mood…

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What Narcolepsy Really Looks Like. Spoiler Alert- It Sucks.

The bionic arm from Metal Gear Solid becomes reality

The bionic arm from Metal Gear Solid becomes reality

James Young lost a leg and an arm in a train accident and is one of more than 60 candidates, who responded to a notice from Konami, which Metal Gear Solid V promotete, in which Snake wears a synthetic arm. And exactly this arm was for around 60’000 £ a built team, consisting of artists like Sophie de Oliveira Barata file. The arm was then finally by Open Bionics implemented, which already for arms Children, based on Marvel and Disney characters, have made. Young was selected, because he already always an avid gamer was and had retrained after the accident and can use the controller with his remaining hand and the teeth perfectly.

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Bodyhack | Metal Gear Man - PART 1

The bionic arm was 3-D printed and just like in game, Sensors measure the muscle movements in James back, so that he can control the arm selbstsändig. Thus the hand is skilled enough, that Young coins can pick up from the ground. More are installed as a USB charger or a small drone among other gadgets. Unlike the game, the arm has not got superpowers or can fire power, but it is also a laser pointer, a flashlight, a USB host and the mentioned holder for a miniature Quadcopter, What Young with a panel by its bionic arm control can.

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Bodyhack | Metal Gear Man - PART 2

Why our pee smells like asparagus so

Generally, it should be pretty no matter many people probably, why the own urine smells, as he smells now times. In the asparagus season, in which we find ourselves, can smell a little overly after eating asparagus is known the Pipi. Why it is like that, have MinuteEarth trying to figure out….

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The Mystery Of Asparagus Pee

Paraplegic can control his arm again thanks to a chip in the brain

Ian Burkhart can move his arm despite his paraplegia again. This thanks to a chip in his motor center for hand movements in the brain. The stimulus transmission of motion information assumes the Computer in his head. Electrodes on the skin surface of his arm convert the signals into muscle stimuli to and thus ensure a motorized implementation Ians brain commands. Thus, his brain through a learning process and the newfound Partner, peas Grossen computer chip, adapt to an equivalent institution. The new interface to its arm can already grab Ian bottles or cancel credit cards. 130 Electrodes on his forearm provide the necessary resolution of such complex movements.

But there are also problems, brings such a chip transplantation with itself. The natural defense reaction of the body ensures, the attacked the tips of the electrodes in the brain of body's defense cells and functionally destroyed during. After five years of are 100 Electrodes only four to five operational. Another danger in transplantation, that by engaging several neurons, who were responsible for the movement of the arm, were destroyed.

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The nerve bypass: how to move a paralysed hand

Gurgling cervical suppositories in Slow Motion

I habs not so with SloMo Guys, too much talk and too typical Youtube. But suppositories in slow motion on gargling simply belongs in here. Arglgarglarglgargl….

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Slow Mo Gargling Uvula - The Slow Mo Guys

Firemen must man of 13 Penisringen befreien

Firemen must man of 13 Penisringen befreien

Ein Mann in München hat eine Klinik aufgesucht, because it 13 Penisringe übergezogen hatte und diese auch nach 4 Tagen nicht mehr runter bekam, so die Süddeutsche. Die Feuerwehr musste den armen Mann mit Trennschleifern befreien, nach einer einstündigen Schneidarbeiten waren sämtliche Ringe entfernt und die Ärzte konnten sich weiter um den Patienten kümmern

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Sexunfälle und die Feuerwehr: Wenn "50 Shades of Grey" schief geht

Greedy-Germ: Fight the bacteria

The short film „Greedy Germ“ is animated beautifully and comes from Fang Yu Hsu and Cheng Hao Chen, which not in vain with a reddot Award 2015 have been awarded. A small world of even smaller bacteria, the first from a mixture „Once upon a time life“ and „Dumb Ways To Die“ recalls. But then closing with „sweet“, because a greedy villain comes along and wants morbidly devour everything.

Through the example of the destroyed life structures of the creatures in the film, ‚Greedy Germ‘ wants to illustrate that obtaining power is always linked to having a direct effect on society. Abusing power as well as blindly following orders will inevitably lead to injustice. The film aims to point out the significance of the actions of each individual and thus the responsibility they have for the next generation.

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國立台灣師範大學設計系104級畢業製作/Greedy Germ 掠食

Explained scientifically floaters

Floaters are literally flying flies or mosquitoes and small black dots, Spots or thread-like structures in the visual field, the shift in characteristic manner scurrying along with the viewing direction. Sometimes before a uniform, bright background like a clear sky or a blank screen you can see them. What are these moving objects? Michael Mauser, explains the visual appearance…

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What are those floaty things in your eye? - Michael Mauser

Bye, bye, Male sterilization: Now the fertility switch comes in the scrotum

Vasectomy or simply male sterilization could soon by a new Invention thing of the past. The German carpenter and inventor Clemens Bimek allows men, A simple flip of „sperm switch“ their fertility to the inside of the scrotum control. Some urologists are skeptical, others speak of a medical revolution.

Bimek SLV

The story of Clemens Bimek is a, when you are amazed and surprised at the same time. It is also a story, which the listener wrests respect for Bimeks perseverance and his will. Because he believes in his idea. She began watching television, sometime in the late 90s in the suburbs of Berlin. After a hard day on the construction Bimek sitting exhausted in front of the television and watched a documentary about prevention. It was just not so good at his job. The jobs were scarce. And in his trained profession as a cabinetmaker master it looked worse. In the documentary was the Anatomy declared the man: As the sperm are produced in the testicles, flow through the epididymis and vas deferens, the two direction urethra and mix with the ejaculate. And as in the so-called vasectomy, sterilization, the vas deferens are severed. A surgery, which often ends the fertility irretrievably.

Bimeks first thought, when he saw the diagram: Why not just build one valve in both vas deferens a? The idea revolved henceforth in his head. He probably would have done so long, until he would eventually disappeared, if Bimek would not be passed on his way to work every day at the Berlin Patent Office in Kreuzberg. Always when he passed there, he thought of the valve. And it, that certainly must have had someone the same idea before him. Eventually he stopped finally and asked for. A patent for a vas deferens valve does not exist, told him the officials with. „How it all began“, says Bimek.

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Bimek SLV - The New Contraception for Men

So he began to tinker and to circulate literature, briefed at medical technology companies about possible materials for a valve. In order to plan the diameter of the valve ports, He even asked for pathologists to, if he could not have the seed head of a dead – without success. Also from the urology world there was plenty of head shaking for the enterprising carpenter. „Many doctors, I asked for advice, did not take me seriously. But there were also some, who encouraged me, to continue tinkering and who have supported me with knowledge“, says Bimek. The longer he was investigating and reading, the less reasons he found, who spoke against his idea. Finally, he actually filed a patent. Year 2000 was the „Shutter to contraception for use in man“ approved. 2006 he built the first prototype. The Bimek SLV is in a half-hour operation – similar to a vasectomy – can be used in both vas deferens. When closed, it prevents the flow of sperm – the man is sterile, but can ejaculate normally during sex with a woman. If he wants to have a child, he puts a switch on the valves, he can grope under the skin in his scrotum. Now he is immediately procreative. Bimek protests, that it should come to the valve support to no complaints. Neither was the libido restricted nor get it otherwise any adverse health outcomes. For this purpose, neither the two-gram valve the size of a jelly baby still, the switch should be felt.

Arguments for the benefit of its development, there are enough: Prevention is no longer just women's business – about half of all adults sat in the prevention on the pill. A corresponding product, for the man has not been brought to market. Moreover, would have to Women no longer deal with the hormonal stress on the pill, the many poorly tolerated. That did also good for the environment. Because so far are hormonal residues, which enter via the urine in the water cycle, not filtered out of wastewater treatment plants. This leads to strong water pollution. The cost of the pill, Condoms or other contraceptives would pay for itself in a valve sometime. The Bimek SLV to last a lifetime – is according to current state with an estimated retail price of 3000 Euro but not low. The cost in mass production are likely to be lower but significantly.

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