Horny Siech

Recently I was asked by colleagues from the large Canton, what is actually the „s horny Siech“ is. In order to deliver the men clear information, I googled the following together:

Horny Siech, a term from the Swiss dialect.

Siech - „Type“ (coarse, usually in conjunction with „horny“ (express respect), „blööde“ (express contempt) or „huere“ (as a general curse, as e.g.. „Damn!“). Siech originally meant „Sick“, which is derived from the term infirmity.

Infirmity (Middle High German: siechtuom) refers to the state of chronic, to suffer debilitating disease processes leading. Etymologically, the word is related to disease.

In the past, (11. to 18. Jh.) Dhinsiacanda hat in mind Siachenhäussern (also houses Kotte, Gutleutehäuser) summarized, da man – sometimes rightly – contagion fears.