Islands EM-Off: A bad and good news

It has always two sides to everything. Die Isländer sind zwar raus, but get the coach Heimir Hallgrímsson, which actually is a dentist, back again… :)

AT 2016: Spine-tingling atmosphere in Reykjavik, One last time „Huh!“

The Icelanders gathered at the Games of the Icelandic national team in the central square „Ingólfstorg“ in the capital Reykjavik. This also the quarterfinal match against France. When it was after the final whistle, that the brilliant journey of Icelanders was completed at the EC, put the Vikings together at their last battle cry an. Incidentally shows Video the square shortly after 23 Clock, in summer the sun shines a little longer in Iceland… Been blessed! - Goodbye Iceland, it was nice with you.

AT 2016: Thank Islands sons!

Nochmal danke Islands-Söhne, der erste Wikinger-Überfall aus Island, the success of the quarterfinals, made prey, How much, a lot of sympathy and great respect. It goes home and it is celebrated days, new children gezeugt und neue Pläne geschmiedet, Boy manner reach adulthood. Der neue Überfall wird geplant und dann werden die Schiffe beladen, With Eating und Trinken und mit Kampfes lustigen Nordmännern! Huh! Huh! Huh! Die Wikinger kommen wieder und noch viel erfahrener und stärker:)

Thank Islands sons!
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AT 2016: Huh! Huh! Huh! – Islands Viking jubilation as ringtone

A fan chant like thunder - reminiscent in its intimidating effect a bit to the Haka of New Zealand rugby teams. In order to cheer their team, intone Icelanders a loud Hu, followed by a rhythmic clapping. In always faster sequence swells the battle cry of northern Europeans to a deafening roar on. The ritual does not work in this case, but back to the Vikings. The fearsome form, to cheer their team, the supporters have copied in local club football:

Who wants duly cheer with the favorite of this year's European Football Championship today, can download the Viking battle cry of Icelanders here. Have fun with the Iceland-so! Go Iceland!

Iceland Fans: sushi
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AT 2016: Iceland in the second round - A television commentator Goes!

Freude ist was Schönes. Die isländische Nationalmannschaft hat das Wunder vollbracht und ist ins Achtelfinale der EM 2016 moved in. Wir hoffen inständig, dass auch dieser isländische Fussball-Kommentator das Spiel noch erleben kann:)

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Tak wygląda szalony komentator Gudmundur Benediktsson (Gummi Ben) Islandia - Austria 2:1 Euro 2016
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