DBD: Where’s The Revolution – Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode are with their new single „Where’s The Revolution“ politically: „Who’s making your decisions? You or your Religion? Your government, your countries? You patriotic junkies.“ The new album „Spirit“ appears on 17. March…

Depeche Mode - Where's the Revolution (audio)

World’s First Lego Robot Band Covers Depeche Mode

In the following Video We see the Toa Mata band, also known as the world's first Lego Robot-Band, den Depeche Mode Song „Everything Counts“ play. The technical details:

The robotic band is controlled by Arduino Uno, which is hooked up to a MIDI sequencer. The robots are playing some unconventional percussion instruments, made with some food packaging, captured by a contact microphone (piezo) and processed in real time in Ableton Live.

A brand new device appears for the first time, it’s a moving platform on x-axis, made of Lego bricks, gears and servo motors that permit it to move the tiny synth in semitone-steps.

Toa Mata Band - Episode#3 [Everything Sounds]

Concert Review: Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse

Year 1987 In the „Palace of Beaulieu“ I had my first in Lausanne Concert Of Depeche Mode see, time played Front 242 the first part of the show on the „Music for the Masses“ World Tour. 26 Years later I was allowed the men now on the last Friday on her „Delta Machine“ Tour and admire what should I say, Depeche Mode live is indescribable. With what the best, what I have so far heard and seen. No big light show, or other spectacle, The focus is on Music and nothing but the music and that's good. In glorious weather a band inspired in top form over two hours, the nearly sold-out Berner Stade de Suisse. Where else the gods of football show their Ballzauber, played that night the gods of distinctive sounds!

Concert Review: Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse, Bern

In May 2013 the band with the „The Delta Machine“-Started by European Stadium Tour, which will lead them in the fall to North America. If Support ist in Europe Band „Trentemøller“ of the party. The Danish DJ and producer Anders Trentemøller garnered numerous awards to date as a producer and a DJ and made an international reputation as a remixer, u.a. For the „Pet Shop Boys“ and 2011 hat is the Hit „Wrong“ refreshed for Depeche Mode. With the Danes Depeche Mode have brought a sought-after musicians on board, the latest since his acclaimed album „The Last Ressort“ (2006) could absolutely convince one of the most sought-after artists and also this Friday evening in Bern.

Concert Review: Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse, Bern

Depeche Mode, the English synth-pop group with the name of a French fashion magazine, has after massive internal strife, rediscovered the departure of keyboardist Alan Wilder mid-nineties and drug addiction and suicide attempt of singer Dave Gahan and now all the band members have the necessary space, to realize themselves. Some successful solo albums testify to this step, and the whole thing has an impact on the songwriting. Was formerly Martin Gore responsible, act today with all the band members. The appearance of Depeche Mode at the 7. June 2013 became a triumphal procession for the band. An enthusiastic and sing joyful audience made from the beginning of euphoria in the stands and on the stage. With „Welcome To My World“ welcomes Depeche Mode on Friday evening, the Berner Stade de Suisse. The story of a Depeche Mode concert is always the story of the fans and their incredible enthusiasm. With a good sense of stress build-up, the band brings to two songs from the new album the first classic. After an abstract sound intro, not yet revealed the song, starts the earwig „Walking in my shoes“. Immediately, the audience in the stands rises, to sing and dance with them and the enthusiasm increases even more with the following, bleak seething „Black celebration“ and „Policy of truth“.

Depeche Mode - Black celebration - Bern 2013

The 51-year-old Dave Gahan has visibly enjoyed the atmosphere, smiles at the audience, dances across the stage and shaking his butt lasciviously, whereupon (especially) female visitors react with cheers. He grimaces and waves his arms. Once he was hard drug addict, threatened suicide and ill with cancer. But at the concert in Bern Dave Gahan is full of energy and is on the stage of rotation- focal point of Depeche Mode. Topfit he is sharpening like a madman across the stage and exercises in poses of rock stars. Sound wizard and main composer Martin Gore chatted with a few exceptions in the second row and let Gahan the show and Animation. Andrew Fletcher, the third veteran, remained completely in the background. the trio was supported by a drummer, and a further keyboard. Live has Depeche Mode long since moved away from a pure brand of synth-pop of the early days and has been reconciled to the stadium rock. You, once banished the guitar from the pop music, have resorted back to the defining instrument of rock.

Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse, Bern

Dave Gahan has already impressively clear and strong singing. At „Should be higher“ now show up weaknesses in the upper layers of the voice. But he is not overused these, but they can dramatically Cancel, What about the effect of the text Love strengthened and falsehood. This is followed by songs sung by Martin Gore „Higher love“ and „When the body speaks“ and they disclose, that Martin is a more versatile and safer singer. Mr. prob. Motionless behind the keyboard, can a fully loaded stadium just does not pack quite, because it lacks his voice easy charisma and so this part is one of the most boring moments of the concert. The audience gives Although every effort, to thank for his songs with warm applause, but for a stadium of his songs are just too quiet and especially too long and the initial euphoria has settled again. With fresh Gilet Dave Gahan appear on stage again and it follows the slow, melancholy „Heaven“, the poignant song of the new album.

Depeche Mode @ Stade de Suisse Bern - Enjoy the silence - 7 Jun 2013

The low point of the whole evening is the performance of „Soothe my soul“. The alternating vocals between Gahan and Gore do not work in dröhenden live sound and both text Beats also act flat and unoriginal. Depeche Mode play this evening although some newer songs, but of course the audience waits for the big 80- and 90s Hits. Depeche Mode could easily inspire fans with original versions of their numerous hits, but many of the classics clearly interprets the reinforced with two guest musicians band differently. „A pain that I’m used to“ is presented in a straightforward pumping dancefloor version and remarkably loose and easily gets the version of „A Question Of Time“ from the year 1986. And so the songs follow, waiting for any: „Enjoy the silence“ gets the expected sing-orgy, While „Personal Jesus“ extremely slow starts, then to really explode. in the play, „Goodbye“ however, the musicians enhance the tonal contrast between bluesy guitar, distorted electro sound and intimate choral singing. Corbijn root designer can so some patter about the giant screens visually movies and camera gimicks to the fans: The hat-game acts funny and fire oscillators are spectacular, But things like the dog parade are just stupid.

Personal Jesus, Depeche Mode at Swiss stage, Bern, 07.06.2013.

Meanwhile, all dancing crowd up to the highest ranks and the more joy knows no bounds. Here are five encores, including an epic interpretation of „Just Can’t Get Enough»“ from the year 1981, the fans einheizt their party groove on this evening so right. But after two hours, it is time to stop: At „I feel you“ Dave Gahan has hoarse and „Never Let Me Down Again“ calls Depeche Mode finally the between happiness and madness raging feeling remembered, that the musicians enjoyed the late 80s with the worldwide success. So at the end of two classics, bring the audience to fully disengage. To experience such a feeling again, one must probably wait until the next Depeche Mode concert.

Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse, Bern

Depeche Mode are just as a live band, a safe value and it is certainly not entirely correct, Depeche Mode als „Girl Band“ to title, But the Women-Proportion is much higher than other concerts the same order. This is probably for the most part to Dave, the always even a charisma and stage presence has, the problem reached the back rows of the Bernese stadium. The front man sweeps the only way across the stage, circulates cool hips, stamps his microphone stand on the stage floor, bared his torso and acts as fit as twenty years ago. He performs his fellow musicians literally on the wall, But that's what makes the trio of: Front raging the stage animal Gahan, flanked by Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher. But much more than „Thank you“ and „Come on“ brings Dave Gahan that night not on the lips. Rather he turns to the audience every now and then back on, looks over his right shoulder and throws these demanding, lascivious look into the crowd, which of course always responded with thunderous applause. Dave Gahan One can not simply withdraw. Great, this enthusiasm and Dave's boundless energy and to the Personal Jesus stahlte with the evening sun in shining. So cheerful to see him, did well, although he was several times the Zurich audience (!) thanked.

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Depeche Mode live is awesome and the gentlemen were still loose 2 can play longer hours, because it lacked countless hits like „People are people“, „Blasphemous Rumours“, „World in my Eyes“, „In your Room“ to name only a few. But what surprised me was not on stage, but in the audience instead: I've never been to a concert so many Champagne drinkers, Evening dress- and saw men in suits! Previously, the audience looked different: gloomy, cooler, permeable – Today, all is almost like a state ball for champagne drinkers. But thanks to many original oldies-arranged round it was still a night. the three were still held 7 only 3 new cheese Brought songs, it would probably be the concert of the year was.


  1. Welcome To My World
  2. Angel
  3. Walking in my shoes
  4. Precious
  5. Black celebration
  6. Policy of truth
  7. Should be higher
  8. Barrel of a gun
  9. Higher love (Martin Gore)
  10. When the body speaks (Martin Gore)
  11. Heaven
  12. Soothe my soul
  13. A pain that I’m used to (Jacques Lu Cont’s Remix)
  14. A qestion of time
  15. Secret to the end
  16. Enjoy the silence
  17. Personal Jesus
  18. Goodbye
  19. Encore:

  20. Home (Acoustic)
  21. Halo (Goldfrapp Remix)
  22. Just can’t get enough
  23. I feel you
  24. Never Let Me Down Again

Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse, Bern

Concert Review: Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse
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DBD: Never Let Me Down Again – Depeche Mode

Today is the Depeche Mode and play at the Stade de Suisse in Bern. Reason enough for today „Death Bell of the Day“ den Engländern zu widmen! Den zugehörigen Text gibts folgend in Deutsch und Englisch


I'm on a trip with my best friend
Ich hoffe er lässt mich nie mehr im Stich
He knows where he brings me, he brings me there, where I wanna be
I'm on a trip with my best friend

We Fly High
We see the world pass us by
'll Never back down
Do not sit on the ground Fus more

I'm on a trip with my best friend
I hope, er lässt mich nie mehr im Stich
Promises me, I'm sure with him
As long as I remember, Who wears the pants
I hope, er lässt mich nie mehr im Stich

We Fly High
We see the world pass us by
'll Never back down
Do not put more feet on the ground

Never let me down more

Look at the stars, they shine bright
Today Night Is everything ok

And after clicking the text gibts still in its original.

I want everything, Give me everything➤

Covert father with his children, Depeche Mode

Well that's for Herzallerliebst! Thick, Korben and Milah covers together Depeche Mode. I can not believe though, that this is all recorded live, because there are some sounds distorted. But actually that simply does not matter, because simply brilliant! Namely!

DMK: "Strangelove"

Nach Strangelove gibts hier noch Everything Counts und Shake the Desease:

DMK: "Everything Counts"
DMK: "Shake The Disease"