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Futurama: The Science of Comedy

KaptainKristian tells us the following Video, as „Futurama“ could be funny, even though it was scientifically usually at least fairly accurately, since several people were studied among the authors and once even a private theorem has been established for a series, for which she even won a prize…

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Futurama - The Science of Comedy

Futurama 3D

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Futurama 3D (test shot)

I Love And Futurama, auch wenn ich mal wieder neuen Stoff bräuchte. Seen it all before x-fold. Und so eine 3D-Version wäre auch der Knaller, Unfortunately, the following is much too short. The part comes from Alexy Zakharov, of the means of 3ds Max, Nuke, Photoshop and After Effects has made and if you wanted to get a better look at the Planet Express spaceship, you are welcome.

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Futurama Planet Express ship

In its Bēhance-Galerie hat er dann noch einige schöne Aufnahmen gerendert, the look you should definitely check it and probably use it as wallpaper.

Day 16: Futurama: XMas Story – Advent Calendar from the Crypt

Christmas is the season of horror. By the time again philosophized at festivals Aunt Trudi with Uncle Hans about God and the world and from all eatables and mass Wi full booze is really nice bad again, one wishes, in a better place to be. So why not toughen ever, for the, what lies ahead in the holy days on a?

Heute gibts für euch eine Episode aus Futurama. Fry kauft für Leela einen Papagei als Weihnachtsgeschenk, succeeds but, to escape. Because of the impending sunset, Leela is making the search for Fry, to him from a Robot-Weihnachtsmann zu schützen. This makes always Christmas Hunt for people, the „not good“ were, However, he classifies each as a result of a programming error „not good“ a.

Real Futurama

well, the title is not quite right, nich is really real, BUT modeled very real, Or so… – as well as always, Great! :)

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