DBD: Horns – Children Of Bodom

Das folgende Lyric-Video stammt von aktuellen Children Of Bodom Album „I Worship Chaos“, in October 2015 is published…

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DBD: Morrigan – Children of Bodom

„Children of Bodom“ tell with her new Video of war goddess Morrigan. The track comes off their upcoming album „I Worship Chaos“, which since the 2. October is on the shelves…

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DBD: Morrigan – Children Of Bodom

With „Morrigan“ published „Children Of Bodom“ the first song of their new album „I Worship Chaos“, on which 2. October appears and has been included in the Finnish Danger Johnny Studios with producer Mikko Karmila…

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Earshakerday: Neuer Running Order

Somehow reminds me of the current change from originally 3 given on today 2 Stages of the Chaos of last year's Sonisphere, which was held at the same place and the running order changed even until the last day…
This change only 2 Stages shortened course the playing time of the bands quite massive, e.g.. Amon Amarth play instead of the original one hour (16:30 – 17:30), new 45 Minutes and Machine Head have instead 90 Minutes (22:30 – 24:00) only get an hour. Since this change will probably not be the last, I must think about it seriously, if I look at the (again) antun will, because the prices of drinks and food Been last year obscenely high, and I assume, that this will not be any different on Saturday. In addition, there is the fun in halls, where one does not Smoking can… Well, as well as always, here the new Running Order des Earshakerday:

12h30 – 13h50 The Treatment
13h10 – 13h40 Unearth
14h00 – 14h30 Sebastian Bach
14h50 – 15h30 Black Stone Cherry
15h50 – 16h30 August Burns Red
16h50 – 17h30 Devil Driver
18h00 – 18h45 Black Label Society
19h15 – 20h00 Amon Amarth
20h30 – 21h20 Children Of Bodom
21h50 – 22h40 Killswitch Engage
23h10 – 24h00 Lamb Of God
00h30 – 01h30 Machine Head

Stage 2:
12h30 – 13h00 I Killed The Promqueen
13h20 – 13h50 Your Demise
14h10 – 14h40 Cancer Bats
15h00 – 15h30 Vale Tudo
15h50 – 16h20 Eyes Set To Kill
16h40 – 17h15 Axe Wound
17h40 – 18h15 Lacuna Coil
18h40 – 19h20 Sick Of It All
19h45 – 20h25 Ugly Kid Joe
20h50 – 21h35 Soulfly
22h00 – 22h45 Paradise Lost
23h10 – 23h55 Skeletonwitch
00h20 – 01h20 Napalm Death

Ensiferum – Are your ready for Tata dada Taataa daadaa?

It is known that the cult, Finnish folk metallers Ensiferum on tour not bad. Their fans, the guys offered in mid-April to legendary Z7 a slamming gig! Singer Petri Lindroos was doing his job without the necessary charisma and the active part went to the last founding member Markus Toivonen and often around the bassist Sami Hinkka, the corresponding wild and like a madman on stage acted. Ensiferum were actually Support for Children of Bodom, who were able to convince, but just did not came over and so played this Ensiferum easily upstage! Banger heart, What more?

On Tuesday, the 12. April dieses Monats waren Children Of Bodom, Ensiferum and Machinae Supremacy under the Ugly World Tour 2011 guest at the Z7 in Pratteln and left it like explosive fun tidy. First of Machinae Supremacy allowed with their SID Metal, representing a mix of melodic hard rock and chiptune and as a key feature tunes from the period and style of the Commodore 64 used. So should the guys make the soundtrack for the computer game Jets'n'Guns and thus utilize practically always a SidStation, the famous SID chip of the C-64 contains. I could not really convince the sound and I was looking forward to the follow-: Ensiferum. As early as the intro to the last disc sounded Ensiferum was clear, that the mob would austicken front of the stage is equal…

Before the stage formed a mosh pit, in which the Finns were celebrated as they deserve. Ensiferum played a set, which are fairly distributed over the previous releases and even though the band on disk today and folky acoustic sounds as yet to debut times. It started with this „From Afar“ and „Into Battle“, „Token of Time“ and „Twilight Tavern“ were going straight ahead and made this evening a lot of fun . Petri Lindroos singer does not make his job without the necessary charisma. It is striking, though, that the good Peter is anything but a Frontsau. Mostly he placed one foot on the monitor and scolds fiercely into the microphone, He rarely comes away from it and lets his blond head of hair circling a few steps back. The active partner will therefore depend on the last founding member Markus Toivonen and bassist Sami Hinkka, accordingly this wild act on stage :)

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Ensiferum - Intro - From Afar @ Z7 - Switzerland - 12.04.2011

On the stage were the Northmen circling her blond hair thoroughly and in a competition in synchronized fear they would certainly forefront. Of course, let not splash the audience and was not prompted by a proper mosh pits as well as possible and to celebrate „Guardians of Fate, „Neptune“ and „Lai Lai Hei“ the heavy support from properly. „Iron“ there was still an encore and the Z7 could once again shake up really rough.

The outfit as the band relies on skirts in the style of the Finnish national flag completes the look. Gorgeous, this nearly hour musical firestorm. Attend any Ensiferum fan should be no eye dry gebleiben. Dominant the Finns slice through the selected Setlist:

  1. From Afar
  2. Into Battle
  3. Token of Time
  4. Twilight Tavern
  5. Guardians of Fate
  6. Neptune
  7. Lai Lai Hei
  8. Iron
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Ensiferum - Other - Iron @ Z7 - Switzerland - 12.04.2011

What I also appreciated was that night, that the men but relatively tight-lipped over came and thus more time for Music remained. So determined to go some viewers homecoming with a massive muscles in the neck and numerous bruises. Today, you could definitely do a really great performance by the band with. One, with their fast-paced and fresh manner, despite its style is still very much in common with the original Heavy Metal has. And I can only recommend to Ensiferum to watch in the near future! Are your ready for Tata dada Taataa daadaa?

I thank art-noir.ch for the wonderful photos and Youtube User scal666 for the clips.

Ensiferum - Are your ready for Tata dada Taataa daadaa?
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