100 Ways to Get High

In total 8 Hours draws Ella 100 different things, Among (B)smokable things are with doing a Pringles Bong, a Lego whistle, a chocolate rabbit Bong, a joint-Bong, a sausage-bong or a pizza Bong, to name only a few. As you can bite equally enjoyable during the subsequent Fressflash… ;)

In honor of the High Holy Day, 4/20, we asked Ella to get high using 100 different pipes, bongs, other instruments, pieces of produce, and edibles. Filmed over eight hours, we watch her achieve higher and higher consciousness by drinking cannabis soda, smoking out of a gas mask, a shoe, a block of cheddar cheese, a baby bottle bong, and way more. It’s with gratitude, good vibes, and joy that we puff, Puff, and pass this Video onto you.

Getting High | 1 Person Shows Us 100 Ways to Get High

Want to accelerate later, you need without Grasleben!

Whether that keeps the kids from smoking pot is questionable, at least the Prevention city and county Giessen is convinced. but leaves you wanting more funny rhymes, as:

Do you want to race fast later, let the coke out of your nose!

Will not you walk home, Maximal 2 drinking beer Mass!

Want a driving license Stress, then not trippe on Crystal Meth.

Want 'nen BMW, then stay away from LSD!

More of it there at reddit

The Real Marijuana Moms of Beverly Hills

Why not talk openly with children about, just as you as parents also eventually have to answer the question, why one drinks alcohol or smokes cigarettes? The mother of Beverly Hills, we in this Video get to see, has both „perfected“ and lives it in her own way, including children's books about marijuana…

The Real Marijuana Moms of Beverly Hills

How do you turn a banana a whistle

Perhaps one can Knowledge need someday…

A lot of people know you can make an Apple into device to smoke weed, but did you know you can also use a banana? Watch in amazement as Abdullah show us how in just a few steps you can transform your breakfast into a pipe.

SMOKEABLES: Abdullah Smokes Out Of a Banana Bowl

Lowell Herb: Fleurop for stoners

In California, marijuana is as well known for some time and result from legal always more new business ideas around the green stuff. Immediately there is, for example, a kind of flower delivery service named Lowell Herb, puts together a posy of Weed for every occasion. So you will not only surprise your loved ones happy, but also themselves. The bouquet for Smoking looks beautiful and is a service for uendliche many opportunities applicable: Birthday, promotion, but also sadness and illness…

The Voice Of Ganja

The Israeli comedian Gadi Wilcherski had the idea for this revolutionary TV format. Some would perhaps say the idea would be „The Voice“ stolen, this relationship but I do not see it as a given. This is just great and I'm excited, When was it the first German reaction… Bongblubbern instead vocals! yeah!

The Voice Of Ganja

Donald Trump Bong

The Australian artist Tom Mason has for Bongbude Gatorbeug made a Bong, that looks like Donald Trump. Whether from the actually someone Smoking will? Apparently already, the thing is just out of stock…

(via Dangerous Minds)

The daily work on a marijuana farm

So this is what the life of an employee in a cannabis farm.

Strapped a Go pro to my head and filmed a day working at a Marijuana cultivation. Enjoy!

Growing Marijuana - POV

The darknet

In darknet you get Drugs, Weapons and all sorts of perverse movies? This ARD documentary shows the other side of the dark Internet. At least from the 19. Minute this 45-minute documentary. Before it comes Usual - how to get in via Tor? Where can I buy drugs? How do I as a journalist Contacting sellers on? But then it comes to the, which is just as well possible about the dark power: be journalistic activities in the digital underground of a dictatorial acting State. As the Turkish opposition works? How it protects from prosecution and against Hacker on behalf of governments? The documentary picks up speed, about ruined lives works, Photos, the bugs are, former hackers of Syrian intelligence and the seemingly hopeless situation in China. Even if you just Google wants to use…

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How does the perception of time: Rat on marijuana vs rat on cocaine

The following experiment will illustrate, that the time may be slowed or accelerated individually. Two rats who got each administered marijuana and cocaine, were trained, that they themselves determine the time, after they get their food. The result is not really surprising but more example for all, who felt the times ;)

Time Perception - BBC Documentary (Clip)
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