Album Review: Die Krupps – The Machinists Of Joy

were in the 80s and early 90s „Die Krupps“ absolute cult and „Machineries of Joy“ and „Metal Machine Music“ delivered to milestones from. Then you moved more and more from the electronic sound, trying to break new ground with a greater use of guitars. Since the millennium, no other album has been released. Well, the band reports, Electro man die, EBM, Industrial, Crossover and even metal and is called a classic of electronic music history, with a new album. As if this were not enough, this surprise with „The Machinists Of Joy“ titled, what stirs hopes. But what ultimately really provides the first studio album in this millennium, I would have dared to dream really never me in shape. After several years of maintenance work, the band has opened for singer Jürgen Engler their factory gates again, dusted off the machines and lubricated with „The Machinist of Joy“ is a prototype of the new band. „Die Krupps“ Since the beginning of the 80's an institution of the Industrial Electro. Since then, the Dusseldorf groundbreaking albums and amazing style changes have taken place. How does the band in 2013?

Die Krupps - The Machinist of Joy

With her first album of this millennium heave yourself „Die Krupps“ from grandma Klamottenkiste and knock the dust off the machine. „The Machinists Of Joy“ casts its shadow before electronic, That is, the name says it all and this program is again pregnant electrostatic. Anyone who has been musically in the 80s in the electronic field as a spoiled listeners and connoisseurs, which is in the new album not only their well-known and no. 10-Billboard hit of the year 1989 „Machineries of Joy“ recognize by name, but also musically and lyrically, the hard-working factory guys have remained faithful. The album title is already a guidance and signals, that it is again more electronics because the guitar, dominates the Krupp-sound. Nevertheless, guitarist Marcel Zürchers assertive riffs targeted in the songs placed.

Die Krupps

The opener „A Look Back in Anger“ offers beautiful, intense and fast-paced beats coupled with driving guitars, so that you feel but in fact back reminded of the most successful periods in the band. Here is the perfect symbiosis of EBM and metal crossover is offered again, being named first here clearly has the upper hand. Instead of an overloaded, electronic music piece served a Krupps mastermind Jürgen Engler here a tasteful fusion of two emotionally charged musical styles. Even the subsequent piece „Dirt Factory“ is musically and lyrically as much EBM, is hardly more. Hard snappy beats, refined sequencer sounds, specifically set „Hammer-auf-Amboss-Sounds“ and a steely cold voice. This is called machine Music! „Die Krupps“ presenting their new album lyrically a whole piece of work, musically round and appealing. The Electro-Express continues to gain momentum and a cool-influenced rap hits staccato-like-getacktete synth beats. The beat of the guitar and the „Stahlofons“ remains electronically, stands out and drives even the dancing shy listeners on the boards, to be working hard to give the rhythm.

Die Krupps - Risk factor (Official Music Video)

Ab dem Song „Risk factor“ dominated the predominant in the early years of electro sound of the Krupps the sound and fans of the early years of the band, this will be very happy. those, who later dealt with the Düsseldorf band music, could now respond a bit put off. With „Robo Sapien“ go the musicians, although again a little on reconciliation Course, but then turn the switch until it stops Electro-on. At least here the album for late Fans of the troupe starts to become too heavy digestible food, Krupp's true fans will be thrilled. Love it or hate it! The catchy factor is very high with „The Machinist of Joy“, can be the same and best tracks on the album and a run thanks to the pounding beats a shiver down the spine of happiness. Another hit for the clubs and a treat for lovers of electronic music hard goods. suspicious of the songs „Die Krupps“ the war- and industrial machinery („Nazis on Speed“, „Dirt Factory“), the increasing dehumanization („Robo Sapien“) or the conditions in the home country („In the wrong country“) – but are also full of joy at work („Machinist of Joy“, „Part of the Machine“) and the togetherness („Ice Cold Angel“, „Industry girl“). The only drawback, thereby, that they want to open up to the wider spectrum receiver, the risk, that hardcore electro fans something more reminiscent of pop music Normalo, denn to prevail Electro.

Die Krupps

Although „Die Krupps“ sometimes be located in the black scene, they do speak their own language and have their long history and the many musical phases traversed a broad audience – on the new recordings, the entire spectrum is then command. Here songs are available, not only for the industrial Dancefloor, but also for company parties and protest marches, fit on the barricades and in the canteens, where „Power station“ sang of neon lights and mannequins, sing „Die Krupps“ Factory of dirt and angels made of steel and the English and partly in German. The essence of the Krupps could appoint as: Machine music, Hart, danceable, some epic, peppered with targeted guitar attacks and the eternal hammering the „Stahlofons“, paired with contemporary critical texts, who confidently stand out from the crowd whose, which unfortunately is now standard. when „The Machinists Of Joy“ can work on you the impression, that the band is stronger than ever, because all the songs maintain a high level. The plant has got pleasing dynamic, produced modern, However, so clean without sounding like so many rerelease of the past. Who „Die Krupps“ earlier must have liked the album, who is on EBM anyway!


  1. A Look Back in Anger
  2. Dirt Factory
  3. Risk factor
  4. Robo Sapien
  5. The Machinist of Joy
  6. Essenbeck
  7. In the wrong country
  8. Part of the Machine
  9. Ice Cold Angel
  10. Nocebo
  11. In the shadow of the rings
  12. BONUS: Nazis on Speed
  13. BONUS: Industry girl
Album Review: Die Krupps - The Machinists Of Joy
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