Album Review: Dracul – On the basis of

Das Electro-Nebenprojekt Dracul von Mozart von Umbra et Imago hat sein Ziel erreicht und wurde erfolgreich your Pledgemusic finanziert. The Music created this time Mozart and Tom O'Connell (House of Usher / Traumtänzer) zusammen mit den Sängerinnen Madeleine Le Roy und Karo Hafke. Man nahm sich fast ein ganzes Jahr Zeit, um sehr abwechslungsreiche und tanzbare Titel in einer gewohnt anspruchsvollen Produktion abzuliefern. Die Texte, allesamt vom Mozart geschrieben, are both profound and created provocative and soothing differ from the usual monotony in this sector.

Dracul - On the basis of

The fifth album now „On the basis of“, according to previous albums „The Hand of God“, „Saliva and blood“, „Follow me“ and „Like an Animal“, is another pearl of the electronic side project. After a short intro, the album begins with the title song, which sets the pace with vehement but not overly harsh electro sounds and even remembers the grim singing Mozart's almost the New German hardness Genre. In background is always again supported Choral, giving the whole work an almost festive mood. Value seems to have been laid out to make the music both danceable but also skillfully provocative. Especially for the latter colleague Mozart is known anyway. A good example is the title „Medicinal Herbs“, which is known German dictators discussed scenarios.


Bleak and almost romantic sounds of English song „Follow Me“, nice synth layers which combined with a catchy song and it sounds almost ballad. Is a really good song Darkwave as he could have been written in the 80s or 90s. Generally, I like this song very grumpy gurgling like, which is reminiscent of the early days of the genre, and barely present today. Unfortunately, the female backing vocals is really not very convincing, and does not sound very professional, in my view. At „The Night“ is the female singing completely in the foreground. No idea why, but the combination of female vocals, German lyrics and the soft mood of the song sounds too cheesy in the sum. But will certainly be a matter of taste. The already pre-release song „Wutlied“ shows Dracul im Industrial/Noise Gewand. Ripping sounds and driven by madness voices make the perfect vision. For this purpose there is a exciting visual means of video clip. Completed the album by the 13 minute track „Relaxation“, which fits with dull synths, Bells and birdsong begins and increases in sequence with many sacred chants, echo a final order by an almost hörspielgauglich spoken cruel story.

Video Thumbnail
DRACUL - Wutlied (official Videoclip 2013)

Six years had to wait, but so slowly approaches „On the basis of“ Publication. Dracul is an electronic side project, it's very own. The first CDs were allocated to the atmospheric Darkwave, the rest were rather dance floor Pops. This album leaves an ambiguous, one hand, it sounds great, on the other hand you just do not quite, what to make of it, but just because it comes very cheesy. Nevertheless, you should not take an ear full and the album is certainly recommend any dark soul. As the Video kann das Album zu Ängsten, Fear of loss, lead or massive nightmares. The album is accompanied by a very elaborate, with passion and designed more than twenty pages containing amusing booklet. Planned special „Live performances“ – away from the usual appearances, towards a multi-media in the truest sense of the word robe.


  1. Intro (Sonar Terror)
  2. On the basis of
  3. Medicinal Herbs
  4. Follow Me
  5. Dracul's Follow Me Part II
  6. Killing Fields
  7. The night
  8. Wutlied
  9. Relaxation
Album Review: Dracul - On the basis of
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