Album Review: Dawn Of Eternity – Guilty

Dawn Of Eternity“ Female-Fronted are a German metal band which Melodic Gothic Death Metal prescribed and comes from the Province of Nuremberg. Their debut album „Guilty“ combines melodic death, well, from „Death“ is not so much to hear, except the growls of guitarist John gowns and Gothic Metal. Musically the band is indeed anxious quickly and play a little harder, but unfortunately the Death overall package is not really on. Somehow the necessary appetite seems to be missing. Positive is the uncontrived presentation of the disc. There is no over-produced vocals or guitars and the drums sound natural. Today this is not self-evident in gothic metal bands, because especially bands from the US&A spent years almost pop sound delivered. That does not exist here. It sounds like Metal. After more Metal, than you expected.

Dawn Of Eternity - Guilty

Dawn Of Eternity“ were by the singer and guitarist John Seubert Sara coat as successor band to „Buried Alive“ founded. After 2010 their debut EP „Catastrome“ appeared, the band played concerts throughout Germany among others, along with „Peragon“, „Gates of Dawn“, „Amorticure“, „Saint Astray“ and „Eden’s Decay“. Then worked „Dawn of Eternity“ on their debut album „Guilty“. Already 2013 A substantial portion of the Music and recorded some vocals. But singer Sara Seubert wanted to get the maximum out of her voice and it took finally to February 2014, the „Guilty“ was published. Were subsequently „Dawn of Eternity“ continually on tour and were supporting, for example, in October 2014 the Speed ​​Metal „Lord Volture“ at an event in Blatná, Czechia.

Dawn Of Eternity Band

„Guilty“ offers a harder line and melodic death metal are joined by Sara Seuberts voice and the brutal growls of John Smock. Here is a band playing the one from the first to the last second, the energy, notes the lifeblood and the playfulness. But „Guilty“ is a bit long-winded. 16 Songs bring about 75 Minutes of music, but unfortunately lacking ideas, around the listener to keep as long as at bar. Quickly is a certain monotony, and after repeated passage on the turntable, it is tempting, to push the shekel, at least so as to generate a bit dynamics. But the sound is not only a bit boring, at various points, the album sounds immature. Singer and pianist Sara Seubert meets vocally not any sound and often in the transitions her voice breaks, what does not work too professional. Sara uses her singing for my taste at higher, as appropriate to their voice and acts as contrived and forced.

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Dawn of Eternity -Amorticure (official music video)

However, beyond the singing stain is „Dawn Of Eternity“ not really with fame. Technically like the instrumental side of the album be okay, but too often is converted to well-trodden paths. The band has arranged the songs on the album somewhat clumsy and takes so always again even the wind out of the sails. Something remains from the initial bite at the end hardly left. Very sad, because the picture, the „Dawn Of Eternity“ draw on some songs, has something. Then you could build good. „Dawn Of Eternity“ are not eligible for Female-Fronted Gothic Metal band pathetic and epic enough. Better advantage comes Sara Seuberts singing when she allows her voice from the Gothic-line and „normal“ sings, how rudimentary the title track „Guilty“, in the semi-ballad „Oceans“ or in the quiet acoustic track „Fire“. Missing for a Melodic Death Metal Album „Guilty“ clearly the necessary oomph, brutality, the spine-tingling melodies and the growls.

Dawn Of Eternity Band

Damage, Some tracks just do not ignite and even trot evenly to himself. Positive outliers there are particular, when drummer Torsten Ossowicki swings back to some breaks and polyrhythms, such as in „Cut Me Loose“, one of the best tracks on the album. In direct comparison to EP „Catastrome“ but is a steady increase in apparent, so that in a stronger contrast of musical styles and a better production lot of potential for a good successor album is. Let's wait for the next record. Who is on avant-garde music and Melodic Death / Gothic Metal, here is well served, because some approaches of the formation are quite groundbreaking, the big problem of the plate is simply its length.

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  1. Ego
  2. Goodbye
  3. Cut Me Loose
  4. Amorticure
  5. Sing for Me
  6. Guilty
  7. Blind My Eyes
  8. No Emotions
  9. You Suck
  10. Oceans
  11. Fire
  12. Deluxe:

  13. The Storm
  14. Everytime
  15. Shame
  16. London
  17. My God My Foe
Album Review: Dawn Of Eternity - Guilty
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