George Carlin: Religion is bullshit

We all know George Carlin. not? But of course, for example, from „Bill & Teds verrückte Reise durch die Zeit“ as well as „Bill & Ted’s verrückte Reise in die Zukunft“, „SCARY movie 3“ and if it is not now ringing, should one of the men, at least from Kevin Smith films come known, because since dogma was occupied by Kevin Carlin in varied roles and films.

But George Carlin was not „only“ Actor, but primarily a comedian, American author and taboo-breaker, In his comedy programs focused on language, Psychology, Policy und insbesondere um Religion. How right he was but also with the statement, political correctness is widespread, verlogene Strategie der Realitätsvermeidung ist. In the following clip he mentions also clear words, was er von Religion im allgemeinen und besonderen hält, also a word for Sunday:

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