Dante’s Inferno Game Review

Lyric has written a Game Review for the tomb again, for which I hereby also want to thank the same and thus Lyric equal give the floor: Ich hab ein Déjà-vu – this knowledge haunts me, I anzocke the new Dante's Inferno on the Xbox 360. The diligent reader will certainly remember the Crypt, I was made not too long ago at the pre-launch God of War 3 Was, and apart from the Launch Event (rocked the rischtig in GoW) The two games are quite similar to…

Zur Story:
The story is in itself not so bad. Dante, a former Crusaders, returns to his beloved, However, the cottage is devastated, are the servants and murdered in the garden, he finds his true love, naked and pierced by a sword. Then he sets out, his mistress (or. whose spirit) to save from the clutches of the underworld. It is like in the poem and in the game, descend through Dante's unique nine circles of Hell: limbo, Voluptuousness, gluttony, Greed, Zorn, heresy, Violence, Deception and betrayal. Each circle features environments, Enemies and story elements, which correspond to the crimes committed by its inhabitants sins.

The optics:
Even in the first few minutes of the game the announced deja vu germinates. First, the story is similar, a (Anti-)Hero sets out to kill on gods / demons… Here, even in Dante's Inferno is not saved with cheap charms. Blood, Tits and Violence, would be a fitting summary of the gaming experience. But more on that later.

To control:
In the first playable moments all seems very familiar, a button for fast but weak attacks, a button for slow but bold strokes. Throw in a magic attack button and a button to block… Sounds simple? Is it too early, However, they quickly learn that the coders have built the game are real sadists. What initially as lively Carnage starts is increasingly strenuous, most notably the jump-and-run moments of the game move with the times animal on the balls. A clue: I'm up to the passage where you had to swing by the lust-range from chain to chain, as. 30 Times scraped, approximately up to the point towards. 3 times, However, the sort sinners every time the boss.
An example: To massacre by the hordes => easy. Is then swing from chain to chain => hardly feasible. The biggest drawback of the game is actually the Moving, the battle parts are actually almost too easy.
The real-time events in which Kratos, the gods filmreif massacred occur in Dante's Inferno, However, they are held there easier, and not quite as varied as in GoW.

Dante's Inferno The First Circle: Limbo

What then are the differences between GOW and Dante's Inferno? Oh well, GoW scores at Splatter Factor, the amount of blood is distributed in space Kratos considerably longer than those Dante, especially since the aforementioned real-time events were just crass at Kratos, where even in Dante's Inferno there's some absolutely what PEGI 18+ is, but just not quite as bloody. Other hand, Dante „Sickness“-Point. For it is not only by demons and Zombies incurred, but also on babies, have taken hands and feet scythe blades, and are uncomfortable quickly. Since the seven deadly sins, of course, belong in hell is extremely well over, in the area of ​​lust will be attacked by female monsters, that would actually pretty sharp, if they had not huge aggro phalluses with whom they beat up the hero.
General, also in terms of sex GoW is a real kindergarten petting unlike Dante's Inferno, So that even surprised me. (YES REALLY)

Kratos looked at choppin from better, the animations and combat moves were kind of supple, in Dante's Inferno, it seems a bit „platt“ (although I've only played the first third of the game, perhaps it is because more violent)

One of the two hack-n Slay Games together, eine brilliant Story, GoW is very detail faithfully reconstructed epic, Dante's Inferno level is technically a perfect copy of the original book, However, an eye you have to push the hero, because Dante has not nearly lived in the time of the Crusades under König Richard. (Interested but probably no bad)
Also, the original Dante (from the book) quite a wimp, he is actually more of a tourist who visits hell, while the hero in the game is a pretty hard Sau. (Is already clear in the opening credits, where „Dante“ a Maltese cross on his bare chest sewn)

Anyone who knows the book, will enjoy the details, be and hardly disappointed with the mentioned deviations.

So if GoW saugeil found, but none had PS3, buys you Dante's Inferno on the Xbox 360, it is more or less the same, GoW speak with more Boobs :Shining: :Breasts: