Eat my Shit: Woman wearing anus in face

Eduardo Casanova has turned the following short film about a woman with the face anus, of:

Being physically different is always a cause for censorship, and that’s something that has always has outraged me, Because we do not choose how we are born

After this clip you can incidentally internetwork for now account, now you have really seen everything!

Eat my Shit

The Face Swap – Horror-Kurzfilm

The content of the film is not difficult to guess, But that does not, because the idea is nice. Wäre wohl als 10 Sekünder deutlich effektiver gewesen. Zumal die restlichen “Jump Scares” so gar nicht funktionieren

The Face Swap - Short Horror Film

Breasts-face swap

Hihihi, your breasts on my face, lol! Jessica Fraying is the first woman on a real Snapchat Faceswap succeeded with his chest her friend…

Boob Face Swap (original)

We are the World Face Swap

Holy shit, this technology is now well! the Boy Man here lipsyncht the 80 hardcore classics „We Are The World““ and runs by Faceswap the matching faces to at…

We are the World using Face Swap Live