Destruction: Crowdfunding campaign „Thrash Anthems II“

After ten years of Destruction want with „Thrash Anthems II“ finally the successor of their Classic resampling „Thrash Anthems“ publish, on the grease and Co. tracks like „The Ritual“, „Confused Mind“ and „United By Hatred“ breathe new life. In order to obtain the financing for this project together, have the thrash legends launched crowdfunding project at PledgeMusic, where you can buy various packages…

Now we are going to do “THRASH ANTHEMS II” without a record label and include the fans into the process of doing this album. We want to bring such classics as “UNITED BY HATRED”, “CONFUSED MIND” and “THE RITUAL” back to life and you can help contribute your part to *DESTRUCTION*’s history by helping us make this record.

As this campaign goes on, we will inform you about the material we will record, the recording process, and the cover layout. So stay tuned and join us for something special! We have never made an album without a record label, so this is for sure a new challenge.

We will still work with Nuclear BLAST in the future, but this project is an exclusive one with our fans worldwide!

DBD: Generation Nevermore – Destruction

Destruction are in Lyric-Video zum Track „Generation Nevermore“-Clip sozialkritisch go. What is the number, erklärt euch Frontmann Schmier höchstpersönlich:

Habt ihr euch nie gefragt wie es möglich ist, dass die Menschheit sich selbst und den Planeten für Kohle abmurkst und sich einen Scheiss drum kümmert? Wo bleibt der Weckruf und ein Zeichen unserer politischen Führer? Our race does not look like in the mirror, bis es zu spät istUnd das ist ein wütender Thrash-Song über diese traurige Tatsache!

Destruction - Generation Nevermore (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: Under Attack – Destruction

Since the 13. May the new plate „Under Attack“ der Thrasher Destruction erhältlich. the Video the title track, along with non-ferrous metal (Motorhead, Saxon, Annihilator, Tank, Cripper, etc.) im April 2016 Produced. „We do our thing through. ‚Under Attack‘ steht für alles, was ‚Destruction‘ musikalisch ausmacht und das Video wird natürlich die Ewiggestrigen und die Mitläufer provozieren. But global unity, we can not reach with a conservative and naive religious delusion of any kind! Love Weltbürger, pray you get the urge for freedom – sonst wird’s bald KEINEN Rock’n’Roll mehr geben!“, so Bassist und Sänger Schmier.

Destruction - Under Attack (Official Music Video)

DBD: Second To None – Destruction

Friends, here the first Lyric-Video from the upcoming album Destruction „Under Attack“, which from May 2016 is available on the shelves. Destruction take in this clip is a very topical issue before, dem Hass und all den Abgründen von Scamming im Internet! Aptly brought to the point and finished with a great lyric video, as one looks forward to the upcoming album!

Destruction - Second To None (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: Carnivore – Destruction

Yeah friends, heute gibts für euch das brandneue Video der Thrash-Legenden Destruction – therein and returns the „Mad Butcher“ back! „Carnivore“ will be on the upcoming album „Spiritual Genocide“ released, from which 26. November is to have…

Destruction - Carnivore (Official Video)