Album Review: Expenzer – Kill The Conductor

Who invented it? Exactly, the Swiss. At „Expenzer“ Thrash Metal announced the more contemporary varieties, the Swiss were not only of her compatriot VO. Produces powder, but also materially from its work at „GurD“ affected. But also various Swedish Acts, who have a penchant for Bay Area, appear on the turntables of the five musicians to run in heavy rotation, most notably „The Haunted“. Thus, the Swiss do not have the Thrash Metal (new)fictional, but make the good old hardness with little musical icing and to the irrepressible joy of playing „Expenzer“ an experience of international class. Clever and witty Metal from Switzerland in a fantastic artwork! „Expenzer“ have sold their souls to the thrash metal and that's good!

Expenzer - Kill The Conductor

From the ashes Pigskin's the remaining guys did in the spring 2014 to work and so crawled „Expenzer“ Licht years! The band shared already with genre greats such as Kreator, Father und Satyricon die Bretter, still always mean the world. The thrash quintet from the Swiss Siebnen consists of Renato Burkhard (Guitars), Pieric Grosjean (Guitars), Reto Bachmann (Drums), Gregor Luther (Bass) und Tom Kapeller (Vocals) and brings Bay Area in the Modern. But even friends of cultivated Death Metal will get their money, especially those, love playful it, because „Expenzer“ can some of their instruments and prove it, in which you install some progressive and deathige elements, without seeming cluttered.

Expenzer Band

With „Kill The Conductor“ thrash us eleven songs, the brain from the skull. Each song is well thought out and actually it is indeed at „Kill The Conductor“ um ein Thrash Metal-Album, but much is processed on. Mostly you will be served vulgar and gets a kick in the ass á la „Panther“ or „Machine Head, and then switch to the modernity and how loszudonnern „The Haunted“ in its heyday. The technique and the riffs of bands like „Testament“ or „Exodus“ will indeed repeatedly buyers in Europe and also „Expenzer“ operate there, without claws. Here and there may a bit „Slayer“ not missing and to the part is produced very fat. „Kill The Conductor“ was in Little Creek Studio in Gelterkinden of VO. Received powder, mixed and mastered. Das Label „Czar of Bullets“ throws it on the market and must be more than satisfied, because this mixture of Siebnen ballert really neat, does not sound like 08/15 and makes more than just fun.

Expenzer Logo

Musically goes with „Kill The Leader“ nothing wrong, on the contrary, it is announced demolition! For that, that the band only recently at the start, acting already at a very high technical playing and compositional Level. The riffs saw magnificent and the uptempo pop Parts emphatically. The title track is after the opener „Bitter End“ equal to a face-Tip, I would like to highlight here. With „Play for the Deaf“ comes a very varied track and therefore in my view probably one of the best songs of „Kill the Conductor“. In „Unicorn“ stings purely musical guitar with the horny Solis and the very tech robotic vocal effect out. Cool idea, to stand out from the crowd something, nevertheless upgradeable, I would think. To „Light Speed Heart Beat“ There are also Video, the should check it necessarily follow. With „Silence of the Amps“ there is a very melodic song, who has everything, what a wrecking ball needed: Groove, Speed, Melody and a really big, dem Song dienliche, Vocal Performance. A Song, the one immediately wants skipping back, to hear him all over again. As a bouncer is still the aforementioned „The Haunted“ with the cover song „Chasm“ gehuldigt.

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„Kill The Conductor“ is definitely a cool Thrash-Groove Metal disc, kept very straight, without much ado in the mid-tempo. This has sometimes resulted, that just the end of the plate a creative lull has arrived, who knows but with knotless songs and a continuous fire at Reef violence to compensate for the quintet again. Cool is also, is that „Expenzer“ not really subordinate to the classic Thrash, but each looking the song. The song defines the means and not vice versa. What you're looking for a little, is the hit potential, because despite the melodic moments can make no earwigs. Compositionally the eleven Thrash grenades are good, but some vibes are still expandable. As a debut, however, one must proudly pat on the shoulders, because the constant change between melody, Groove and polynuclear Thrash attacks are well and drill mightily in the ear canal. Thus secure nor some air upwards open, But the first idea „Kill The Conductor“ very good and it will be interesting, what does the future! Who „The Haunted“ like and the recent career of veterans welcomed not very, found in „Expenzer“ and „Kill The Conductor“ a reliable substitute drug!


  1. Bitter End
  2. Kill The Conductor
  3. A Dying T-Rex
  4. Play For The Deaf
  5. Amorphous Flowing Ice
  6. Pelvic Fin
  7. Erase It
  8. Unicorn
  9. Light Speed Heart Beat
  10. Silence Of The Amps
  11. Chasm
Album Review: Expenzer - Kill The Conductor
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