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About the Youtube channel of Deep Purple an old MTV clip was uploaded on the subject of guitar legends. The clip reported Deep Purple, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai and others…

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Looking at our favourite guitar heros...Ritchie Blackmore!

Lord of the Keyboard – Died Jon Lord

Deep Purple founding member Jon Lord and -Keyboarder yesterday Monday aged 71 Years, died in the London Clinic after a long illness and cancer leaves widow Vickie and daughters Amy and Sara. Since August last year, he had fought against the pancreatic cancer, Now he died of a pulmonary embolism. One of the greatest in rock history is not more. „Today, when I sit on the Hammond organ, I feel like in heaven“, said the rock legend just over a year ago.

Lord was a classically trained pianist, with his Hammond organ Deep Purple gave the typical sound. Titles like „Smoke on the Water“ or „Highway Star“ shaped the lives of a whole generation. This 1972 published songs are still performed today on the rock stages around the world. Jon Lord made a significant contribution to, Rock music with classical Music to reconcile: The once „loudest band in the world“ has performed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall, with one written by Jon Lord works for Rock Band and Orchestra.

Lord was on 9. June 1941 Born in the English city of Leicester. On the family piano, he made his first musical experiences. Early 60s Lord appeared in jazz- Pubs.
His first band, in which he played regularly, was dominated by the saxophone Bill Ashton Combo. As a keyboardist, he accompanied then a number of other bands such as the Artwoods, led by Art Wood, the brother of the late Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood. The great career began 1968 mit Deep Purple. Both in the studio and on stage Jon Lord worked as a creative source of ideas. In addition, he also administered always the time for solo works borrowed from classical music.

If Lord is focused at live concerts of Deep Purple bent over his instrument, then resulted in spite of the one or the other but rather to show component, that the audience looked tense in excited ecstasy on stage, dismantle the stalls instead of the hall. That Lord was not a world remote from art-rocker, but, he demonstrated after Deep Purple is 1976 The first time had separated. Shortly thereafter, he joined Whitesnake, the band of ex-Purple singer David Coverdale, there to hearty Blues-Playing Hard Rock.

Jon Lord was from the foundation 1968 up in 2002 Member of Deep Purple. To round off an eventful history of the band with crises, Resolution and Jon Lord comeback came in September 2002 for the last time with Deep Purple. But even after Jon Lord has continually come to the Keys, produced more albums and performed with orchestral works. Only last year, he was performing with his Jon Lord Blues Project – until in August 2011 announced, that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer. Now he has to fight against the disease lost.