DBD: Judgement Day – Dragonforce

The song „Judgement Day“ takes her from 19. May on the plate „Reaching Into Infinity“. The intro sounds like scooters and in the familiar high-speed Gefrickel it then goes on well…

Dragonforce - Judgement Day (audio)

DBD: Black Winter Night (Live) – Dragonforce

DragonForce have recently released their first live DVD „In The Line Of Fire“ veröffentlicht und zeigen euch zur Einstimmung den Live-Mitschnitt ihres Songs „Black Winter Night“. The DVD was 2014 on the Loud Park Festival in Tokyo, Filmed Japan. Gitarrist Herman Li erklärt, wieso es mit den DVD-Plänen der Truppe so lang gedauert hat:

We were always the opinion: Wenn wir schon eine DVD veröffentlichen, then we want to make it right. Now, da wir sechs Studioalben veröffentlicht haben, there was enough material, from which we were able to pick us the best and we knew, dass die Örtlichkeiten beim Loud Park grossartig sein würden, take to the show. Everything turned out well and we are very happy with the result. We hope, that fans feel the same way.

Dragonforce "Black Winter Night" (Live) from the DVD/ Blu-ray "In The Line Of Fire" Out now!

Dragonforce: Herman Li plays guitar in the Metal Cruise Pool

When Full Metal Cruise has guitar wizard Herman Li while Dragon Forces „Through fire and flames“ put a small pool bath with his fans and at the same time offer the first waterproof Guitar Performance with specially equipped guitar.

Herman Li (Dragonforce) Underwater Guitar Solo on Full Metal Cruise!

A Capella Metal Bands

Friends, so habt ihr METALLICA, PANTERA, Slayer, Iron Maiden und Co. never heard! Now it is Music from! The following version of the Metal Classic listening to her only singing. So there for you with Metallica MASTER of Puppets, Pantera mit Walk, Slayer mit Raining Blood, Megadeth mit Peace Sells, Iron Maiden mit The Number of the Beast, Arch Enemy mit Nemesis, AC/DC mit Back In Back und DragonForce mit Through The Fire And Flames.Klingt alles always even better than Van Canto… ;)

Master Of Puppets (Vocal Track)
PANTERA - Walk - Vocal Only - By Phil Anselmo
Raining Blood - Vocal Track Only [Lyrics] | Best Quality | 1080p HD
Megadeth-Peace Sells (Vocals Only)
Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast (Studio Acapella) (HQ)
Arch Enemy - Nemesis (Voice Only)
AC/DC - Back In Black (Acapella)
Dragonforce - Through The Fire And Flames (Official Acapella)

DBD: Ring Of Fire – Dragonforce

Nachfolgend präsentieren DragonForce eine metallisierte Version des Johnny-Cash-Klassikers „Ring Of Fire.“ The song is on the next slice of Power-Metal-Flitzefinger „Maximum Overload“, the most 15. August veröffentlicht wird, find. Wie man darauf kam, Johnny Cashs „Ring Of Fire“ zu covern, erklärt Saitenflitzer Sam Totman:

Before the last Australian tour, our manager said, dass es doch interessant wäre, für das nächste Album einen Coversong aufzunehmen, something, We'll Remember always have refused to do. But after we had hissed a few beers, wrote three songs on each band member, and we compared the lists, what actually was just a fun. I „Ring Of Fire“ written and the rest liked the idea, So we have the song Dragonforce-fied.

Dragonforce - Ring Of Fire (Cover)

DBD: The Game – Dragonforce

The British Metal-Band Dragonforce hat ein brandneues Video at the start. „The Game“ will also be on the upcoming CD „Maximum Overload“, the most 15. August is available in Regaalen, be found…

DragonForce 'The Game' (Feat. Matt Heafy of Trivium) Official Music Video

DBD: Fallen World – Dragonforce

The band has „Fallen World“ As Video veröffentlicht auf Youtube. The song is the fastest to the British Epic Metal Band has ever recorded. The album „The Power Within“ appears on 16. April über ihr eigenes Label Electric Generation Records.

Dragonforce Fallen World

Solemn tears of fire
Breaking down the universe
Cold steel and bloodshed
To the last man in this wasteland

Feel blinding power
The gray star, now bring to war
Death fire and Downfall
Our hands feel the wind

Fight, we stand to die
the empire will fall
We give now our lives

For the last time, we fight without reason
Still we wait for the warrior’s return
For we’re cast down and broken, we still carry on
For the glory of the Lost Fallen World…!!


Heal the world with fire
The curse of the winterland
Ten guards remind me
Humanity in twilight

Stars burn forever
Still Change our destiny
Death falls as night comes
Dusk will be lifted

Glory for pride as one
Stray now our eyes
The evil will rise

For the last time we fight without reason
Still we wait for the warrior’s return
For we’re cast down and broken, we still carry on
For the glory of the Lost Fallen World…!!

And the dark ones will rise
And the dark king shall know
Their power will
Defend us
From the world that we know, our time!


For the last time we fight without reason
Still we wait for the warrior’s return
For we’re cast down and broken, we still carry on
For the glory of the Lost Fallen World

The glory of the Lost Fallen World…!!!!