The Bronze anus, a Valentine's special gift

yes friends, this is so romantic, as it sounds. For it is not boring, zum romantischsten Tag des Jahres dem oder der Liebsten den üblichen Heuchler-Besen, also known as a bouquet of flowers, to give or chocolates? Für Fans ganz besonderer alternativen und sehr persönlichen Valentinstags-Geschenke hat Magnus aus East London etwas ganz besonders am Start. The Anal Sculpturist creates an exact copy of the asshole and that in Bronze!

In the following Video we see Rayna Terror, gemäss eigenen Angaben ein Vollzeit-Latex, Glamor and fetish model, welche sich zur Verfügung gestellt hat, to document the process of the formation of such a work and to take an imprint of her anus with hot wax, so it is a massive bronze can be made after. But it is something else… :)

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Alternative Model Has Her Anus Cast In Bronze (Starring Rayna Terror)

Socket insert for skull-fried


The designer Angus McArthur has these great „Funny Side Up Skull“ start, which makes each egg a great fried egg. Simply put bacon strips it and finished the privateers breakfast….

Start your day with a fried side of fun! Funny Side Up is a handy frame that shapes and molds two eggs into attractive egg art. Just place the mold in your frying pan, crack two eggs into the rings, and soon you’ll have a breakfast buddy to hang out with! It’s two eggs, funny side up.


„A Nightmare On Elm Street“ Morphing Tasse

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" Morphing Tasse

Do not fall asleep! And this can help ceramic cup, which when hot liquid is poured into the interior of the black cup, remind you of it quickly, why you should not fall asleep. Freddy Krueger has been almost 30 have a pop icon and you can a piece of film history years. This 11 Ounces morphing mug turns, when hot liquid is poured, because the heat activates a process and reveals the hidden image in vivid colors! To have for $18.99 At Cells movie

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" Morphing Tasse

russisches luftballon roulette

Less „wHAM, wHAM, bist du tot“, more „boing, pop, you're a little deaf“. This Russische Luftballon Roulette is a harmless version of the classic Russian Roulette, wobei kein Blut fliesst und die Entsorgung des Körpers wegfällt. Ideal as birthday- and includes Christmas and a „Weapon“, welche mit einem Ballon geladen werden kann und wird so zum idealen Partyspiel für jede Gelegenheit. Alternatively, prior to inflate the balloons and whipped cream or chocolate sauce are added, what all the little chaotic, but also more fun designed :)

Russian Air Balloon Buy Roulette!

slayer christmas holidays jumper

Friends, have a sacred time Slayer creates a vicious sweater, of it fits perfectly to the Christmas spirit and certainly leaves the best impression, while under the Christmas tree „Reign in Blood“ trällert. Have to this is in Slayer Merchandise Store for a mere € 59.99…

zombie pencil-holders

Wants!!! This great, handmade pencil holder shaped like a Zombie Head! This multi-functional desk organizer offers:

  • 6 Löcher im Kopf für Bleistifte, Pen and pen holder
  • Magnetisiert Augenhöhle hält Büroklammern
  • Abnehmbare Zunge dient als Ablage für Kleinteile und Visitenkarten
  • Schlitz in der Rückseite des Halses ist für Briefe und Papiere

Dieses herrlich untote Büroaccessoire gibt es zu haben für $34.95 At Neatoshop.

Zombie Plush Hat, Slippers and monkey

At Think Geek gibts wieder mal was schönes zum Thema Untote zu kaufen. Zum Beispiel kann für $14.99 dieser Zombie Plüsch Hut be acquired, der doch äusserst spassig an die kommende Zombie Apocalypse reminded by the zombie an already out sucks the brain:

Moreover gibts these magnificent Zombie Plüsch Slippers für $19.99, one at your the Zombies already nibbling on toes.

Last but not least and soooooo cute! Ready to steal your heart and then eat it. the Zombie Plüsch Affe gibts für $14.99. Braaains… and bananas… and braaaains!

Schadel bierglas

I must have this Skull Pint! Looks simply awesome! Das Bierchen aus diesem Schädel zu schlürfen wird bestimmt doppelt so gut munden. To have the part in gibts Think Geek für $9.99 pro Stück.

Hotwheels Wall Tracks

The perfect gift idea for Christmas, because now it means: Taking off with Hot Wheels® Wall Tracks! With all the toys in the children's room, it can be quite crowded already ground. Doch Hot Wheels sorgt künftig für uneingeschränkten Spielspass: Mit innovativen Posterstrips von 3M erklimmen die neuen Wall Tracks nun sogar die Wände. Die Klebestreifen lassen sich ganz ohne Rückstände zu hinterlassen entfernen, so that always wieder aufs Neue andere waghalsige Rennstrecken ausgetüftelt werden können und das Spielzimmer unbeschadet bleibt.

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Mattel's Hot Wheels fahren entlang der Wand: Wall Tracks
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