DBD: Holy Laundry – Excelsis

Friends, Here's a first song from the upcoming album „Tod u Vergäutig“, on which 28. August veröffentlicht wird. „Holy Laundry“ Inspired by Jeremias Gotthelf history „The Black Spider“…

Excelsis - Holy Laundry (Holy Water) 2015

DBD: Dr Tod vo eim – Excelsis

Friends, here a slightly different way Excelsis their Music presents! And yet it is completely and totally Excelsis! The song „Dr Tod vo eim“ is on the new album „Chrieger songs“ be heard, das übrigens schon bald fertig gemischt und gemastert ist! Zudem wird auf diesem Unplugged Silberling ein Special Guest und eines der Gründungsmitglieder von Excelsis zu hören sein: Daniela Herrmann (Münggu’s Schwester und Küsu’s Frau) hat alle Piano-Parts auf dem Album übernommen! And now have fun with really special Excelsis sound!

Excelsis - Dr Tod vo eim (Lyric Video)

Excelsis: „Chrieger songs“ Unplugged Album – TRAILER

Friends, Here the first TRAILER the coming Excelsis Unplugged Album „Chrieger songs“. Auf diesem wurden sämtliche Songs desVo u Chrieger Dragon“ Album completely rewritten and re-composed in an unplugged version and added. The songs come complete therefore Bern German and how always kommen natürlich auch viele spezielle Instrumente zum Einsatz. Der Trailer macht neugierig und lässt einiges erwarten

Excelsis - "Chrieger songs" Trailer Unplugged Album 2014

Album Review: Excelsis – Vo u Chrieger Dragon

Metal-Fans probably know some of these legendary bands from the Switzerland, as „Crocus“, „Celtic Frost“ and „Coroner“, perhaps younger fans also „ELUVEITIE“, einer there Leader who aktuellen Folk Metal Bands. But why knows because „Excelsis“ from the Swiss Kriegstettenstrasse not sow? That can not be true! Since 1996 make the self-proclaimed Dragonslayers already the mountains insecure and if you do not know this band, is really a bit through the cloth! „Excelsis“ have now the seventh album this summer „Vo u Chrieger Dragon“ submitted, that in terms of folk metal can easily compete in the upper regions. Excelsis are somewhat stubborn and trademarks are metal with instruments like bagpipes, „Bäsechlopfe“ or recorder and texts, that are written partly in dialect. At „Vo u Chrieger Dragon“ this is limited though only parts of songs and about half of the song title – nevertheless Excelsis are probably the next Eluveitie keltischste under the Swiss metal bands. The boys reach a level, I have not heard since Manowar. The sound of the current disc is characterized by a contrast of dense metal and the overlying light special instruments and tells stories in the form of chants. So who is on powerful folk / pagan metal with Pfupf, is in the right Helvetic address.

Excelsis - Vo u Chrieger Dragon

the „Vo u Chrieger Dragon“ Album was recorded and mixed in the Iguana Studios by Christoph Brandes and the cover is beautifully managed, also the entire interior of the booklet. General makes the album feel a lovingly staged work a completely unique band. „Vo u Chrieger Dragon“ fits into the concept of the band of medieval folk myths. It's about warriors and dragons, to the founding legend of the town of Burgdorf in Canton Bern, where the brothers Sintram and Bertram, Herzoge zu im Kanton Aargau Lenzburg, Dragon won the battle, and thanks to the Saint Margaret donated a chapel. This legend tell us the Helvetic bards in their very own way, by itself a rough, operate and uncut version of the folk unkitschigen Metals. The introduction of spoken German in Bern agree perfectly in this local history, the lyrics of the songs even switch between English and Bern Dütsch, with the latter often characterizes the anthemic choruses. the „Prologue (of Sintram and Bertram)“ is not quite easy to understand by the Swiss German, but when „Brothers of War“ going on in the mid-tempo really, is all in the dry, plus matching flute sounds and the anthemic carrying in the piece leaves you wanting more. the „Druids“ are a heroic epic, which is supported with folk instruments and thereby also knows how to please, just in the scene, the border between kitsch and geniality is closely plugged, But „Excelsis“ make the masterly. The basic orientation of the pieces is usually worn and epic, The band takes its time to tell their story. Instrumental once more we encounter the full range of folk instruments such as Talerschwingen, Bagpipes, Harmonica, Jew's harp and flutes, but which are perfectly integrated into the metallic robe and press the tape so no distance into a schunkelige corner of the medieval market.

Excelsis - Uechtland (Official Video 2013)

The squeezebox, also called accordion, offers the lively game at „Heathen Princess“ stand up right at the beginning, then it will be a little quieter, before it goes off again spitzenmässig in carrying Tempo. „The Fear“ is a small intermediate players, then comes „Uechtland“ in typical „Excelsis“ Manner and therefore widespread mood Top. „Chrieger“ is an oppressive, heroic sounding number, the approach comes close to Manowar. Trailing the song circulated there and so radiates its own charm. With nearly nine minutes playing time the song is also the longest on the disc. Is in mood „Chrieger“ hard to beat. This is followed with „Dragonhole“ again as a strong, bearing number, „The Chapel“ has a few more upbeat passages and „The Fall of the One“ once again offers a full broadside including folk harmonica. In uptempo adheres „The Avenger“ really outstanding, order with „Wissi Barge“ the double bass left rotate. With the strong „Epilogue“ ends this cracking album, and folk metal can sound really cool, have „Excelsis“ hereby proved and from the tip should now follow the breakthrough. „Excelsis“ body and soul are a metal band, the me in their narrative style and the associated degree of hardness and brutality and by Münggus unpolished vocals quite „Grave Digger“ recalls, but presents melodic and instrumental noticeably folky. The number- and richly varied backing vocals ensure, that not only governs the grater, but the whole range is operated, from the tentative, articulate growling about clean vocals to powerful choirs. Thereby, the idiosyncratic troop with brilliant solos and razor sharp, driving riffs come up, the always for voice Balance find between metallic hardness and homely Storytelling.


„Excelsis“ resembles those bands like „ELUVEITIE“, „Nerthus“, „Mithotyn“ or „Finntroll“. The sound of the current disc is characterized by a contrast of dense metal and the overlying light special instruments and the dialect please leave a repeatedly pointed ears and enrich the sound already only, because it is simply not used. Munggu (Vocals, guitars, Bagpipes, Mouthharp and Whistles), Adu (Keyboards, back. Vocals, Flutes and Whistles), Mak (bass, Harmonica), swings (guitars, back. Vocals, Brooms knocking) and Küsu (drums, Talerschwingen) Knowledge by year and now seven albums just exactly, how to grab people. Although the sound is uncompromising hard, but also provides harmonies and this combination has. They have created an identity, the other metal bands they envy. Visually, the Bernese have dressed for current Album in cowls, underlining the druidic in their Music More. Total is „Vo u Chrieger Dragon“ an experience. It is recommended, „Excelsis“ not to leave just like that running in the background, but to engage it properly. The band belongs in the same league as the very biggest of Folk Metal, particularly, but not limited to, because they have indulged in the genre as it was officially not yet invented. „Vo u Chrieger Dragon“ is a great album, which should interest every, of even begin to do something with folk metal. „Excelsis“ have with the concoction „Vo u Chrieger Dragon“ created something, or which in any collection. Party of fans of the genre should not be missing. As beautiful as here from „Drachätötä“ is sung and we remember the history lessons, where it came to brave Swiss, their country with pitchfork, Halberd and Swiss German armed defended. Here also lies the crux with a bit Excelsis: Vocals-moderate the Swiss are sensitive weaker, when they express themselves in English. Why resort to this language, much if anything to Swiss German, sounds much better and independent? Perfectly this is also the wonderfully melancholy finale in dark epilogue of Emmentaler Dragonslayer: „Tell my heart, what do you know more?“

Excelsis - Song 4 - Heathen Princess - 2013


  1. Prologue (of Sintram and Bertram)
  2. Brothers of War
  3. Druids
  4. Heathen Princess
  5. The Fear
  6. Uechtland
  7. Chrieger
  8. Dragonhole
  9. The Avenger
  10. The Fall of the One
  11. The Chapel
  12. Wissi Barge
  13. Epilogue
Album Review: Excelsis - Vo u Chrieger Dragon
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Concert Review: ELUVEITIE – I, the Helvetii

ELUVEITIE (shall „El-veiti“ pronounced) belongs to this strain Swiss bands, the quietly successful their rounds around the globe will rotate in this country and was hardly noticed. Rightfully interest takes now also finally in the home country forms and Eluveitie dissolves from tip-status. I had this year now already the second time the pleasure, to see the eighth team and their self-proclaimed „New Wave Of Folk Metal“ to celebrate. Eluveitie clearly belongs to the fast growing Pagan Metal scene, But bring something „breath of fresh air“ inside.

When I Ehrlich thousand, I had shaken a few months ago with the head, if someone had asked me, if I to Eluveitie Concert wishes to continue. But „Everything stays, as it was never“. Eluveitie is a Swiss pagan metal band from Winterthur, whose members originate from all over the country. The band combines in its Music Celtic folklore with Death- oder Black Metal. The lyrics of the band based on the story, partly written the daily life and the spirituality of the Celtic tribe of the Helvetii and are in a reconstructed form of the Helvetic Gaulish. Thus, even the name of the band from that language and means something like: „I, the Helvetii“.

ELUVEITIE - Primordial Breath @ Z7 Pratteln (04.03.2011) Live

But first things first, first step Pertness on as the opening act, which since 1992 and rock with straight, melodic bring Heavy Metal the last glacier in the Bernese Oberland to melt. The band is distinguished not only by mitsingbare vocal lines, their exact riffs, but also by imposing guitar themes and a cemented Rhytmusarbeit and fortune live absolutely convincing. Excelsis are already always gone their own way. Since 1997 they play their Metal, they so rock with unusual instruments like Alphorn, Bäsechlopfe or Dachchänneli to „Helvetic Folk Power Metal“ enrich. The Bernese metallers on fell with fat riffs, great variety of patterns and an atmospheric mood, but honestly, not my thing.

ELUVEITIE - Quoth The Raven @ Z7 Pratteln (04.03.2011) Live

Against 21.30 PM entered the eight members of the stage Eluveitie. Significantly kidnapped the opener „Otherworld“ the audience directly in a separate, other world, the world of myths and mysteries, full of pathos and archaic melodies, before it with „Nil“ really starts. And, Eluveitie not disappoint their fans, because they do, what is expected of them: Rock, groove, dance, Jump, sound, dream, release. The audience was with the music and lyrics as well tried the Celtic sing it went. Not always easy…but with a smile on his face and the melody in the heart, it sounded good to me at least the middle of the crowd.

Eluveitie showed a brilliant show and what you made of it as a spectator, remained any myself leave. Anyway, I can recommend Eluveitie live all, also such, which might not necessarily fans of the band are, However, the music can listen, Even with this band, you get a solid offer, the one usually served only by a few bands. Although everything changes, remains somehow everything as it was: Eluveitie are clearly at the forefront of the brand of melodic death metal with Celtic melodies, because there is simply nothing better, more professional and are more creative. That this may be too commercial for many, is purely and simply because, that the music is great and appeals to many people. „Everything stays, as it was never“ – this band has something huge in front of him and…

ELUVEITIE - 21.01.11 - Inis Mona - Bierhübeli, Bern

The setlist:

  1. Otherworld
  2. Nil
  3. Bloodstained Ground
  4. Gray Sublime Archon
  5. Your Gaulish War
  6. Thousandfold
  7. Inis Mona
  8. Song Slanias
  9. Brictom
  10. Omnos
  11. Quoth the raven
  12. The Song of Life
  13. Kingdom Come Undone
  14. (Do)Minion
  15. AnDro
  16. Encore:

  17. Primordial Breath
  18. Uis Elveti
  19. Tegernakô
Concert Review: ELUVEITIE - I, the Helvetii
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