Album Review: Cycle Beating – The Age of Depression

With „Cycle Beating“ goes further Boy Formation on the currently quite hip battlefield modern death / thrash bands. The German Metal-Quartet with leaves „The The Age Of Depression“ their consistently brutal and simultaneous groovy Thrash'n'Death-debut on the metal community going. „I Hate Myself“ are the last words of the title song pointed and this statement is groundbreaking for the mood, the „Cycle Beating“ very successful transport. Disappointment and dreary atmosphere overshadow the complete album. What you'll hear as, tears from the outset and leaves a nearly full 40 Minutes of playing time not let go.

Cycle Beating - The Age of Depression

This young troupe comes from the Black Forest, is committed to Thrash Metal, which is thankfully this genre feels the fierce and raw page devoted. „Cycle Beating“ have 2012 founded, a mixture of thrash, playing groove metal and hardcore and publish only two years after its establishment on their own their first album called „The Age of Depression“. Can you like to do on their own, when you understand something of the matter. And the four guys from doing the obvious teaching, because not only see CD and booklet very professional, but also in the production, there is little to complain about. As properly plugged power behind it, even if one could argue about, whether the vocals and the guitars should be a tad more mixed in the foreground. as well as always, make music „Cycle Beating“ no prisoners and shred mercilessly by their ten songs. New, there is little to be heard, in favor of a rather interesting mix „PANTERA“, „Ektomorf“ and „Sick Of It All“.

Cycle Beating Band

„Cycle Beating“ also place great emphasis on melodic moments, you hear, for example, „Burning Down The Bridge“ or „254“ an. This rather gentler passages are welcome breaks and give the Music additional depth. on „The Age of Depression“ is built skillfully with a menacing strings dark metal intro and a half minutes in length, including intro monologue and sound effects and atmosphere with the words „This will be my last day…“ the title track into a headbanging compatible, transferred melodic thrash riff. The thrash home is to deny just as the impact on (Melodic) Death, all garnished with discreet, Core box Finish. „Cycle Beating“ have a penchant for classic melodic structure, that runs through many of the guitar Lines. The classical melody is complemented on metallic side by nasty pounding thrash riffs, who are sometimes not too bad for a breakdown Part. The right mix, just the strings front gives many of the nine songs right catchy.

Cycle Beating -Burning down the Bridge-

The fast drum parts appear just as the theme song almost sedate and thus more threatening. Fast 32nd, Doublebass, Blasts, Breakdowns, because every beat. Niklas Maier cymbal work is excellent and the often-heard quite high Splashes are a treat for the ears. In contrast, the song takes already almost boring. Growler Robert Wagner, the whole plate over nothing ventured out of the single-growling tone of voice. This can also be a stylistic device, in any case give the dirty vocals of Robert the sound a pleasant old-school touch. The chorus of the title song, „This is the age of depression“, but develops very reason also an almost hypnotic effect and will remain for a long time stuck in gray thinking Pudding. Dark and melancholic, the mood remains despite the harmonious guitars all the time, without slipping into the monotony, to fit the vocals definitely.

Cycle Beating Band

The guitarist and the bass fall until the second listening significant. Then inevitably falls, that bassist Lars and the guitarist Kim and Robert very sworn and act consistent. „Cycle Beating“ will never hymnal, but still put a harmonious blend of harsh riffs and warm melodies from. It always oscillates with a certain melancholy and there are numerous, very finely braked and pushing Mosh moments. „Cycle Beating“ points to the fact, to be an authentic metal band, not feed the emotions with keyboard bombast or artificial Clean vocals, but simply with the traditional ingredients: Drums, bass, Guitar and anger! Also pleasantly falls on, that the four guys not limit, to growls any violent excesses in the Mirko, but show themselves politically and socially critical. This makes browsing through the professionally made booklet equal more enjoyable.

Cycle Beating Logo

Contemporary Metal is now unfortunately become very interchangeable, But „Cycle Beating“ show, that one still can surprise with a well-exploited genre mix. Because where a thrash metal band reaches the limits of the genre or a metal core band can not remember, how stylized modern influences without Synthesizer, The quartet has found exactly the right way. So you get even carrying a melody, times are brought out as in Song „Burning down the Bridge“ Groove-charged guitar out of the closet or processed hardcore elements in the song „no regrets“. So rare is bored and you can not only serve a small group, but from every drawer some. It would be interesting to Knowledge, who the text of „Who Do You Think You Are?“ inspired, because here the sound to the Thrasher merciless revenge on people, which it has relied unduly. may the song „Cycle Beating“ musically like to use as a blueprint for the future, because here really come all the strengths of the four musicians to validity. The guitar gives us moshbaren staccato, there is a groovy, catchy hook and a recurring Guitar Lead, hanging remains and is simply awesome.

Cycle Beating Band

„The Age of Depression“ invites to well-kept headbanging. Die Groove-Metal- and hardcore elements in the sound of Baden should have been doing likes to emphasize even more. The band is not designed for pure brutality, but acts melodic and thoughtful. I'm sure, that the Mucke pops on stage yet far more, as they already do it on the silver disc! „The Age of Depression“ is quite a transversely-average work of Thrash, Death and somewhat Core, that will appeal with its gloomy Groove followers of each of these varieties. A decent chunk of metal with proper WUMS and „Cycle Beating“ is a band with potential, the live certainly no unnecessary whistles makes. „The Age of Depression“ will not revolutionize the world, but those who are interested, churn the mane, which was to buy the album!

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  1. Intro
  2. The Age of Depression
  3. Burning down the Bridge
  4. 254
  5. no regrets
  6. Still Sober
  7. The Wrong Path
  8. Mass Corruption
  9. Who Do You Think You Are
  10. In My Darkest Dreams
Album Review: Cycle Beating - The Age of Depression
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