Skin Trade – TRAILER

For friends of cultivated action cinema, there are now the first official TRAILER to Skin Trade with Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Michael Jai White, Ron Perlman and Peter Weller. Directed the US-Thai actioner led Ekachai Uekrongtham („Coffin – Buried alive“), with this audderdem is also „RoboCop“ Peter Weller.

Der New Yorker Cop Nick (Dolph Lundgren) investigating a brutal Russian traffickers Ring. Als der Gangster Boss Viktor (Ron Perlman) Murdered Nicks family, therefore this case from the exhausts, is the policeman until quite hot on the heads of criminals. The trail leads him to Bangkok, where he worked in the local investigator Tony (Tony Jaa) finds an ally. Together they embark on a search for the members of the ring and especially after Viktor, has a bone to pick with Nick a unique chicken…

Looks promising and the strip seems neat to depart, has for action fans a fantastic cast and Dolph Lundgren rehabilitated for a couple of cucumbers, in which it, since his „resignation“ as a director, has appeared again („Thrill to Kill“, „Name of the King-Two Worlds“, „Battle of the Damned“ etc.). In U.S.&A soll to Film 2015 in theaters, a German publication date is not yet in sight.

Dolph Lundgren's SKIN TRADE with Tony Jaa - Official Trailer

Real Boxing Match: Dolph Lundgren vs Oleg Taktarov

at the 10. June 2007 and one 15 Hour flight to Moscow joined the then 49 year Dolph Lundgren (Ivan Drago) in a boxing match against Russia at the time 39 year mixed martial arts fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship Oleg Taktarov an. Taktarov won the five-round bout just after points and then you can watch the Fight. When the first Video At 7:26 looks exactly, see you break the karate instincts by Dolph, because it can be carried away to almost, A „Hiza Geri“, to make a knee kick to the head, it can then be but…

Dolph Lundgren vs Oleg Taktarov Pt.1
Dolph Lundgren vs Oleg Taktarov Pt.2

Dolph Lundgren vs zombies and killer robots? Battle of the Damned – Red Band Trailer

What do you need Ehrlich said about „Battle of the Damned“ to Knowledge except that Dolph Lundgren plays along, against which Zombies and killer Robot commencement? SOLD! From the 18. February is the film from Anchor Bay Entertainment on Blu-Ray and DVD. To bridge until then, we feature some of the Red Ribbon TRAILER Go to film. „Battle of the Damned“ was written and directed by Christopher Hatton and with it are stars like Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables), Matt Doran (The Matrix), David Field (Chopper) und Esteban Cueto (Fast Five).

Battle of the Damned

In the near future on the outskirts of civilization a remote test facility lays in ruin following a catastrophic security breach. All that remains is a handful of survivors, their small armory of weapons and a fleet of the infected.
The breach led to a viral outbreak that left thousands dead or mutated. Now the infected walk the land, stalking the few that still live. Led by private military operative Max Gatling (Lundgren), they fight the infected and soon learn there are band of malfunctioning prototype robots also on the march and they are armed and incredibly dangerous.

Battle Of The Damned Official Red Band Trailer 1 (2013) - Sci-Fi Action Movie HD

Dolph Lundgren singt Elivis Classics: „A Little Less Conversation“

yes friends, you read it right! When Swedish Euro Vision Song Contest 2010 hat Dolph Lundgren the Elivis Classics: „A Little Less Conversation“ given to the best. Dolph personally commented, that this show before a live audience was a bigger challenge for him, than any scene ever was! And it shows, because, the sing Love Dolph did not really, but he gives himself – and has trouble. The man, who was formerly at a Swedish Special Forces, Support black belt in 3. This ist, at about 50 Was filmed here, has a degree in chemical engineering and got a scholarship, to work out the doctor at MIT and this left, to become an actor. The guy is awesome!

Dolph Lundgren-A Little Less Conversation.(HD720)