„Command & Conquer“ als Shooter „Renegade X“

Wie vermutlich wenige wissen, there were already times a shooter called „Command & Conquer: Renegade“, which, however, never took a lot of attention. Now is the 26.2. a successor „Renegade X“ be published, originally this was probably a UT3 Mod, but from 2010 then with the Unreal Engine as a standalone game in development…

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Renegade X - Release Date Unveiled

Command & Conquer Classics available for free

I just like over there at Player1 Gameblog could read, hat Electronic Arts PC-Spiele der Command & Conquer series available to download for free. Shortly before the release of the new Command & Conquer 4, EA seems to have decided, under the title Command & Conquer Classics three of the most important representatives of the family hang free:

I run right over his eyes!!! Yeah!!! An ingenious package, it should be no PC gamers and strategy fan escape. Instant access! But fits fine for nen Sunday! Gentle greetings! :guns:

(via Player1 Gameblog)