Friday the 13th: The Game: TRAILER, Start Date and Special by Tom Savini

Meanwhile, the row is available to „Friday, the thirteenth“ 37 Years and in these movies you were not spared from stupid protagonists, whose actions can not difficult to understand until. Plan Loser struggle for survival often leads to the inevitable, For us However expectable and cruel death. But you would in a dicey situation, about the meeting with a Machete wielding psychopath, actually different and react sensibly especially? Owner of a Xbox One, PC or a PS4 can from 26. More 2017 find it yourself, then celebrating namely „Friday the 13th: The Game“ its premiere. The realized via crowdfunding Game could now but after intensive work finally be completed.

Friday the 13th: The Game Release Date Announcement Trailer

around honing the design of occurring in serial killer has none other than Tom Savini (From Dusk Till Dawn). It was he that is also, Jason already in the original film of the year 1980 and the continuation „The Final Chapter“ helped his look. In the video game and the attached Preview-Video shows us the artist, Jason Voorhees looks after his stay in hell. Play this version of machete wielding psychopaths can, however, only by preorder or players, who have supported the project then the crowdfunding. All others will be at a „ordinary“ must be content form of the hockey mask carrier.

Tom Savini designed Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th: The Game" REVEALED!


This short film is like a video game, that was filmed with a drone and one up to a few cutscenes sees everything from above. Toll is also the whole pithy sayings, die Scarlett always discharges. I am delighted. The game this may not be so entertaining.

Made in collaboration with Mobile Strike, ‘One Woman Army’ is our biggest project to date. Combined with drone pilots, make-up artists, VFX and a rocking construction zone as the main location – we made this film for a measley $2,500. (Australian) And most of the coin went towards catering. Cause ya gotta feed your crew!!

ONE WOMAN ARMY (Drone action film)

6 Month old baby playing Street Fighter V

Youtuber Papapaint has recognized, that Street Fighter V is obviously playing not as hard and let simply times be 6 press the buttons month old baby. behold – the story of Birdie seems easy to be playable by. Each, who fails, should think seriously about, to hang the controller on the nail. Admittedly, this seems to work so easily even with this figure.

For everyone saying it’s a fake, Birdie has moves which come out when you RELEASE a button after holding it for a while, and the EX versions come out from holding and releasing the 3punch or 3kick buttons. I’m too busy to Waste time trying to fake my baby beating an easy story mode by mashing random buttons.

My 6-Month-Old Baby Beats Birdie's Story Mode in SFV

Lara Croft GO

The world-famous video game icon aristocratic descent explored a long-forgotten world, which of the Croft Mansion from the original trilogy is similar. On thrilling gameplay little contrast, has fortunately changed: You move around Lara Croft, on an interactive map, is filled with traps, Puzzles and enemies. The mostly ancient ruins waiting, that elicits the last secrets, so you then can a treasure to tear under the nails.

Lara Croft GO: Mirror Of Spirits - PlayStation and Steam Launch Trailer | PSX 2016
Lara Croft GO
Lara Croft GO
Developer: SQUARE ENIX Ltd
Price: 0,99 €+

The Lord Inquisitor – Prologue

Erasmus Brosda is art director at Crytek and has in his spare time over six years a „Warhammer 40k“-developed Short, simply that not only looks great, but get you going, also an exciting story. The film is great animated and perhaps one should nevertheless times a little deal with the books. In fact, this is but really just the prologue, namely to next year, How the side of the film Treason, an entire short film appear, which then tells the story to an end…

The Lord Inquisitor - Prologue [UHD]

star wars: Battlefront II – Teaser Trailer

At the weekend, this teaser as part of the supposed „star wars: Celebration“ be presented to the world public, but EA can not stop the leak… and so she let it remain. The hype surrounding the sequel to the multiplayer epic is reignited, No wonder, in the smartly-looking shots. Am looking forward to the first major TRAILER and gameplay footage…

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Teaser Trailer (2017)

Dan The Man: Jump ’n‘ Run Game in retro style for your phone

The Australian developer Halfbrick Studios have as already with games „Fruit Ninja“ or „Jetpack Joyride“ made a name. Now, the game company has brought out a new Game. „Dan The Man“ is an exciting platform game based on the hilarious web series from Studio JOHO. The player must find a way through 12 actiongeladene Level freiprügeln.

Dan The Man: Jump 'n' Run Game in retro style for your phone

So the story is not yet finished, wait for it intense battles against various enemies, thrilling boss fights and daily events. Exclusive rewards and hidden areas full of treasures ensure, that one should take a closer look around them, before proceeding with the next fight. The game „Dan The Man“ has a chic retro look. The player has to switch between different characters in a position. However, a choice of not only Dan or Josie, but also about Barry Steakfries. In addition, players can create additional characters themselves. These can be activated via in-app purchases and Weapons gear up. But even without any purchases with real money to get in the game with some Patience good progress.

Dan The Man - gameplay trailer

„Dan The Man“ comes with a gamepad support and runs on devices with Android 4.0.3 or higher. The Jump 'n‘ Run game free in Google Play Store Available. If you are looking to gamble on the androids just for new content, then this game is worth a try.

DBD: The little ones – Veislakt

Hell yeah! In the classic side-scrolling style of arcade game Automation runs and drives the band through the Video, fighting suits and collects silver coins. Towards the middle of the clip the whip Pixel-Mannen their lightsabers and seek the melee with Donald Trump, before the Millenium Falcon against Tie-Fighter and ultimately against an Godzilla-waste goes. Yeeeeah!

Veislakt - The little ones (Official)

The Controller

„The Controller“ from SoySauceSquad is quite animated cute and has to offer a few little gimmicks, although the idea is the mistake in a video game now advised not exactly new. The mother in the video game? And also still controllable? The Cubs have become video game dream. Until you realize, that mom only has one life…

Roles are reversed when a controlling mom is trapped in her son’s Video Game. Helpless, she now has to listen to him if she hopes to escape the unfamiliar game world.

The Controller


Paradigm is a surreal Point&Click-Adventure, the in the post-Apkokalypse following a nuclear-War plays, where you antretet as mutated potato head against a toupee wearing sloth in space needs. Here, one would much rather chill out and beats Tinker, to be played at some point in all the clubs of the galaxy. Here you live in an abandoned space station and the only friend is a Dating-Robot named John 3000. Sounds funny, or? The constantly screaming for WTF Game was on three years ago reingestellt Kickstarter. Now the thing is apparently finally ready…

Paradigm - Release trailer
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