Tenacious D writes an ode to Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

In the style of Westeros found the Tenacious D bandmate Kyle Gass and Co. of actor Jack Black under the name Valyrian Steel, also valyrischer Stahl, together to with an instrumental song that probably most famous Bastard of TV- and literary history, Jon Snow from „The Song of Ice and Fire“ a.k.a. „Game of Thrones“ to honor. The song originated from an event HBO, decided at the fans of the series about, who should sit on the Iron Throne in her opinion. As clear winner here went Jon Snow and the fan favorite and the Lady Bear Island Lyanna Mormont forth, which are now the Iron Throne must share. Musically Valyrian Steel alongside electric guitars throughout medieval flutes and use items from the „Game of Thrones“-Introsound. The ideal accompaniment so, Jon If ever climb the Iron Throne…

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Valyrian Steel (Tenacious D) - Ode to Snow - (Game of Thrones)

If George R. R. Martin „Finding Dory“ would have written

Youtube user MrStratman7 shows us in a clever cut, as „Finding Dory“ aussehen würde, would have started by „Game of Thrones“ written. Had halt gloomy, were more sex and definitely a lot more deaths. Here and there, in any event, neither to edit some blood and perfect is not as family-friendly version of a family film… :)

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What if George R. R. Martin Wrote "Finding Dory"?

How To Train Your Drogon

YouTube Nutzer Darth Blender has the Trailer to 2010 published animated film „Train Your Dragon“, excerpts from „Game of Thrones“ replaced, the original audio of the trailer, has been preserved. The result is an absolutely magnificent Mashup

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How to Train Your Drogon

Game of Thrones Staffel 6 Breakdown Reel

Impressive show reel Iloura, VFX and animation studio based in Melbourne, Sydney, to the special effects of the huge battle in „Game of Thrones“. Fantastic!

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Iloura 2016 Game of Thrones Season 6 breakdown reel

Jon Snow: King in the North

Wow, this Video produces goosebumps, at least for me… and that not, because Jon Snow is risen from the dead. By the way, Spoiler Alarm!

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(GoT) Jon Snow | King In The North

Game of Thrones: As a White Walker is made

Anthrax Singer Scott Ian was time to visit behind the scenes of „Game of Thrones“ and has come up and show us a closer look, as will gmeacht with makeup. Most of all I like the place so, when told the makeup artist, that „Game of Thrones“ is for people like him work off the more a Bucket List, because it makes so many things spassige. From beheadings and other bloody things, too much Gore, Old people's make-up and give the White Walker must work as well make real fun…

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Game of Thrones' White Walker Makeup Application (Scott Ian's Bloodworks - SPOILERS)

New, previously unknown character in Game of Thrones

This week had in the current „Game of Thro­nes“-jump sequence again a character to the sword, one has obtained especially dear in previous seasons. Already in the previous seasons already you could ask: if permanently dies anyone, who has contributed significantly to the action, who is since long selbige still shoulders? If yes, finally boring, if in the end only two main characters are there, because the ranks are thinning partially faster than my hair.

Therefore, it can not hurt, always again to scatter a few new spices in the soup and introduce a few new characters. Even if one feels well connected to those most, who were there from the beginning. At „Game of Thro­nes“ is partially organized it quite a fanfare, the latest character, however, we have not been able to make in the big media. Thus, we present the determined next crowd in „Game of Thro­nes“. Who was it again this Jon Snow? Boring it would be in no way.

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New Game of Thrones Promo Reveals Controversial Character

Iron Throne: How to build the ultimate toilet

Hollywood's Top Prop Make „AWE me“ to build the Iron Throne from „Game of Thrones“ as toilets and throne to present you as the probably most powerful WC!

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Game of Thrones - Iron Throne Toilet - SUPER FAN BUILDS

6. Squadron „Game of Thrones“ free and legally in Stream

Radio Television Suisse (RTS) has been the only TV stations worldwide „Game of Thrones“ his audience free in normal evening television and especially as Stream an. While the rights for German-speaking only as a package for Germany, Austria and Switzerland are to acquire, there are francophone rights individually. This makes it possible RTS with HBO to negotiate directly and so the sender can the series 24 broadcast hours after US broadcast in original sound with French subtitles. Thereafter, the respective episodes for 7 Days on the web players of RTS streamable online. Here for you 2. Episode of the cult series…

WC Frisch „Games of Thrones“ commercial

To you on today's new Game of Thrones“-match result, Here the commercial from WC Frisch in „Games of Thrones“-garment. Just, meaningful and effective…

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WC Frisch TV-Spot
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