A sea urchin named Eluveitie and a worm called Lemmy Kilmister

The on Wednesday opened in Bern Natural History Museum exhibition „Rock Fossils – And, it's love!“ airs a secret affair paleontology: The passion for hard rock Music. no, at the exhibition not the fossilized remains of departed rock sizes are issued, but fossils, all of which are the names of important rock- wear and metal bands. Last Wednesday, a previously unknown sea urchin species was the name „Paracidaris ELUVEITIE“ baptized and with an acoustic-Concert honored the Swiss folk metallers.

Rock Fossils - And, it's love!

As a child visiting the Natural History Museum usually accompanied by classmates and teacher, then one usually makes a long break until later, if you yourself children has, is again presenting itself at the Museum. Between, in the period between being a child and a parent, is a museum rather rare. How to attract non-children and non-parents to the Natural History Museum? In which one appeals to this target group in a slightly different way, as a museum would otherwise do. There are scientists, the new, provide previously unknown species name, which are related to the location or shape. And there are scientists, dedicated a new way their favorite rock star. Apparently, there are just a lot in paleontology scientists, who not only love fossils, but indulge with the same passion of rock music - the hard rock music. The special „Rock Fossils – And, it is Love“ presents 36 Dinosaurs and other fossils, which bear the names of bands or singers from the rock scene. Thus, AC / DC, Lemmy of Motörhead, Ramones, Beatles, Taken Rolling Stones and the Sex Pistols their place in the history of the earth.

Paracidaris Eluveitie

The exhibition was first at the geological museum faxes in, shown Denmark. They caused an international stir, especially in the Metal-Scene. The Natural History Museum of Bern (NMBE) has the honor, the first building to present the exhibition outside Scandinavia. Meanwhile, the exhibition has received prominent new: The recently discovered fossil ancestor of hippos, It was named after Mick Jagger is at full lips, will be on display for the first time with a reconstruction and skeletal remains. A substantial expansion experienced the exhibition but by the Natural History Museum of Bern itself: The paleontologists of NMBE devote a previously unknown sea urchin type of band Eluveitie. At „Paracidaris Eluveitie“ is it a 160 Million years old, recently in the Swiss Jura (Auenstein, AG) discovered echinoderms, reminiscent of the ornamentation of its housing to the ornament Celtic items. When the band name Eluveitie it is indeed known to the Etruscan form of the Celtic word Helvetios (the Helvetii).

Rock Fossils

The exhibition was stylish ushered in the skeleton hall of the museum with an acoustic concert by Eluveitie, which on this occasion their „own“ Have received Fossilart, which was given to them in the form of a model of the fossil. The combination of museum and Metal concert has extremely irritated me in advance. But that works with acoustic gig? Does pagan metal without metal? no, does not it! Too bad you had a really great live band that night when fail to see. Eluveitie were unfortunately too little brave the experiment. Only the electric guitar to replace Acoustik-guitars was definitely too little creative. Went the whole dynamic of their songs Lost, what remained was the sound images always sounded the same. Nix with wild hair shaking and heavy guitars! For the museum gig the eight-member troupe Winterthur has an acoustic set rehearsed and presented sitting in a semicircle. the song „The Call Of The Mountains“ has singer and Drehleiher-player Anna Murphy sung in German Bern, which has been specially rehearsed for the evening and things even more out crack. Sometimes songs work only, if they are carried by contrasts like Eluveitie – Unfortunately these contrasts have been missing.

NMBE presented: Paleontologist Bernhard Hostettler & the Eluveitie urchins

In addition 160 Million year old sea urchin, will henceforth bear the name of the successful folk metallers, provides the museum with the original „Metal Heart“, the same name as a cover on Accepts 1985 he has been immortalized album, still a very special exhibit for Metal fans. The Exhibition „Rock Fossils – And, it's love!“ lasts until 31. More. The social program includes concerts, Lectures and unconventional tours. The latter run under the name „Stage Dive“ and offer visitors to the possibility, immerse yourself not only in the scientific aspect of the topic, to hear but also appropriate music and to the bar. In addition to the concerts is on Saturday and Sunday a record store of rathouse Records be open in the Exhibition.

Eluveitie concert in Bern Natural History Museum
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DBD: The Silver Sister – ELUVEITIE

Here the new album „Origins“ Lyric-Video „The Silver Sister“, one of the darkest and most complex songs on the album. He deals with the lyrical subject and the diverse links in Celtic mythology….


DBD: The Call Of The Mountains – ELUVEITIE

Today is the release of the new ELUVEITIE Albums „Origins“ and recently, the Video to „The Call Of The Mountains“ released. A song about the long-sought goal at the end of the epic journey of the Celts, which evolved into the Helvetii – a song about our mystical, majestic and incomparable Alps. The video was in a matching, beautiful (and sometimes dizzying) Setting gedreht. The song will be released not only in English and / or Gallo, but also in all four official languages ​​of the Switzerland! In addition to the English album version, there are the track and in Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansh course. The multilingual track video we had here in the crypt.

ELUVEITIE - The Call Of The Mountains (Official Music Video)

DBD: The Call Of The Mountains – ELUVEITIE

Here is a new song from the upcoming ELUVEITIE Album „Origins“. And finally a song about our beautiful mountains. But the realization of an idea with which the band has played around for years: A song to be published not only in English and / or Gallo, but also in all the languages ​​of the four beautiful Switzerland! A song about the long-sought goal at the end of the epic journey of the Celts, which evolved into the Helvetii – a song about our mystical and incomparable Alps. In addition to the English album version, there are the track and in Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansh course specifically on Nuclear Blast's mailorder edition and on iTunes. available here For starters multilingual Track-Video for you:



Here the Lyrics Video the brand new song from ELUVEITIE, the on the upcoming album „Origins!“, on which 1. August will be released, finding is…


Grave Digger am Boom Openair

On Saturday, the 31. August, made the Open Air Boom its name, because there were Metal Of ELUVEITIE and Grave Digger. the Tree Openair ist ein sehr junges Festival im Oberbaselbiet, genauer Diegten, which is probably due to its freshness in the events market the spoiled Swiss audience simply too little known, the Advertising alone is not attracted the necessary attention and were simply announced this weekend to many other events. So sucked diese zwei grossen Names alleine nicht viele allzu Metalheads an, because, unfortunately, were estimated this evening might 150 to 200 People present, um die zwei grossartigen Bands abzufeiern. But this was for the audience no reason to mope and the concerts were all top notch!

Grave Digger

I personally was this familiar framework more than just pretty, I, the large Concert-Open-air anyway sooo not like it, for the organizers, the sparse audience but rather be a disaster have been. damage, because the boom Open Air was really well organized, the visitors lacked neither food and drink, nor to the sanitary facilities and where others Festivals with expensive cashless systems this year so had their problems, showed the little open air the big operators, that can be used with a simple card trick, one which for 50 Franken could buy, to pay the rest of the evening without cash. The location was absolutely brilliant and the staff extremely helpful and friendly. Since it is very unfortunate, that the organizers were not blessed with more viewers, because to be based on the existing visitor two days have hardly paid and the implementation of a further boom Open Air is thus probably more than just in the stars…

Tree Openair

The evening opened to 19:30 Clock first in Switzerland, The Frankfurt Quietschboys, which sealed her skirt and played to the point with Hessian dialect texts to international hits such as „Nothing Else Matters“ Of METALLICA (I'll be fat), „Angie“ The Rolling Stones (Hähnche), „Have a nice day“ Bon Jovi (I sauf schee me) or „Thunderstruck“ by AC / DC (Günther Strack) the audience einheizte properly. The guys did their job quite well, although I personally such cover versions and Comedy- oder Fun-Metal à la J.B.O. less satisfied. The light rain started, who stopped again fortunately after a short time, then let us change under the tent and indulge culinary offering. a ca. 21:30 Clock then put the Swiss metal band Celtic ELUVEITIE Go and able as usual to draw the same from the beginning the audience under her spell. Since most of the existing visitors were there for exactly this band, This concert was an absolute home game and the band was clearly motivated. A clean Concert, wherein the spark immediately jumped on the audience and for the next almost 2 Hours really brought the fire to blaze. as always offered ELUVEITIE an absolutely brilliant show!

Grave Digger

a ca. 23:30 PM it was eerily bleak walked on stage as the Reaper stage. With a bagpipe intro voted us the Grim Reaper on the appearance of a Grave Digger. The masked keyboardist Hans-Peter Cat Castle walked here slowly across the stage and prepared the audience with the intro to the title track of their latest album „Clash of the Gods“ before. What came next, really was more than impressive, if one keeps in mind, that Gravedigger for over 30 Years are active and all the dominions no 20 are more. From the outset, the gravedigger rolled over with frontman Chris Boltendahl the remaining audience, Unfortunately, some were already gone back after the performance of Eluveitie. Gravedigger knüppelte with crystal clear sound and a lot of pressure by their numerous classics. On the highly precise rhythm backbone of bassist Jens Becker and Stefan Arnold guitarist Axel Ritt could romp virtuoso. It was amazing, as squeaky clean Axel was able to play the most demanding passages and thereby kept quiet for a minute, but feared and raged like a dervish. Not to mention Chris Boltendahl, whose raspy voice sounded fresher than ever and looked in top shape physically. It was an all around great show with great entertainment. The gentlemen have played songs across their albums, and finally there were three encores. What the fans got to see this evening, was phenomenal. Frontman and founding member Chris Boltendahl and his men have the stage par excellence rocked and it would be to treat the artists and the organizers, if the audience would have been more plentiful…

Grave Digger - Intro + Clash of the Gods, Masters of Rock 2013
Grave Digger am Boom Openair
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Is that still punk rock? I do not think! – Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

„Is that still punk rock, If your favorite song is on the charts?“, Ask The doctors in one of her latest songs and the answer is the same supplied with one: „I do not think!“ I am also of this opinion, But Die Toten Hosen been able yet to convince. Quite possible, that The doctors had in mind when densities of these lines to the fans of the band from Dusseldorf. And the question is entitled! As successful as the band from Dusseldorf is currently in German-speaking only the hit-count of Unholy. Punk leaned immemorial times against the social consensus on, but this German beer rock bliss, which celebrate the Pants on the straps, is rather a kind of antithesis to punk. I have the pants in the years 1996 and 2002 enjoyed on the straps and maybe it's because, that the pants and I have grown old, as Campino sings again? „I am not yet sixty, and I'm not close.“ Well, because of close and, at Campino it takes another nine years… with me luckily a lot more :)

Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

„No Future – that was yesterday, A lot has happened since the“, to quote again the input mentioned song and „which has as the coolness factor of a garden tractor“ fits like ass back on bucket. But we are only the second day of the 30. Gurtenfestival, that with more than 20’000 Visitors was sold out. Again, a small parallel to the Toten Hosen, which last year you 30 year consist celebrations could. Back to Festival, the day opened Hoffmaestro from Sweden with a full load of ska. Tamed Indiepop presented on the tent stage the countrymen of Friska Viljor and similarly changeable as the concert program was the weather, which did not, whether it should choose between sweltering desert heat and light rain.

Die Toten Hosen - Here comes Alex ( Gurtenfestival 2013 )

Those who wanted to escape the impending rain, twisted under the tent of the tent stage, where the Swiss Celtic Metal-Band ELUVEITIE significantly positively by the previous acts on the straps abhebte with their sound. Celtic sounds, Bagpipes and urhelvetische iconography attracted diehard metalheads, but the average visitor seemed to confuse rather. The latter therefore sat down but rather to the brave Lunik on the forest stage from. Sophie Hunger strikes meanwhile bravely on the main stage and is clearly motivated. A clean Concert, but the spark just will not really skip to the audience. Partly audience sway to the big band rhythms with, But hunger can not move more with greatest effort, because all waiting for Die Toten Hosen.

Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

then, Finally, punctual as hip to 21:45 Clock, hoist the pants the flag on the main stage. Frontman Campino leaves nothing burning and provides equal you start a big show from. Already the second song he can from his „Security“ contribute to the fans. The hungry crowd bawls inspired hits like „Ballast of the Republic“, „Bonnie & Clyde“ and „Everything from Love“ With. There is a relaxed atmosphere and the lead singer Campino tells us of a world, which are mainly Soccer, Barley juice, Party and passive sport seems to be turning. Campino, which lately quite like as a composer something even more striking Zusammengehörigkeits anthems („On days like these“, „Arise, if you On the bottom are“) excels, is a born entertainer.

Paradise - Pasci & Die Toten Hosen, Gurtenfestival 2013 HQ

The singer noted, that he has in years 1996 and 2002 was on the straps and he can not remember well by its own account. He also remembered the April 2012 occasion the band on „Magical-Mystery-Tour“ pants a private concert on a Bernese attic, belongs to a private apartment, played and according Campino one of the best parties celebrated ever. I even remembered, As „The Golden Lemon“ gave a concert in the riding hall and Campino, Kuddel and Wölli were as friends on tour. That evening it was possible, to tip a few beers with the boys, to talk and to provide some nonsense. Schön wars, but it's been forever, hardly true and therefore back to the concert. „Paradise“ broke the band suddenly, because a (Ambush) in the audience held up a banner with „Campino, I can better“. Campino asked Pasci from Aargau with the words „Here the stage is the loser“ on the boards mean the world and the Aargauer's doing not bad and used the once big stage, to play to the gallery and the 15 Enjoying Minutes of Fame.

Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

Next we went and latest at „All for Love“ the people were to jumping in the arms and Pyros are fired, which offset the fierce Broncos in a frenzy. Soon it was no longer clear, what welding, what were spilled beer and what tears of joy. The big headliner on Friday night brought the text safe Bern to the brink of the circulatory collapse and offered a huge and energetic concert. But somehow it was many years ago on the Mount Gurten better and that made not only partially finely dressed out over 20’000 People from. no, somehow the straps charm has given the absolute commercial, Friendships to see and be seen, and anyway somehow all look the same and even this evening. They are clean, healthy, gutriechend, without hair, efficient and unobtrusive. How boring and kinda disgusting. Where are all the Freaks remained? Where are the goths and punks? All the „Spinner“ you can count on one hand. Nothing more going, everywhere neat people, all look, as if they are middle 30. Even if they 20 are, see it like this. If they Crazy are, carry beards and hats and trousers Shirt.

Is that still punk rock? I do not think! - Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

but what the heck, also a parallel to the tape – and yet somehow makes it so fun. Nearly two hours rocked the band and the humor regular highlight of this year's anniversary edition proved once again as an ideal candidate for a festival in these latitudes. The usual enthusiasm and interaction with the audience was missing just as the crowd surfing trip to the mixing tower campinos – including Bengali torch on the roof – and back. The belt is located in the Toten Hosen concert in Sing-along-to-noise, „Here comes Alex“, „Make a wish“, the doctors-Cover „Cry for love“, „Days like these“ and as the first addition „eisgekühlten Bommer Lunder“. The rest give the weary rebels the belts with the counting rhyme „ten small“ and adoption of official anthem „Goodbye“. A lot of spectacle, but what the dead has to offer with punk pants no longer care much, is probably more likely to become Schunkel Punk. Ja Macht nix, Heino covert meanwhile tion of song „The doctors“, will fit it all, otherwise it is suitable „made“… Are you still punk rock?

Campino ignites Pyro, Die Toten Hosen, Gurtenfestival 2013 HQ

Setlist der Toten Hosen am Gurtenfestival:

  1. Ballast of the Republic
  2. Old fever
  3. away game
  4. This is the moment
  5. All that was
  6. Today here, Tomorrow there
    (Hannes Wader Cover)
  7. Bonnie & Clyde
  8. Paradise
    (Is it better Pasci?)
  9. Never an opinion
  10. All for Love
  11. Pushed Again
  12. Cry for love
    (The doctors Cover)
  13. Lovesong
  14. Arise, when you're down
  15. Here comes Alex
  16. Make a wish
  17. Days like these
  18. Yet:

  19. Eisgekühlter Bommer Lunder
  20. Everything will pass
  21. far far away
    (Slade Cover)
  22. ten small
  23. Best regards, Good-bye
  24. Yet 2:

  25. Outside the door
  26. Sunday Word
    (Campino Croudsurfing)
  27. to the bitter end
    (Campino surfing back)
  28. You’ll Never Walk Alone
    (Gerry & The Pacemakers Cover)
Is that still punk rock? I do not think! - Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival
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Concert Review: Sonisphere Festival 2012 in Yverdon-les-Bains mit Metallica, Motorhead and Slayer

The first issue sank into the mud Jonschwil, the second Basel organizers broke Free and Virgin the neck. The Sonisphere Festival has been available under a bad sign. Last Wednesday, the third attempt succeeded in new surroundings and with new operator. 32’000 Metalheads - more than expected - flocked to the Parc Rives Du Lac in Yverdon-Les-Bains on Lake Neuchâtel with headliners Motorhead, Slayer and METALLICA. The restart was successful, is far from perfect. The sound was, if he come – At Mastodon did not run as the PA half the time and fell always again – but surprisingly well. The Golden Circle was designed to be big and we had once again, Jonschwil sends his regards, Uber 30 pending minutes for drinks. Nevertheless, my impression was that this was the best so far Sonisphere Festival, the sunny weather and the stunning location made it so offset some.

Around 32’000 Have music fans METALLICA on the former Expo.02 Gelände in Yverdon-les-Bains, which 28 itself’000 Population has, curly, where on Wednesday was the third edition of the Sonisphere festival on the stage. This was the first time, that a festival was organized in this magnitude in this city. The festival began at 15 Clock with blue skies, the atmosphere was ok and the decibel high, so hoch, that the concerts to the 13 km away Cheyres (FR) were heard. Around 1,200 workers were involved in the success of the festival, installation took about a week and it had some 50 Takeaways, 5.5 km barriers and 300 Mobile Toilets. Funnily enough, was placed no bar in the Golden Circle area, which I did not really care but, because I always do not belong to the Weichspülmetalern with too much coal in the bag, but organizationally it certainly could be better solved, but so halt had to get drinks for the infantry Rich People, what the wait times are not just reduced.

Gojira Live @ Sonisphere Switzerland Yverdon - The Wild Child

With headliners Metallica, Motörhead and Slayer could indeed concentrated Metal-Power will be presented. ELUVEITIE, Gojira and Mastodon were also of the party, the three had but to bite the bullet and quasi in the sun geschwängerten audience - in the afternoon 30 Degree - their Music make delicious. With Eluveitie was unfortunately completely dead pants, But perhaps what the sound was, presumably in comparison with the rest of the program something fell out of the frame and thus has not met the expectations of visitors and the band already had to play half an hour after door opening. But Gojira had to remind the audience it, that this was ne metal show and invited to pits, but what took place. And so could only Mastodon, they offered, especially their newest album „The Hunter“ error, ensure a great atmosphere. Unfortunately, increased during 45 Minutes without exaggeration 15 times the sound off and it really was the lowest level, I can only ausprechen a big compliment to Mastodon, which it did not let itself be swayed and constantly batting confidently and without the eyelashes might enlarge.

The subsequently occurring living legends, Slayer, indeed had no inconsistencies with the art, But somehow giving the impression, Problems with the musculoskeletal system to have. Similar dynamic as a terracotta army it reeled from their setlist. Perhaps this was also in the audience and Slayer became fascinated by the motionless crowd – or was it simply the age, because Tom looked visually in my eyes as not quite the freshest. Slayer bribed with their uncompromising, flurry and rock-hard sound. This incredible precision but the Slayer was not necessarily expected, for guitarist Jeff Hanneman has still not recovered from his spider bite infection and had to be replaced by Gary Holt. There were a few mosh pits but, Although not directly in front of the stage (Golden Circle Problem), But the foot soldiers but it went off, worked although these pits mostly more like children's birthday.

Slayer - Raining Blood - Angel Of Death - Sonisphere 2012

Motörhead showed turn from their dirty good side and never sprayed boredom. But here lacked the sentiment front of the stage and Lemmy often stood unquestionably, waiting for reactions from the audience, when he announced a song. New, however, was not to be heard by the old masters of the hard tones course. Cult rocker Lemmy Kilmister offered its usual, unfussy, honest rock. At the same time, the Sun withdrew and handed over their place of matching Dusk. The more time passed, and the darker it became, the more sought their place with direct view to the stage. The entire fan base waiting for Metallica and expected a black spectacle. Incidentally, it is not surprising me, Free and Virgin that has gone bankrupt at the Sonisphere Basel, when I think of the Schlangensteherei in Yverdon and how much revenue in Yverdon by waiting Lost went, I can only say: damage, damage, damage.

Extremely punctual and full of playfulness outdid Metallica on, each song technical register was drawn. Californians played the „Black Album“ – their legendary landmark work of 1991 – in full length. But the album just by Song 1 to 12 runterzunudeln, that would be too easy for the Metal-heroes, Metallica turned instead to the order of the songs and started with „The Struggle Within“, the actual final song of the album. The twelve songs of the disc are now considered anthems of rock music. How much, it showed on Sonisphere Festival, agreed as thousands of fans in the singing of frontman James Hetfield and applauded along the beat of drummer Lars Ulrich. And not just in the radio-friendly ballad „Nothing Else Matters“, but virtually every single song. Metallica convinced, up to Kirk Hammett, to each of these screwed up constantly easiest passages.

Metallica @ Sonisphere Switzerland Yverdon 2012 - For Whom the Bell Tolls HD

Pleasing was at Metallica, that musical aberration with Lulu and the unsuccessful collaboration with Lou Reed survived without damage and with the interpretations of the „Black Album“ While nothing new was offered, but the boys signaled with her long, spirited performance, that they are still the old ones are. „Blackened“ let your heart open with big flame-pillars and at every little pyromaniac „One“ convinced with top fat lasers. the „Black Album“ was in my view something langfädig and for me years ago The death of the band, But one gets older and so the sound came total over very well and (my) Fortunately, it does not stick to the songs from this album, but it was commanded inclined fan also older Kost.

Overall it was a horny, relaxing event in a harmonious environment. The Sonisphere in Yverdon was marked by moderation: fewer bands, fewer viewers, less megalomania, fewer crowds at constant musical quality. The band change went smoothly and the sound was of astonishing transparency and came over really fat. Annoying was only the crowd in front of the beer stands and probably for the bands of much too large-scale Golden Circle area for the Rich People, which were too small or too lazy, to move her ass. The main thing, then you go to the merch booth, buys an expensive Shirt and then can hang out the big fan. And that the Golden Circler were too good to show enthusiasm, was actually more than foreseen and hence I have no pity for – except the bands over. Nevertheless, METALLICA, Motorhead, Slayer, Mastodon, Gojira and ELUVEITIE were simply class. Obviously, it needs to get the same Romandie is a great festival. Really great location and probably the best so far Sonisphere…

Metallica @ Sonisphere Switzerland 2012 - One

No review found! Insert a valid review ID.

Sonisphere Switzerland 2012: Seasons of Metallica and Co.

METALLICA are the headliners of the third edition of the Metal-Festivals Sonisphere, which this year for the third time in the Switzerland is carried out. METALLICA play her „Black Album“ in full length. More certify Acts are: Slayer, Motorhead, Mastadon, Gojira and ELUVEITIE. Sonisphere take place on Wednesday, 30. More 2012 in Yverdon-les-Bain statt. The open-air festival grounds at Parc des Rives du Lac is the unique backdrop for the festival of Metal friends. The site on the banks of Lake Neuchâtel was during Expo.02 used as an exhibition area and holds 45’000 Visitors. But now the seasons of Men…


doorway 15.00 Clock
ELUVEITIE: 15.45 – 16.15 Clock, Stage II
Gojira: 16.20 – 16.50 Clock, Stage I
Mastodon: 17.00 – 17.40 Clock, Stage II
Motorhead: 17.50 – 19.00 Clock, Stage I
Slayer: 19.10 – 20.10 Clock, Stage II
METALLICA: 20.30 – 22.30 Clock, Stage I

Thus, Metallica finished, before the last trains:

Yverdon Les Bains – Zürich: 23.07 Clock
Yverdon Les Bains – Bern: 23.07 Clock
Yverdon Les Bains – Basel: 23.07 Clock
Yverdon Les Bains – Lucerne: 23.07 Clock
Yverdon Les Bains – St. Gallen: 22.07 Clock
Yverdon Les Bains – Lausanne: 00.00 Clock
Yverdon Les Bains – Geneva: 23.53 Clock

Sonisphere Switzerland 2012 with Metallica and Slayer

*** Meanwhile, the concert by, this way to the Review ***

Friends, booked you on Wednesday, the 30. More 2012, because yesterday was on the Metallica Homepage published subsequently. What will provide many of cheers and song, I can not but to really excite, then obviously it will complete „Black Album“ be played – well, let's see if I am doing the – there might highest Slayer the necessary Compensation Thrash ensure…

Final European Tour Announcement
This is it, our final addition to the summer vacation in Europe with a Sonisphere date at Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland on May 30, 2012. You guessed it, The ‚Black Album‘ will be performed in its entirety (yeah, yeah, that 20th Anniversary thing) and the line-up for the day is out of this world as Slayer, Motorhead, Mastodon, Gojira and ELUVEITIE will all be joining us!
The Met Club pre-sale already in progress, so Clubbers should log in for details. The pre-sale will end on Wednesday, February 15 at 9:00 at the LOCAL time. There is a four ticket Limit for the pre-sale.
Tickets go on sale on Friday, February 17 at 8:00 AM local time at www.ticketcorner.ch. For more information about Sonisphere, click here: www.sonispherefestivals.com.

Thus, METALLICA The headliner of the third edition of Heavy Metal Festival Sonisphere, which this year in the Switzerland is carried out. The open-air festival grounds at Parc des Rives du Lac provides a unique backdrop for the festival of Metal friends and could become a reason for me but, me to lead this event to heart. The site on the banks of Lake Neuchâtel was during Expo.02 used as an exhibition center and summarizes the 45’000 Visitor. Let's hope, that the organizers of the festival this time manage better than a year 2011 (Dawn of the Joggeli) or 2010 (The Big Desaster)

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