On Gran Canaria, a ferry in the harbor wall, causing oil spill

A captain has indicated in Las Palmas lost control of his ship and is cracked in a harbor wall. Here, as does a large ferry also no small damage. Fortunately, all the passengers got away with a scare.

Videos and photos of the accident appeared quite serious, although no injuries have been reported.

The ship involved was the Volcan de Tamasite and, according to information received by The Canary, 140 passengers were on board at the time, though nobody seems to have been seriously hurt, some reports have mentioned up to four people with minor injuries.

Unfortunately, the accident that caused Island a huge oil slick

As the regional emergency service told, Port-tank lines were damaged while, from which 60.000 Liters of fuel into the sea ran. try specialists, to about three kilometers long and 400 curb meter wide oil slick.

Naviera Armas accident( the Gran Canarian palms)

Low Key: When museum visitors can scratch a Lamborghini

Friends, you have to be strong now. At least the, to appreciate the beautiful cars Knowledge or the sound of scratching in lacquer keys not from can. The Norwegian Künster Dolk has his installation „Low Key“ asked a Lamborghini Gallardo available, the visitors to the museum Aros (dänisches Aarhus) may scratch cheerful. Stupid action or skilful stand against greed and self-expression?

What happened with this Lamborghini???

Dick Code: how to(n) best describes his cock

to send a penis photo in place of the next dating and then the Fear to have, that the image of your tail on Tumblr or elsewhere in Internet ends, you can now free, is stored or shared anonymously and without something from you, inform the impressive details about your best piece, without which one can make conclusions about you. With „Dick Code“ You can find the length, the Grosse, the curvature, the veins and the glans, as well as the hair and the spray assets, including the trajectory, Hold the consistency and duration, by choosing appropriate images. „Dick Code“ is the Dating Help manner, who would like to publish everything worth knowing about her tail – and remember friends, Size is not everything! ;)

How children should be excited for the RFID chip

You have the clientele of tomorrow best pregrooves already accordingly today, that McDonald's has recognized and implemented early. Fun Cyborgs the new trend should be, because it is cool and fun makes – and by the way the wallet of Mr. Rothschild filled. And something running on KIKA…


King of the Island with Zorb Balls

This action here looks wonderful entertaining, but I fear, the battle for the island stone summit I would break my at least one leg. There were on site probably will not listen to this stupid video backing Mucke, the DEVINSUPERTRAMP because unfortunately hangs.

We got destroyed in 4K! King of the Island with Zorb Balls was not what we expected! We got TeamSupertramp together and had a King of the Hill Battle with Zorb Balls that we will never forget! People got scrapped, bumped, and bruised playing on Red Rock!

King of the Island with Zorb Balls!

Here are the matching Behind the Scenes:

Blood, cuts, broken ankles, and we're all still alive! #Yolo

Rock Band: Band of stones

Neil Mendoza has built a machine, connecting the midi controlled electromechanical equipment, producing sounds with small stones. A real Rock Band so…

The rock band is composed of electromechanical instruments that make music with rocks by throwing them through the air, slapping them and making them vibrate. The song that they’re playing, Here comes the sun, is biographical, describing the daily experience of a rock sitting on the ground. The rock band is made up of the following members…
Pinger – fires small rocks at aluminium keys using solenoids.
Spinner – launches magnetic rocks, Hematite, at pieces of marble. Rocks are launched by spinning magnets using Applied Motion applied-motion.com stepper motors.
Slapper – slaps rocks with fake leather.
Buzzer – vibrates the plunger of a solenoid against a piece of marble.
The Whole project is controlled by a Computer running a MIDI player written in openFrameworks talking to a Teensy. The machines were designed using Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk Inventor.

Rock Band

Life-size Xenomorph Skull Replica

A life-size replica of a Alien Skulls of Neca, as if the Giger made selbest. This part is almost a meter long, hand painted and appear on March 2017, costs 230 Dollars and can, among other things be pre here… – would not there again 100 beat Oken to book for shipping, hätt‘ I slammed equal…

Add the ultimate trophy to your collection with this massive Xenomorph Skull replica!

Based on the deadly creatures from the classic Aliens movie, this incredible piece measures 36” long and comes with a display stand for tabletop use or wall mounting. The Xenomorph Skull Foam Replica is made of durable foam rubber and latex that’s carefully hand-painted for extra eerie detail. Stand requires minor assembly; instructions included.

If the seat belt solves: Horror at a fair in Paris

At the fair „FAIR THRONE“ in Paris sitting three people in around 50 Meters on the bungee-Bahn „Adrenalin“ – ready to get started. The track is getting ready to free fall – and suddenly falls a woman out of her seat. She dangles below the seats, only with the feet, it depends on the train. By rail together they will be thrown forward and rear, always and again. After what seemed like half an eternity, the train stops. The woman is unharmed. According to France Info TV shall be guilty of the near-death of the woman a broken fastener.


taped to the bottom of a quadrangle, Whoosh, a pig sitting in it

And Love Cat lovers, Try it out! just taped a square on the floor and it probably will not last long and the cat goes in a short time into it. the Canadian Danielle Matheson tweeted recently about this trick, she had tried with her cat. Prompt her post developed a life of its own and becomes the new Internet-Hype. Other Twitter users tried the trick with her cat well and lo and behold, many cats behave exactly like that and take the square in claim. Matheson's Tweet was shared thousands of times and other people responded by photos of their cats – also in colored squares. Why the shape with so many cats trigger this reflex, is not exhaustive clarified. However, one obvious explanation, that they see the square as a new territory, This applies to examine it and to occupy…

Metal Dancing Queen

The Norwegian musicians Leo Moracchioli has a Metal-Version von Abba’s 1976er Disco-Hit „Dancing Queen“ created. He plays all the instruments and sings, dances during the Easter Bunny with his little daughter…

Dancing Queen (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)
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