Rules for the new needle – Rules for the New Aristocracy

Rules for the New Aristocracy

Quite wonderful polemic of J. Michael Straczynski (Amazing Spiderman, Babylon 5, Twilight Zone), which I have allowed myself, free to translate into German:


It does not matter, how high food prices rise and it does not matter, if you can afford only fast food, we will always be able, To buy steaks. And we are investing heavily in fast-food stocks, to ensure, that we vigorously make money. All the same, how high the oil- rise and gas prices, we will always be able, us to afford these.

In addition to poor nutrition and poor health, be your children grow up without a healthy diet, which causes problems at all levels, from physical to academic difficulties. Our children grow strong and pure and healthy on.

It does not matter, how much does an education, or if you have to send your children to college or for making massive debt you can afford this, we will always be able, to send our children to university. And because much of our income from tax breaks and out-funded by the taxpayer bailouts comes, allow your control This is, to send our children to school. But you did not get the right money from us, for your child to send to school.

If your children want to start a business, will find this, we suck all the money out of the economy and there is simply no available funds, to finance your startup. We give our children just have a check and tell them: Go ahead and have fun with it.

Your children are born under a glass bell, be out of it practically never have the opportunity, to rise. Our children are born on a marble floor, it practically impossible to fall.

If you do accidentally false information on your tax return, you can offer your home, lose your possessions and the whole livelihood. We lie all the time about our Tax Information, without this ever questioned someone. We hoarding trillions of dollars in overseas accounts and never do what we can to ensure that your money is beyond our control, because we certainly need to, to rake in more of it quickly.

You live in a company town, we pay you, For us to work. At the same time we ensure, that we have all the shops in town, sell our products, Medical practices, in which one goes in the city, Restaurants, where to eat, we calculate as high, to ensure, that at the end of the week RECOURSE no money left, to it could be placed on the page and so come you get the idea, the company-town Leave or to come forward and so there is never any danger, that the Company City is criticized. You work for us. We own the city, where you live. We own you.

If one of you takes a one hundred dollar bill from the cash, he comes to jail. If we save billions in ordinary people and thus bring the economy to crash, what cost thousands of jobs, none of us will ever be prosecuted, since the new aristocracy is above such things. So we just so on. Enjoy the ride.

Your local police is ours. We have it made into soldiers, treats you as terrorists. If you speak against us, we make sure, that you bombarded with tear gas, beaten and handcuffed in the cages of „Free speech zone“ will shipped, designed, You forget that, that the whole country is actually a „Free speech zone“ Product. But now you are allowed only free speech, when and where we permit, that you can do this. We can pretty much say anything to you, do, what we want, without what is happening.

When you see through the background to our game and talk about it, we blame to lead you a class struggle, to distract them, that everyone realizes, that actually takes place, a class struggle and indeed remarked to you and to her that, is the War won over and we have.

And, you have the chance, to vote for politicians and senators and presidents. But only after we have decided, which candidate we fund, long before the first round of voting has begun. First and foremost, we finance those, we like and the, which give us, what we want and you can choose one of the pre-screened candidates, we give you. If we do not like, when we think, that they challenge us, finance, we have not and therefore your will never get the chance, to vote for this, Because you get no real coordination among the nine aristocracy.

We own the White House. We own the Congress. This result – we write the bills. They make the laws, we want, that they do this and make sure so, that they do not narrow us, only you, We never. We own the courts. We have lawyers. They are the club, with which we force you into submission.

There is no democratic or republican senators, or congressional leaders or presidents. These parties, there is no longer decades. There is only the party of the new nobility. The rest is Kabuki theater. Es ist Mexican Wrestling. It is the illusion of choice, the difference, democracy. This is not a democracy. It is a monarchy money. In this monarchy, we are the needle, the kings and what we say, is made.

If you throw away garbage illegally , will be punished her and possibly arrested. If we, hundreds of tons of toxic waste in oceans, submerge rivers and streams, no one is ever arrested by us. If we are once punished, we simply raise our prices, so since her again those, which actually for that, was wir taten, pay.

We are the new aristocracy, and we do not pay fines.
We are the new aristocracy and we are immune from prosecution.
We are the new aristocracy, and we find, your poverty and your impotence and your struggles disgusting. So we prefer to remain among us.

Understands: We do not want, that you will succeed. We do not want, that someone comes along, to cut the cake into smaller pieces. We want to own everything. If we really wanted more of you, believes your, we had the last 30 Spent years, divide every large company into smaller and smaller groups, the fewer people belong?

We are the new aristocracy, because we were born into it. We have our money the old-fashioned, get medieval type: Our parents gave us. We were born in an abundance, we have you and your family stolen in the last fifty years. You were always born in poverty and struggle. So you will never belong to us. You never have our advantages. And we like that so.

We like it, if you peeking through the bars of the cage, to see all the, what we have. We would like, that you think, you can even have this one day, because this illusion keeps you on our side. But you will never have these things. We have ensured. For that, what you see is just us, and we do not share.

The World, we have built carefully for you, is a gamble, where you have to clean knock the big pins with a baseball bat, to win a huge prize. However, the pins are weighted and positioned, that you never had this, never can purely knock. But you pay for it and knocks yes further, to herself exhausted and your wallet is empty. And we like it that way.

We do not want, that you have options, We do not want, that your training makes a, We do not want, that you have a voice to tell you what happens, We do not want, that your health since, We do not want, that you can do something, to be other than terrified and helpless, docile consumers, the Eating and What to Buy, what we tell you, to eat and to see and buy, while we keep all the good stuff for us.

You do not belong to our club.
Because we are the new aristocracy.
And since your the new farmers.
And we like that very, very, very so…

„The Big Gravy Train“ and „The Dance of the Vulture“

Some time ago on Arte ran the theme night „Banks, Banker, Bankster“ with two extremely interesting documentaries about the financial crisis and banksters succession. Now I stumbled by chance on Youtube about the former mission and must simply put in the tomb this, because it is once again time, something Knowledge to spray. Incidentally, I like the title of the second document very: The Dance of the Vulture, times that you have to visualize it! Here is two and a half hours full pack Real Life Economic Thriller! show two films together in one piece, how banks rape the world and stop the puppets the door for them to. Criminals in suits.

The Big Gravy Train
When Margaret Thatcher in Britain and Ronald Reagan in the United States took over the government, launched these two convinced supporter with the help of economic advisers of the most powerful banks deregulation campaign unparalleled: Piece by piece they destroyed everything, which after the Great Depression 1929 and the post-war period had been created, to give capitalism a social component. Their successors, whether conservative or "links”, performed this Policy Fort. Thus, ironically, was the last official act of Democrat Bill Clinton in the Oval Office in the signing of a law, which should completely disarm the state and finally allow financial, to develop to the, as they pleased.
The new age has led to a general debt and speculative capitalism, where the immediate payoff is enticing as an investment and not in the individual investors, but the whole world bears the risks. Between production- and financial sector opened up a deep ditch on.
Speculation had been in capitalism always given. But what used to be considered as an exception, was now the rule. The global financial economy went off the rails: The oligopoly of the big banks was to uncertainty, and the new business elite grew social inequality. But then tore the reality the financial giants from their dreams: Year 2007 the system imploded.
The filmmaker Jean-Michel Meurice and Fabrizio Calvi provide an insight into the interaction of the mechanisms, which have led the financial world in the current crisis.

The Dance of the Vulture
commercial banks, Hedge funds and insurance companies play with risks and confidence, with true and false values. Derivatives are more complex, Commissions soar, amounts of money and move faster around the world. Increases the risk of a financial bubble. Whether raw materials, Real estate loans or inscrutable become financial instruments - make the speculators in search of profit at nothing.
How could enforce this system, and why can the States it no longer control? The answer seems to lie close: The bankers have taken power. In the United States about the "octopus" named Goldman Sachs is ubiquitous and many manner and Women were in positions of power or are still working for this bank. Also in Europe, especially in Brussels, Write the omnipresent Banks states their laws before. And a change is not, despite the global financial crisis in sight.


will bank clerk or bank kaufmann

Since the banks have asked the investment bankers on the street and ask otherwise incumbent employees on the road, sucht man jetzt natürlich wieder Frischfleisch, the trainees cost less and finally also make the 08/15 Bank job almost as well. But since unfortunately the youth has a somewhat outdated image, versucht man nun dieses mittels einem peppigen Werbeclip loszuwerden und rappt was das Zeug hält: „Come on already closed but. And trust you ran. Entdecke das schöne als Bankkauffrau und Bankkaufmann. Heeeeey… Heeeey…“


The devil seeks financing for the holle

John Cleese als Teufel, der Finanzierung für die Hölle sucht. Snip from Open Culture:

John Cleese plays a cash-strapped Prince of Darkness in this classic sketch from The Frost Report, the show that launched Cleese as a television star in Britain. He was 26 years old at the time. The program was hosted by David Frost, who is perhaps best known for his 1977 interviews of Richard Nixon. There were four other future Monty Python comedians on the writing staff of The Frost Report–Graham Chapman, Terry Jones, Michael Palin and Eric Idle–but only Cleese was a cast member. The show was broadcast in 1966 and 1967, with each weekly episode centered around a particular theme, like love, leisure, class and authority. The “Souls in Torment Appeal” is from a March 24, 1966 program about sin.

John Cleese is the devil - An appeal for hell!

Documentation: Money as Debt

Since the financial system is about to zubrechen together, hier ein Film über die Entstehung von Geld. It shows on the money equally guilty, particular interest should be abolished and prohibited speculation with money. Snip von Youtube:

Eye-opening documentary for all not Knowledge how our monetary system works and why this money actually corresponds debt.

Wie entsteht überhaupt Geld? Do they know? Paul Grignons eindrucksvoller Film erklärt in anschaulicher Weise, why the world has so many debts – und was man dagegen tun könnte! Just as long as a school lesson, erklärt dieser Film mehr über unsere Welt, als uns in Jahren des Schulbank Drückens jemals gezeigt wurde.

Wenn auch Sie tagtäglich dem lieben Geld nachjagen, wird die verblüffende Erkenntnis der wahren Natur Ihrer Beute Sie mit Sicherheit interessieren! And if not, gibts natürlich das Geld zurück.

Money as Debt
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