Sausages PartyTool checks parties and warns surplus of men

Without the ladies comes on at a party depending hardly good mood. Is there nothing Abtörnenderes as a dance floor full of goats. For events with a surplus of men in the vernacular speaks of a sausage party and above just as a warning that same tool. On the link to the relevant facebook-Enter event and already we learn(n), whether more manner As Women have pledged. Brilliant.

Sausages PartyTool checks parties and warns surplus of men

If grandma prints the Internet

Grandma just wanted some new pictures of the grandchildren and the son forgets this simple but always. So even the grandma and it has unceremoniously just a few smartphone „Pictures“ Of facebook printed… :)

If grandma prints the Internet

Reza Aslan vs. CNN

Outstanding to see Reza Aslan invokes as the media for generalization and bigotry in the reporting of Muslims…

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What’s on your mind?

This short film shows us the true life of our facebook-Friends, because in Internet give the people most at its best and have much more fun, than they actually are at the end. Image care is called. Mir is, however, a little matter, because I also always say again, does that really every crooked when shit back. But even that one sometimes forgets. In the following film exactly this forgotten fact is still shown a bit exaggerated, but reminds us exactly why it even more, that the self-portraits of people in social media just yet need not always correspond to reality…

What's on your mind?
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