DBD: Empty - Garbage

DBD: Empty – Garbage

On Friday, the new, selbst­pro­du­zier­te Plat­te "Stran­ge Litt­le Birds" von Gar­ba­ge veröffentlicht, das mitt­ler­wei­le sechste Album der Band um Sän­ge­rin Shir­ley Man­son und ...
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DBD: Push it - Garbage

DBD: Push it – Garbage

Long time, no see... Grossartiges Video and so damn sexy! I was angry when I met you I think I'm angry still We can ...
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DBD: When I grow up - Garbage

DBD: When I grow up – Garbage

La la-la, la la la la la la... Cut my tongue out Ive been caught out Like a giant juggernaut Happy hours Golden showers ...
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