Muslim Ban: Help Wahid enter the US

Bohemian browser Ballet has with „Muslim Ban“ again a wonderfully humorous tip about current world events. Setting is an American airport and the goal is to, As Apple-Developers Wahid in the US&enter A. No more and no less. In the era Trump'schen but may just be a real problem, especially if you look like a Muslim. Unfortunately, the game is quite short, but nevertheless makes fun – and who can say of himself, that he has gambled during the lunch break an entire game? ;)

Muslim Ban 2 – Game Trailer

On a Dino to work

yeah, is faster than on foot, more relaxed than the public transport - and who goes on a Dino office?

Rode my dinosaur to work today

early spring, planting high time Pizza!

Friends, This year Pizza is grown! Whether on the balcony, the kitchen window or in the garden, with the pizza you can get anything Breeding, what are you on your own, itself relied on pizza need. Well, Fast alles – for seeds for the bean and yeast clones are not present. But who is here already rummeckern? On the cardboard is pizza Breeding and that's probably already awesome enough!

(via Franziii)

T.Rex Fight Club

yeah! Underground T-Rex Fighting! Since I have the next time this case be…


Master Ken is incredibly fast: 100 Blows in one second

With the naked human eye, the speed is MASTER not to see Ken. In no time are its incredible 100 Beatings and the second past. Only good, that technological development is so advanced, that a super slow motion camera gives us insights into this miracle. Madness!

Speed Hitting: 100 Hits in 1 second

The not quite as active sex lives of pandas

Friends, do you already know, that Panda females only about two to three days a year are fertile? considering, that Panda(-male) Every day 16 are hours occupied with eating and not really good get in the mood, you can imagine, that the sex life of cozy Animals is not quite soooo active. Nevertheless, to provide for their young show keepers to heat up the animals allegedly Panda porn. This theme is just a sleazy page always again witty marketing campaigns close, to use this information for themselves. And so it happened, as it had to: Pornhub asks its users in the following Video therefore, to upload custom PRONOS in panda costume or with Panda BodyPaint on the platform. the aim of this „Care“-campaign is, build zoologists a database on various videos, the pandas to warm up individually. Moreover donates Pornhub video uploaded per € 100, and 1 cent per prestigious London video in the Panda-Style category Panda charities…

Panda Style

Car Oral-Sex Masturbator

Friends, you know what that is? Looks kind of, like a futuristic remote control car… has somehow to do so remotely. But only really removed, because it is a toy for manner, which to have you here is…

Car Auto Oral-Sex Masturbator

how long it takes, read the Terms of Amazon's Kindle

choice has commissioned an actor, read all 73'198 words Conditions of Amazon's Kindle. This undertaking has him sporting 8 Hours and 59 tasted minutes his lifetime. I assume, that he is the only person on the planet, who has actually read from cover to cover…

How long does it take to read Amazon Kindle's terms and conditions? - choice

The smallest Rube Goldberg Machine de world

Seiko has built from mechanical parts of a clock is likely the smallest Rube Goldberg machine in the world…

SEIKO “Art of Time“ | 2016 | Video Promotion - Advertising
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