Dexter Morgan’s Laboratory

name Dexter we hear not just often and as you connect as a film- and series junkie that name especially with Two Figures: Dexter Morgan from the series Dexter and the young scientist Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. Although the figures share the same name, could not be more different series. One is the story of a serial killer of serial killers done and the other, a cartoon about a too small geratenes, young genius with a secret laboratory in his parents'. Nevertheless, where there is a will, is also a Mash Up. Thus the curtain on a series about a too small geratenen, young serial killer of the bully in his parents' house (of)imposes :)

Dexter Morgan's Laboratory

Dexter – Season 6 TRAILER

here the TRAILER zur am im Oktober startenden 6. Season of Dexter, diesmal mit religiösen Motiven. Mansons Mucke passt erstaunlich gut zur Vorschau und ich denke nicht das Dexter religiös wird, in the trailer, it looks more as if it comes to „Dia De Los Muertos“ (Day of the Dead) goes. From a culture that avoids much more open with the topic of death, as the one here knows. Is definitely an interesting concept and fits to the series…


Dexter Season 6 – Teaser

Erster Teaser zur sechsten Dexter-Squadron. The good news, seem to have recognized the producers, how weak Season 5 Was. However, both Season 3 as well as 5 compared to the other a little weak, worth they still remain. And this despite the fact that the series actually permanently despite pseudo development in a circle and Dexter's primary concern, as in Season 1 only consists, Family, Vocation to reconcile. And, And, die Sorgen moderner manner:)


Quote of the Day

There is a first time for everything. A first step. A first word. A first kiss. A first kill. Somehow you know when the time is right.


Bloody Dexter homemade lollipops


Simply too magnificent, to which I at Forkable Blog I pushed and ideally, To sweeten the holidays! From a cup of sugar, One 1/3 Cup Maissirup, two tablespoons of water, red food coloring, and optionally a toothpick are these gorgeous glass flakes, made speak slide with blood. As described in detail the procedure is, to obtain as a result of this beautiful bloody lollipop, find on said blog. and now have fun Dexter Baking christmas lollipop :)


Dexter Early Cuts – A Animated Webisodes Series

Dexter: Early Cuts 4 (Dark Echo, Chapter 1)

Gehört hatte ich ja auch schon von den Dexter Webisodes „Early Cuts“ – But then again these forgotten – jetzt sind sie schon länger gestartet. The whole is a 12-part animated series on the Web, mit den frühen „Work“ by Dexter. For now, the first four episodes online, wöchentlich jeweils am Sonntag kommt eine neue hinzu. Oben habe ich für euch den ersten Teil bei Youtube rausgekramt, da wegen Copyright Scheiss die Clips nicht vom Anbieter selbst eingebunden werden können, below the second and the rest on the gibts Website of Showtime.

Dexter: Early Cuts 4 (Dark Echo, Chapter 2)

Dexter – Under Suburban Pressure

Bald geht es wieder los und dazu gibts hier ein sehr schönes Promo für Dexter Season 4 put Queens „Under Pressure“. Give him a little time… to kill! :)

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