Napflix: Boring Videos for healthy sleep

Generally you should indeed look no bright screen more hours before bedtime, so the body can adapt to the night's sleep and shuts down naturally. But these are most of us no longer used. any podcast, Series or movie is still dressed in bed, so you fall asleep sometime. just stupid, when – just eingeschalfen – still the loud Monster comes or the protagonist massacred, is so unthinkable to sleep because of the high voltage anyway. Napflix is a project, wherein one can take the name literally. Here Videos are collected, the relaxed due to their low voltage levels minds to produce. This may be the classic campfire, Long-haul flights from the cockpit, Test images of the BBC or even sports such as curling or Chess. Boring it is hardly a great thing and… :)

Napflix: The most boring video for better sleep

Why we should be on the left side

Everyone knows how important sleep to preserve the physical and mental health is. However, the duration of sleep and location are as you sleep while two important factors…

Why should we on the left

Hamster has a very Dramatic Nap Attack

A hamster feels completely relaxed in a safe environment, as it happens: The sleep overcomes him. And once he's gone, rolls of cute little hairball going like a tiny bowling ball…

Hamster rolling down into a sleep.

Tired duckling

In etwa so fühle ich mich gerade auch

Tired ducklings fall asleep in a hat

Healthy Sleep (7)

This man from Korea has obviously found a very pleasant resting position. Unless, a mother with baby carriage drill Ling gets in :)

Dorme no metrô
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