DevilDriver: Live at Wacken Open Air 2016 – Full Show

2016 brought DevilDriver Wacken quake and exactly this appearance at Wacken Open Air-Festival there now in full length online. In the one-hour performance by the band from Santa Barbara following song were played:

End of the Line
Dead to Rights
These Fighting Words
Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Pure Sincerity
I Could Care Less
Nothing’s Wrong
My Night Sky
Before The Hangman’s Noose
Clouds Over California
Meet The Wretched

DevilDriver - Full Show - Live at Wacken Open Air 2016

DBD: Trust No One – DevilDriver

Friends, see here the Video Devildriver to „Trust No One“ from the same, new album. The screen material, have used the DevilDriver for video recordings, was at this year's „Ozzfest“ in the US California. A very special place for the band, as stressed frontman Dez Fafara:

DevilDriver is a California band and we were honored to be part of the return of OZZFEST in California, where it all began. I’m Thankful to Sharon & Ozzy and everyone in the Osbourne Camp that DevilDriver was allowed to shoot a live video that day! The sun was blazing hot on a clear afternoon and the crowd went insane as soon as we took the stage. The pit was giant for us and it was killer to see such a Massive crowd participating in the madness!

DevilDriver - Trust No One (Official Video) | Napalm Records

DBD: My Night Sky – DevilDriver

Here the new Video to „My Night Sky“ from the current album „Trust No One“ Devildriver. The seventh album of the band appeared on 13. May and the band is currently on a European tour…

DevilDriver - My Night Sky (Official Video) | Napalm Records

DBD: Daybreak – DevilDriver

have recently „DevilDriver“ their seventh studio album „Trust No One“ veröffentlicht und daraus gibt es nun das brandneue Video for Single „Daybreak“…

DevilDriver - Daybreak (Official Video) | Napalm Records

DBD: Daybreak – DevilDriver

Here the new DevilDriver song „Daybreak“ from the upcoming album „Trust No One“, on which 13. May is published. „Trust No One“ ist das erste DevilDriver-Album mit Gitarrist Neal Tiemann und Schlagzeuger Austin D’Amond

DevilDriver - Daybreak (audio) | Napalm Records

DBD: The Appetite – DevilDriver

DevilDriver - The Appetite [Official Music Video]

Eyes on fire on you
Your presence in a violation!
Leave now or it’s annihilation!
It’s best for both parties
If we just part!
Eyes on fire on you!
Take it with a grain of salt
Take it to the Limit
Take the world by storm,
Keep your head in it!
Take the gloves off,
Take your life in your hands!
Eyes on fire on you!
Live for the day…
No one promised tomorrow anyway…
Gotta keep the dogs at bay!
Keep the dogs at bay!

Do you have the appetite!
The expectations to suffice!?
Your cups of sorrow filled with spite!
I’m begging, I’m Begging, I’m begging you!

Don’t dwell it’s my burden to bare!
Fall time season it’s in the air!
It’s best for both parties
If we just part!

Do you..
Do you have..
Do you have the appetite…!?
Do you have my eyes on fire on you!

Don’t wish your life away!
If you think I give a fuck!
Better think again, Good Luck!
Disconnected, disconnect you!
Eyes on fire on you!
If you think I give a Fuck you Better think again, Good Luck
Disconnected, disconnect you!

DBD: The Appetit – DevilDriver

The sixth album „Winter Kills“ Californians will be on 27. August veröffentlicht. Here the song „The Appetit“, sounds better than „Ruthless„, aber überzeugt mich auch nicht zu 100%. 'm Curious to Album…

DevilDriver - The Appetite (Official) | Napalm Records

DBD: Ruthless – DevilDriver

Friends, Today, there's a little song premiere, Devildriver my „Ruthless“ from the upcoming album „Winter Kills“! Unfortunately, no comparison with „Pray for villains“. Rumgeeiere too much on a single reef. Ballert still used heavily…

Earshakerday: Neuer Running Order

Irgendwie erinnert mich der heutige Wechsel von ursprünglich 3 given on today 2 Bühnen an das Chaos des letztjährigen Sonisphere, which was held at the same place and the running order changed even until the last day…
This change only 2 Bühnen verkürzt selbstverständlich die Spielzeit der Bands recht massiv, e.g.. spielen Amon Amarth statt ursprünglich einer Stunde (16:30 – 17:30), new 45 Minutes and Machine Head have instead 90 Minutes (22:30 – 24:00) only get an hour. Da diese Änderung vermutlich nicht die Letzte sein wird, muss ich mir doch ernsthaft überlegen, if I look at the (again) antun will, denn die Preise für Getränke und Food Been last year unflätig hoch und ich gehe davon aus, that this will not be any different on Saturday. In addition, there is the fun in halls, where one does not Smoking can… well, as well as always, here the new Running Order des Earshakerday:

12h30 – 13h50 The Treatment
13h10 – 13h40 Unearth
14h00 – 14h30 Sebastian Bach
14h50 – 15h30 Black Stone Cherry
15h50 – 16h30 August Burns Red
16h50 – 17h30 Devil Driver
18h00 – 18h45 Black Label Society
19h15 – 20h00 Amon Amarth
20h30 – 21h20 Children Of Bodom
21h50 – 22h40 Killswitch Engage
23h10 – 24h00 Lamb Of God
00h30 – 01h30 Machine Head

Stage 2:
12h30 – 13h00 I Killed The Promqueen
13h20 – 13h50 Your Demise
14h10 – 14h40 Cancer Bats
15h00 – 15h30 Vale Tudo
15h50 – 16h20 Eyes Set To Kill
16h40 – 17h15 Axe Wound
17h40 – 18h15 Lacuna Coil
18h40 – 19h20 Sick Of It All
19h45 – 20h25 Ugly Kid Joe
20h50 – 21h35 Soulfly
22h00 – 22h45 Paradise Lost
23h10 – 23h55 Skeletonwitch
00h20 – 01h20 Napalm Death

The Eighth Plague – Machine *Fucking* Head

Who at last Monday, the 21. November, pilgrimage to Zurich's Volkshaus, did this for a good reason: „Machine Head“, the highly successful Trash Metal Band from the USA Oakland delighted the Switzerland With „The Eighth Plague“ Tour. As support were three bands on stage, „Bring me the Horizon“, „Devil Driver“ and „Darkest Hour“, which have introduced the evening with knotless Metal and Concert Machine Head is anything but an enjoyable picnic. the Music is enormous, cuts its own without detours directly into the ear canals and can shrug their neck muscles so right. A great night, the (fast) all expectations fulfilled…

Machine Head can already look back on a long and successful career. After its founding in 1992 increased the Group always Next to the Rock Olymp. In September this year, the Americans published their seventh studio album „Unto The Lucost“, the, I think, Album of the Year! The sound of Machine Head is dominated by an extremely rude and screaming vocals and the guitar takes clear lead in the arrangements, changes while the pace within the songs often. The result is a thoughtful, even melancholic atmosphere in the songs, which can probably be brought over so convincingly by any other metal band, as by Robb Flynn and his men.

The evening was going on with „Darkest Hour“, the agreed still half-empty Volkshaus ever on a long metal and Beer night and possibly clogged ears ever with decent volume by cleaned. Americans have launched their 30 minute set, the lot numbers from the latest album contained. For me it was the first time, I've seen Darkest Hour, but I was very pleasantly surprised and the audience it seemed to please, although this was still idling on the road. From a few smaller circle pits and a few fists in the air was not very much movement to see. Sänger John Blakemore Henry chose a circle pit officer in some songs from, which should make the crowd sweat, what worked, despite the little present listeners. Darkest Hour showed great enthusiasm and were able to absolutely convince with their half-hour appearance.

DEVILDRIVER live Volkshaus Zürich Switzerland 2011 - I Could Care Less

„Devil Driver“ came after a short reconstruction break and long sound check on stage, deal with the first 120 To show their second sets, why many people consider metal as noise and noise. I personally know every album the band, but even with this knowledge I could with the noise, is he came off the stage, not do anything, Song structure let himself realize unfortunately no. very, Very sad, But as has been said to me many times and on this evening, , each „Devil Driver“ Occurs mixed so crappy. After a, two songs was the though fortunately a bit better, but even here there were moments, who were not even exciting to insiders. Although the band does what no one before, when it comes to show and enthusiasm, but musically it was my very greatest regrets most, Committee. In the mosh pit could still have his fun, yet left their „Devil Driver“ a mixed impression: A band, which ensures Entertainment, fantastic records rausbringt but it also can be extremely annoying, because you live the sound can not really enjoy. Here quite simply heard the sound engineer of the band fired and that in a high arc! The DevilDriver still able to heat a, was especially a restless Dez Fafara, the always animated the people to the movement and the People's House is now fully stocked with songs like „Dead to Rights“, „You Make Me Sick“ or „Head On To Heartache“ put in motion.

Then we went Below and Above the Volkshaus. Four bands, three drumkits, „Bring me the Horizon“ had their own with, what pulled the break afterDevilDriver in the length. The most musically least the tour line-up matching belt, it was the turn. In view of some fans with BMTH-shirts, you could see a very motivated going to tape works. The British are probably one of the most controversial bands of the scene. It is probably a matter of taste whether you like the studio material, where the songs are quite different. I could live performance, unfortunately, nothing positive abgewinnen. The voice of Sykes was more like a croak, the guitarists jumped clichéd at the breakdowns up and down instead of BMTH would have what can be found more suitable for the tour. The fans of the band seemed only teenagers and would-be kick boxers to exist, after all there was to hear no Teeniegekreische so could this between songs 45 better use of minutes and get his nicotine level back on the amount, which apparently did at least half the people on the road home :)

Machine Head - This Is The End LIVE @ Volkshaus Zürich (2011) in HD

Continuing with the actual main attraction of the evening: Machine Head. Virtually throughout the restructuring the crowd agreed a „Machine *Fucking* Head“ Chorus after another. The reconstruction revealed quite a bit about the stage show, because there were a total of four projectors and many more lights than in the bands previously directed to the stage. The drum was not on a plane, because the kit by Dave McClain was on a podium by just one meter higher than where his bandmates were. When everything was settled stage techniques, you could hear the crowd again with the familiar songs and off we went! Machine Head came on stage and agreed the opener „I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)“ an. The projectors had then begun its work and showed during the show, the cover of each album the song that was just played, or other appropriate on images. The boxes were turned louder compared to the previous bands by one level and the amount celebrated Machine Head the first song the same pattern valid from.

Another new „Be Still and Know“ follows without large intermediate words, With „Empire“ then the first „elder“ yet released highly anticipated song of the night and does not compromise: Mosh or be moshed! The bearded Rob Flynn is very well placed and is dedicated „The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears“ Of course all beer drinkers. It was incredible what has gone off in the crowd: Jump, Pits, Headbanging and every song the crowd was singing along safely text. Dave McClain zermöbelt his drum set with the highest precision, Guitarist Phil Demmel is the permanent grin. Rob recalls the 20-year band anniversary, that would not exist without the fans, because on radio- and television support had always dispense and is visibly moved by the great support of metal fans. „Darkness Within“ He then devotes all, the music as they live and breathe. The song is definitely his contemplative beginning and the end of weighing tons an emotional highlight of the evening. All, very large! „Bulldozer“ is its title and some breaks sound barriers, before the „Ten Ton Hammer“ out of there, and everything once asked by fans.

Machine Head - Darkness Within (Live) @ Volkshaus Zurich

The setlist was amazing and knew with classics from previous albums as well as many works by completely new album „Unto the Locust“ to convince. Robb Flynn hinted several times, that a huge energy and intensity was in the room and he was absolutely right, The atmosphere was absolutely incredible. It was one and a half hours of firecrackers since left the Machine Head from the stack. Machine Head pulled out all the stops on this evening and the crowd was in high spirits and ticked completely made during the show. Here everything just right. The band also had then no effort, or to push the fans and played almost in ecstasy. Absolutely no one could resist the force of the songs and the energy of the band. Intensity and enthusiasm were all set on high, it was simply a major ass kicking metal show!

the „Goodies“-Calls sounded barely, that Machine Head stage Leave have and for good 2 Minute break and not ceasing „Machine „Fucking“ Head“-Chants the gentlemen not ran 2 times asking and started with the addition of block „Halo“. In this song it is worst of all departed in the crowd. The last song was „Davidian“ which of course was again eagerly sang along on the chorus and overall we came up with a playing time of 105 Minutes. Machine Head thanked and said goodbye with Plecks, Drum sticks and drum skins with audiences.

Machine Head - Aesthetics of Hate LIVE @ Volkshaus Zürich (2011) in HD

the „The Eight Plague Tour“ had succeeded with the exception of Bring Me The very Horizion and Machine Head has proven, that they are one of the best live bands of the present. Anyone who likes this band should not be a live performance of them miss. Just as little as Darkest Hour and DevilDriver. Bring Me The Horizon, one should then view but in different circumstances, if something you like. Machine Head are a band, in which all have their own style, melted by the common music for a great and unique style that works for at least another 20 Years!

Here is the setlist of this great evening:

  1. I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)
  2. Be Still and Know
  3. Empire
  4. Beautiful Mourning
  5. The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears
  6. Locust
  7. This is the end
  8. Aesthetics of Hate
  9. Old
  10. Darkness Within
  11. Bulldozer
  12. Ten Ton Hammer
  13. Encore:

  14. Halo
  15. Davidian
The Eighth Plague - Machine *Fucking* Head
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In a week there ne hefty dose Metal

This day week, at the 21. November wird das Volkshaus Zürich in seinen Grundfesten erschüttert! Machine Head, Devil Driver, Bring me the Horizon and The Darkest Hour bring out the ultimate impact and who missed the, is your own fault! Bastards! Die Türöffnung ist bereits um 18.30 Start the clock and from concerts 19 Clock. The bands will play as follows:

Darkest Hour: 19.00 – 19.30 Clock
Devil Driver: 19.45 – 20.15 Clock
Bring me the Horizon: 20.30 – 21.10 Clock
Machine Head: 21.30 – 23.15 Clock

Hell yeah! Das wird ein Fest sondergleichen und wird bei den Fans ordentlich für Nacken- and other exercises provide. I can not wait… :Rock:

Machine Head - Locust [Official Video]
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