Low Key: When museum visitors can scratch a Lamborghini

Friends, you have to be strong now. At least the, to appreciate the beautiful cars Knowledge or the sound of scratching in lacquer keys not from can. The Norwegian Künster Dolk has his installation „Low Key“ asked a Lamborghini Gallardo available, the visitors to the museum Aros (dänisches Aarhus) may scratch cheerful. Stupid action or skilful stand against greed and self-expression?

What happened with this Lamborghini???

100 Ways to Get High

In total 8 Hours draws Ella 100 different things, Among (B)smokable things are with doing a Pringles Bong, a Lego whistle, a chocolate rabbit Bong, a joint-Bong, a sausage-bong or a pizza Bong, to name only a few. As you can bite equally enjoyable during the subsequent Fressflash… ;)

In honor of the High Holy Day, 4/20, we asked Ella to get high using 100 different pipes, bongs, other instruments, pieces of produce, and edibles. Filmed over eight hours, we watch her achieve higher and higher consciousness by drinking cannabis soda, smoking out of a gas mask, a shoe, a block of cheddar cheese, a baby bottle bong, and way more. It’s with gratitude, good vibes, and joy that we puff, Puff, and pass this Video onto you.

One Woman Shows Us 100 Ways to Get High

ABC of Death

Herrlich morbid spot and is so fast as the lives of the people shown in it. Very entertaining reacting Dorian & Daniel with a lot of creative death variants. More then I would not betray once… ;)

Volvo - ABC of Death

Dick Code: how to(n) best describes his cock

to send a penis photo in place of the next dating and then the Fear to have, that the image of your tail on Tumblr or elsewhere in Internet ends, you can now free, is stored or shared anonymously and without something from you, inform the impressive details about your best piece, without which one can make conclusions about you. With „Dick Code“ You can find the length, the Grosse, the curvature, the veins and the glans, as well as the hair and the spray assets, including the trajectory, Hold the consistency and duration, by choosing appropriate images. „Dick Code“ is the Dating Help manner, who would like to publish everything worth knowing about her tail – and remember friends, Size is not everything! ;)

Hell No: Finally sensible people in horror movies

Who likes horror movies, had already often times do on a very serious point swabs: The characters. If they were sometimes not so stupid, we would have no bearing Horror Movies. We have to admit, unfortunately, but that it is indeed, what fun. Since the fake goes-TRAILER to the imaginary film „Hell No“ Nicolosi and John Freiler however a completely different way and promises us intelligent people in a probably die boring horror film…

Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film

CGI in movies of the 90s

Every beginning is hard. So also the beginnings of computer-generated special effects in the cinema. Diane Bullock has times cinema-TRAILER made the 90 and knocked on their previous CGI qualities. The result is a beautiful SuperCut with some terrible examples. Funny to watch, all that, so in retrospect and the next least 20 likely to continue so years…

The Awkward Teen Years of CGI (Movie Trailer Mashup)
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