I am an incarnated Unicorn

I‘ but also memories, something which has been a mermaid in Atlantis and with elves- and Feenenergieen sentient‘ I am also very grateful […] and of course, ham unicorns in Atlantis also lived.

Naturally. Sometimes I'm already jealous of people, which are completely stoned so obviously without ever Drugs to take. I mean, I myself am also sure yes, that I Zombie Apocalypse is imminent, but I do not trombone equal Internet out…

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TV-Tipp des Tages: The Last Unicorn

It's Christmas and it is on these days, as virtually every year, the story „The Last Unicorn“ von Peter S. Beagle on TV. It's u.a. always again great, Christopher Lee spoke German to listen as King Haggard! Why it did not work for the German dubbing of the Lord of the Rings as Saruman, is me still a mystery. the 1982 by Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr.. are filmed in a cartoon masterpiece to see it this year, unfortunately only on RTL2. Say you rejoice the Advertising, but whatever, more time for PP, Pee and cookies :) Broadcast dates are Friday evening today 20:15 and on a repeat Sunday 26.12. at 14:30 Clock. To set the mood in the following clip gibts the theme song and the opening of the film. And thinks and believes in the words of Schmendrick: There are no happy endings, Because nothing ends!