Harley Quinn vs. Zombies

Currently everything is somehow „vs. Zombies“, as if it were a plague. This short film here, with the appropriate name „Harley Quinn vs. Zombies“ but is not bad. Harley's just completely batty, but actually also a nice psychopath with a big heart. Otherwise, it is also like Deadpool, but that's probably been somewhere intention. But this black and white look with the red accents I find it tremendously handsome…

Harley Quinn vs. Zombies is a fan film in which Harley ventures on her own to a recent zombie outbreak for what she considers to be a dream vacation. In the midst of her zombie slaying adventure she comes across a group of civilians who are desperate for a hero, but instead get Miss Harleen Quinzel.

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Harley Quinn vs Zombies

Everything you know about Jessica Jones should

After Daredevil us at Netflix the dark side of Marvel-Comic-universe displays, occurs Jessica Jones in his footsteps and digs deeper into Hells Kitchen, than we have ever seen. Although Jessica Jones, a lesser-known character as „The Man Without Fear“ is, it has received equal attention from fans and audiences, who saw the complete first season of the series. Who does not know the series at Netflix, found in the following infographic everything, you need, by Jessica Jones to know as comic character…

All you need to know about Jessica Jones
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The Demon in the Dark

„The Demon in the Dark“ is less a Batman-, as much more of a DC fan film, so many allusions, as there are here. Since Batman is more the means to transport the Story, in a few criminals Metawesen something must be transported by Gotham, while Batman them one by one from the Intercourse draws. Among just too so people like Bane, Banshee and Deadshot. That's all pretty cute and with a special charm, which was presumably due to the really bad effects. But we see but easy away. But the film has indeed a lot of humor and really cute moments…

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Demon In The Dark: Batman vs. The Secret Six

Doctor Strange – Trailer

Somehow it is mistaken quiet around the filming of „Doctor Strange“ become. Now Marvel has a small Video published, that we really only very, very briefly introduce a few of the characters, but reminds us primarily because, that the film still is and will this year should not forget. I am pleased, that Benedict Cumberbatch is seen again in the cinema and anyway Mads Mikkelsen is a cool Sau. And Tilda Swinton anyway. With us, the film will be released on 27. October this year…

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Open Your Mind: Marvel’s Doctor Strange – Exclusive Sneak Peek

Deadpool’s Day Off

Friends, Of course you all „Deadpool“ seen. Since there are at the end of a nice parody „Ferris Bueller’s Day Off“. Darth Blender rigged out now of the two films a Mashup, it had to be easy probably, but is simply made ingenious and clocks…

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Deadpool's Day Off
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