I'm a cockroach, get me out of here!

Actually, it is not gonna zm the „Promised“ in the jungle camp. The real stars are but the cockroaches, which are finally always of. Even with her whole family. And for sure it is not easy, to have the whole day listening to pointless discussions, and touching down at the next test in the face of Kader Loth…

So the jungle camp is in reality

The Stars live in the real and real jungle – the course was edited, so it's not really dangerous for the Stars called. Finally, you have to these „Stars“ guarantee the safety. This includes, that the wild Animals away, Spiders and insects collect and daily sends an exterminator through Camp, the mice, Rats and similar markets. Of course, the Stars get asked all for survival, including toilet paper and cigarettes, because that is assured them contractually. It is also not an adventure experience, because the ultimate goal is, to observe the stars at the sitting around and listening, how they make each other down. something, which is quite natural, when you're cooped up for several days and squats without meaningful employment successive. Of course, the terrain is converted privately owned, including a container village, somewhere must Crew, the round turns and entertains, also get somewhere. Nevertheless, this ground is flat middle of the Australian jungle – and the Australian jungle is the most dangerous in the world, issue up to the area where the format „Jungle Camp“ is produced!

Incidentally, this is not a scam, something called „Scripted Reality“ plus RTL bluntly. You have just as viewers themselves Knowledge, if you want to see scripted and in parts completely fictional formats or not…


The big jungle camp Bingo

Currently yes, the grounds of the crème de la crème of the German Entertainments romps again in Australia and swallows sheep testicles and drinking Kotzfrucht. It is supposed to give even sex this time, which can only mean, that Benjamin Boyce of „Caught In the Act“ finally fucks the knee. Summarized in a handy Bullshit Bingo, it is now the reactions to the jungle camp conveniently be checked immediately and directly with the permanent marker or paint pen on the monitor… ;)

The big jungle camp Bingo
(via Auslisten)

Separated at birth?

Exactly the question I have in me just ended jungle camp also asked: Fiona and Gollum are the siblings, which were separated from the mother at birth? I would keep the Gollum… Fiollum have that those who wish ;)

Fiona and Gollum

Jungle Camp Sarah Knappik is out

After the withered supermodel Sarah Knappik in RTL jungle camp fully defeated the stomach has as you can see the pictures – Now this goes without Sarah continues. The 24-year-old left voluntarily the camp with the sentence: I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!

Monday night was the dispute in the jungle camp escalates. From all sides they were showered with criticism of the behavior of Sarah Knappik. Actor Mathieu Carrière accused her „Du bist asozial“ and she begged on his knees, voluntarily to the Camp Leave. In one interview with actor Peer Kusmagk the schemer then claimed, the singer Jay Khan asked them before flying to Australia, whether they could play a love affair in Camp. For this reason, they believe, that his love affair with singer Indira Weis was not authentic. This accusation was then repeated over all, and the trouble really started, so Sarah took refuge in the jungle snacks and so really the stomach did feel full, what you can now watch their figure also clearly…

The jungle camp snack from the Crypt

Currently running precisely once again the jungle camp on RTL. Thus the poor celebrities in the jungle, the food does not run out, The tomb has spared no expense, and organized a small snack. An extra large, so it all goes well to stuff your face :)