DBD: Angels Of Steel – Father

Friends, today for you the Lyric-clip for the song „Angels Of Steel“ aus dem aktuellen Album „The Empire“…

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Father - Angels Of Steel (OFFICIAL TRACK & LYRICS)

DBD: Get Your Boots On! That’s The End Of Rock And Roll! – Rob Zombie

Here the clip to Rob Zombie Track „Get Your Boots On! that’s the end Of Rock And Roll!“, the you can watch below. The song comes from their latest album „The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser“ and unlike his titles keeps Zombie his plates rather short: „If I go through the plates, the I Love and me always listening again, I think every time: ‚Man, this album is short but. That's why I love you too so much. '“

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Rob Zombie - Get Your Boots On! That's The End Of Rock And Roll!

DBD: Mind Funeral – Dead Witches

Today in „Death Bell of the Day“ the Video to „Mind Funeral“ from the band „Dead Witches“. In February bring frontwoman Virginia Monti, Drummer Mark Greening und Co. their debut album in the record stores…

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Dead Witches-Mind Funeral (Official Video)

DBD: The Pale King – Testament

Today there for you from Testament the Video zum Track „The Pale King“. The hi-tech clip comes from their latest album „Brotherhood Of The Snake“…

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Testament - "The Pale King" (Official Music Video)

DBD: Alpencore – tuXedoo

Tuxedoo come from the mountains of Austria and have there the „Alpencore“ developed. With „Perchtenzeit“ the band released the first likely metalcore song in dialect. The custom of Perchten way, comes from the German-Austrian Alps. Finster and creepy masked groups exaggerate the beginning of winter in the mountain villages their vociferous mischief. Originally to chase away the evil spirits of winter, the Perchten today an equally spectacular as eerie experience. on their latest album „Tales from the Rock Mass“ rotates at TuXedoo lyrically all about the life of a mountain farmer…

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tuXedoo - Perchtenzeit (Official Video)

DBD: T-Terror Era – Crisix

The Spanish Thrash-Metal-Band Crisix makes the Terminator 2 Title theme verwurstet a really hot Thrash Metal Song. Sehr cool! :Rock:

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Crisix - T-Terror Era (Full Album Stream)

DBD: Big Mouth – Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

Ex-Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell with his new band „Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons“ a new track called „Big Mouth“ released, to which there are the following Lyric clip. The group, as „Phil Campbell’s All Starr Band“ started, is next to Phil from his sons Todd, Dane and Tyla and frontman Neil Starr. at the 18. November published the troops their first EP…

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Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons - Big Mouth (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: Assembly Of Fools – Akasava

The French Occult rockers „Akasava“ have their second single „Assembly Of Fools“ aus dem aktuellen Album „Nothing At Dawn“, the most 11. November has been released…

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Akasava "Assembly Of Fools" (Official Premiere)

DBD: Get On Board – Killer Bee

Here the music video for the first single „Get On Board“ by Killer Bee. The song of the Swedish hard rockers comes from their latest album „Eye In The Sky“, that the 14. October has been released and the typical Killer Bee old-school 70s hard rock with raw „Back to basic“-sound features…

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Killer Bee - "Get On Board" (Official Music Video)

DBD: Dark Overseer – Hellbringer

In August Hellbringer have their album „Awakened From The Abyss“ published and it there for you today „Dark Overseer“. Sounds cool, but is almost not at Slayer stolen… ;)

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Hellbringer - Dark Overseer NEW SONG [2016]

DBD: God Emperor – Distant Sun

aus dem aktuellen Album „Into the Nebula“ Today there for you, the Russians of Distant Sun with the Video the song „God Emperor“…

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Distant Sun "God Emperor" 2016 Power Thrash Heavy Metal Video (based on Frank Herbert's novel Dune)

DBD: Soul Stealer – Black Dreams

The Finns „Black Dreams“ have early October their song „Soul Stealer“ published and this is now for you the Music Video to…

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Black Dreams – Soul Stealer (Official Music Video)
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