DBD: Ten Thousand Ways To Die – Obituary

Here the Video the song „Ten Thousand Ways To Die“ the Florida Deather Obituary. The video for the EP Single, it on the new album „Obituary“ has managed, the mid-March has been released, was animated by Balázs Gróf, the entertaining even for the Comic-video „Violence“ charge recorded. this clip also is sympathetic and full of Zombies, Metal and nonsense… :)

Obituary - Ten Thousand Ways To Die (Official Music Video)

Daredevil Intro als 8-Bit Animation

I like Netflix Daredevil, what can not be said of the film unfortunately. In the 2. Season's of Punisher with this and that is to say brutal fun! Youtuber doisDI Drawing the intro of the series has been made and very successful as 8-bit animation implemented… and 8-bit are always nice to look at!

Daredevil Netflix Pixel Intro (Daredevil 8bit)

Ninja Turtles – Veterans of the Night

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was indeed designed originallyonly more for younger audiences. The following Ninja Turtles fan film but a lot of blood is shed and the language and other violence are not intended necessarily for Kids. „Ninja Turtles: Veterans of the Night“ was from TheMigmeisterPro (Miguel Diaz-Rivera) created during his art school thesis and looks damn a lot better than the version of Michael Bay! I think the film but wonderfully refreshing :)

Ninja Turtles - Veterans of the Night (Homage to the Original Turtles)

Venom: Spider-Man spin-off focuses on horror and R rating

Venom has his first date, last and thus only appearance in the third branch of directed by Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. That was almost exactly ten years. 2018 the villain finally gets his own movie, has nothing to do with past or future Marvelverfilmungen, should thus plays in its own universe and make a kind of anti-hero from Venom. Sony Pictures already announced, the spin-off in October 2018 The desire to bring to theaters. Too much time is allowed in the production therefore no longer be, if the appointment is to be held. A shift also is at the moment, but nothing in the way, as the studio behind the project told, that you want to start in the fall with the shooting. The casting for the sequel of Topher Grace should run at full speed so now. In addition, they seem to target an R rating, in fact,. According to the film's producers to Venom in action, horror- set and sci / fi elements…

They deny and Shiva: The Walking Dead meets Calvin and Hobbes

Fantastic graphics and ingenious Mashup! Reginald Griffin has held great, as Negan shits in his pants, appeared as Shiva…

All Hail The King! When the shooting of Paula García Ezekiel leads his house and yard Tiger Shiva over the river…

Where is Carl!? Where is Carl? NOT where you told him there, he should be, that's for damn sure. The child's right there, where he should not be – and where always most Zombies are, do exactly, what to do, with exactly the, you told him about the, that he should not go with him. Approximately the Calvin and Hobbes says mashup of Joel Watson from…

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