The perfect Daft Punk helmet itself built in 2 Years

Whether it's worth, reinzustecken two years of work, everyone must decide for themselves. The result is a truly incredible helmet and who is interested in the two years of development and the final construction and everything about this project, should be the Diary of Love Props view…

Making the Perfect Daft Punk helmet | LoveProps

Get Lucky!

Very appropriate for this dam…eidenen Monday hier ein wirklich Klasse Video, with inter alia Dr. House, Matt Damon and Henry Kissinger. The result should be this clip, Because Daft Punk einen Auftritt bei Stephen Colbert abgesagt haben. I must admit, Stephen Colbert habe ich bisher in etwa so gut gekannt wie Zürcher Handtäschli Verkäuferinnen Oprah Winfrey detect and „GET Lucky“ Daft Punk used the moment to any setting of jingles and trailers on TV and radio, sprich langsam aber sicher hängt einem der Song zu den Ohren raus, but this video puts everything…

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